Fraudulent Fiction – the City of Fortuna’s Risk Management – AFTER the fact of the Lien Sale of Queen’s personal property/transportation last week, two months of attempting to communicate with the City of Fortuna’s Mayor, City Council, Chief of Policy Police, two armed roadside bandits and the idiots at Eel River Transportation and Salvage –Guess what? City of Fortuna’s Risk Management Now, Now, sends a Certified Mail to ME –hahahahahahahahaha. AS IF Queen is all-of-a-sudden going to step into Commerce.

They (the City of Fortuna -a quasi-municipality), could have invoked the, available to us all, power of ‘thinking’ for themselves and settled this November 17 – a short five days after the viet armis (force of arms) highway robbery –and Queen would not have looked behind. That was offer #1 from the living to the dead. Offer #2 was signed, sealed, and delivered w/receipt signatures of same, for them to come to Their (common) sense(s). Funny how Fiction picks up on the power of contract, after They’ve signed contract with M-wa.

Poor fools. They remain willfully ignorant. They cannot figure out contract infringement between Myself and the seller of my Bravada. They cannot figure out that I have NOTHING to do with a contract between the City of Fortuna Police Dept. & Eel River T & S. But now, They expect queen to sign a contract with Fiction. LMAO!

Didn’t I tell Them? Didn’t I do it with honor? Didn’t I give Them umpteen chances, including emails, to step up to the plate? Didn’t I tell Them Paul Gallegos denied Me a hearing on December 18th? Yep. This queen did.

As of yesterday, Maggie Fleming, (Humboldt’s D.A. replacing the less-than-human Paul Gallegos), has been honorably asked to step-in and stop this local insanity. She professes, among other things, to be concerned about ‘Elder Abuse.’ Hmmm.   We’ll see.

Truth has no secrets.


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