Picture 27~James is going to Doggie Appeals Court tomorrow. I sh!t you not. This is like when 3 pounds of marihunie was the ‘Respondent.’

The presumed Commercial Court-ship on the high seas of Commerce is THE un-American sham, scam, and dis-grace threatening all that draws a breath.

This is NOT about the dog! This is Not action at law. This is equity. We want law. Not equity.

Business IS due process:

What do we want to know?                                                                                             We want to know the Facts Not in Evidence.

Where’s the Verified Complaint?                                                                                       No, Not the Complaint of a Terrorist after the fact of terrorizing We the People.

Who is injured before law with a Verified Complaint of Facts entered into evidence? A Verified Complaint Affidavit signed by the Accuser Terrorist, under Oath with penalties for perjury. –Stated & sworn to words-on-paper Fact, that the Accuser Terrorist witnessed Defendant-in-error committing a crime –intentional injury to another or another’s property, or Breaching the Peace,

The Persecutor Entity is known in the freedom community as an “incompetent fact witness” –beecause he’s not a party to it. He wasn’t there, and therefore, can’t lawfully enter anything into the case. Under Oath and on the stand, an “incompetent fact witness” won’t/can’t testify to Fact s/he did not witness.

Motion for Dismissal, or Move it to the Federal District Court where unalienable Rights’ violations can be heard. Get out of Their sandbox!! We the People have no business there. We want law, NOT equity.

Clerks masquerading as Judges with no evidence for THEIR claim, is no cigar.                 No bond = No office.

Facts Not in Evidence.

  1. May I have your Name? {ask to any of the Public Pretenders}
  2. Do you have an unlimited liability claim against Me?
  1. Does any one in here now today have an unlimited liability claim against Me?     [you’ll be able to hear a pin drop. Fact and Fiction can’t meet. You are the Only real substance/currency in the Public Theater venue].
  1. Seeing that business is finished, I’m leaving. [For Kansas]

Some who are shamelessly ‘going to the show,’ may have a friend who really enjoys performing for the people in open court. Offer them this opportunity!

Arraignment is after the probable cause hearing. Iff the probable cause hearing was skipped . . .than due process was not served. At the probable cause initiatory hearing, the accuser/plaintiff Must be present. He’s the one who brings this ‘contractural’ case to be settled in this venue. The Plaintiff Must be present. The Plaintiff is the one who stands to benefit, who brought the wrong to right, eh? So, the Plaintiff must be present with a bona fide claim, stating a claim for which relief can be granted.


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