The Supreme Court has determined: All codes, rules and regulations are for government authorities only, not humans in accordance with God’s laws. All codes, rules and regulations are unconstitutional and lacking due process.                                     Rodrigues v Ray Donavan 769 R 2d 1344, 1348 (1985)

These foreign agents have operated in fraud so long, they’ve forgotten about how to serve people. They can take their Codes, Rules, Regulations and Ordinances and shove them up their rectal orifice. I’m not interested in deceptive opposition or justification for ignoring truths.

They have the voracious appetite of gluttonous hogs in slop who will gorge themselves so long as the people are fooled into believing foreign agents have jurisdiction and authority to rape and pillage our families.

In no uncertain terms these whores in the black robes are nothing but the most despicable, lowest forms of character I have ever encountered. They deserve to be stripped of everything they have embezzled. Their victims deserve to be redressed.

The General Court is a failure. The inner works of the General Court is anything but a service to the people. They are puppets of the BAR that serves their master.

With very few exceptions, the Fiction called JUDICIAL BRANCH within STATE OF CALIFORNIA dba, is from top to bottom, a criminal enterprise for profit, extortion, kidnapping, fraud, treason, reckless endangerment of our sons and daughters, and many other high crimes, all under the guise of presumption, martial law, and WAR against the people of this land.

The only way to correct this corruption is to throw them out in the streets and some behind bars. Their estates need to be liquidated and returned to the rightful beneficiaries.

A common law jury would deal very harshly with these thugs. Any action in their foreign “court” is to benefit them at our expense.

Judicial immunity does not exist for Judges who engage in criminal activity or aid and abet in criminal activity. The United States Supreme Court has stated that “if a court is without authority, its judgments and orders are regarded as nullities.” Elliott v. Piersol. They are not voidable, they are simply void and form no basis for alleging judicial immunity. When a Judge acts as a trespasser of the law or when he does not follow the law, he loses subject matter jurisdiction and all of his orders are void and have no recognizable lawful force or effect. –The City of Eureka v. the People – ya think?

When the “judge” works for STATE OF CALIFORNIA, and the “persecutor” works for STATE OF CALIFORNIA, and the Atturn they’re trying to coerce you to contract with is an officer of the “court” of STATE OF CALIFORNIA, and the alleged plaintiff is STATE OF CALIFORNIA, and you are surrounded by them, you are NOT standing in a constitutional court, period. You are NOT getting a jury of your peers. In a real trial by jury, the “judge” is to sit there and SHUT UP! and not attempt to box jurors in by tampering with them. You are NOT going to get justice. The whore in the black robe knows this! That whore is monetizing you for his/her profit and gain. That whore is a criminal. That whore will threaten you with bodily harm, kidnapping, jail and extortion so as to steal from your estate. The whore will coerce armed gunmen to kill you should you resist arrest. The Policy Police are not acting as peace officers. They’re serving the interests of banking fraud.

The reason that they do nothing according to the constitution is because they are a criminal enterprise. “Don’t you mention your constitutional rights here again or I’ll find you in contempt.” They are traitors.

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