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sheriff Scott London ECSO 2 photo

Breaking News – Eddy County, New Mexico – This one comes to us from Ben Swan. In a surprisingly valiant and brave move, Eddy County Sheriff Scott London made history when he became the first Sheriff in at least 25 years, maybe more, reported to stand up to, and physically block the IRS from seizing an innocent American (and his property), who had not yet had his day in court.

Sheriff London stood down US Marshalls at the gate of the citizens property, refusing them entry, and successfully averting an illegal seizure, which would have amounted to a government kidnapping.

Sheriff London admits this brave act was done as a result of him fully learning his job role and the Constitution that he swore an Oath to uphold.

Photo and caption credit: BenSwan.comPhoto and caption credit:

RealGoodNews salutes Sheriff London for his bravery on the front lines in the face of an almost overwhelming enemy with massive weaponry; he stood firm and made us proud. His courage, conviction, and honor will surely become the benchmark, setting a new standard for all our elected law enforcement officials.

If your Sheriff is not a member of Oathkeepers or CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association), contact him and insist that he become one and agree to uphold the Oath he swore to you; and if you do have one, reach out to him and let him know you support him. We have to make our voices known and let our elected law enforcement officers know that we demand, and will support, constitutional law enforcement.

In what will become a daily occurrence in the future, Sheriff London honored his Oath of Office, stood strong in the face of oppression, and did his job by protecting the citizens he swore to protect; and that is RealGoodNews indeed!


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