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wolf-in-sheep-clothingMy longtime friend, Martin Beckman, whom most of the world knows as “Red,” the Montana rancher, Christian, author and outspoken truth-telling government corruption fighter, has now authored his eighth book at age 86 and the one that he says is his last. It is a different kind of book. Christian truth-seekers will love it because he wants so badly for the “pew-warmers” (as he calls them) to give it to their preachers that he is offering it at publication cost, which will be cheap. He wants no royalties, no profit, not even recognition. He just wants the pew-warmers to get the message of his Christian experience and “new awakening” to their pastors all over the nation. He even encourages you to copy the fifty-odd pages on your own, if you prefer, and give it away to as many as you can.

His message is simple and basic: for every God-given right with which we have been gifted, Satan has created a worldly counterfeit.

I had never considered the world situation from that angle but found it quite thought-provoking, and the more I pondered, the more it came into focus. After all, anyone who has been paying attention for only half the time that I have has seen the change in this world – the fakes, the falsifications, the counterfeits.

Of course, the first and most obvious counterfeit is the legal tender that replaced the Lawful Money, but I know that I am ahead of the younger generation on that because I lived it and they did not. I forgive the youngsters for failing to understand the truth of this matter and succumbing to leftist college professors’ deceptions, because I know better.

Today, the students are taught that gold and silver are commodities whose value is measured in counterfeit paper notes, but I saw the rascals remove the silver from our coinage and replace it with slugs in 1965. I lived through and witnessed the banksters refusal to honor the lawful promise of redemption guaranteed on the Federal Reserve Notes on June 24, 1968. Of course, they had little choice. It was either just renege on the promise and shut up about it or end up hanging on a rope from light poles all over the nation. They survived because the American people believed another lie and never realized they had been taken.

But how many other counterfeits can we think of that are going on behind the scenes while still hiding in plain site? My first exposure to such a thing as a “false flag” was the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. Most of us had never heard the term but knew exactly where it applied, and this one became quickly obvious. The bombs detonated at the third floor columns negated the theory of impotent ANFO in a truck on the street being responsible. Then there was the attack on the liberty-loving, FED-fighting Montana Freeman group that had discovered the monetary fraud and were exposing it to the nation; and the shoot-down of TWA-800 along with the Atlanta Olympic bombing in July of 1996, both of which proved to be deceptions. Then the counterfeit election of 2000, the electronic vote fraud of 2004 and ongoing today; the birth certificate deception, the 2011 capture/killing of Osama bin Ladin, who actually died of kidney disease a decade earlier; the impossibility of the Aurora theater shootings and the dubious feasibility of the Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon official stories.

Media7From the historical, non-happening frauds of 1964’s Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11/01 and the “weapons of mass deception,” that followed to the current BATFE’s “Fast & Furious” gun-running, Benghazi and the Paris “attacks,” each new presentation seems to be designed to strike more fear of terrorists into the hearts and minds of most while the inquiring minds ask themselves, “Hmmm, just how did they (the Controlled Mass Media) pull off that one?

And now we have NBC’s Brian Williams scrambling for a dark corner after getting caught at lying, admitting it, and attempting to excuse it by calling it a “mistake.” Uh-huh, and just how did he harbor such a detailed memory of being shot down in Iraq in a helicopter if, as he now admits, he was not even on board? (http://www.ini-world-report.org/2015/02/07/nbcs-brian-williams-admits-lying-but-lies-more-as-he-scrambles/)

What’s coming next? We live in a counterfeit world, and the power of CMM’s nightly “news” pictures can sell the people anything.

The ancient Roman Emperor Nero dressed down at night and went into the streets to induce citizens to commit crime so that he could arrest them the next day. This showed the people that Nero had a handle on crime. Just as despicable as that behavior is the activity of American drug officers who go into the streets to induce citizens to commit drug offenses in order to perpetuate the government’s propaganda program of “insurmountable” drug crime.

The ruling class needs a constant “enemy” in order to justify its existence. And it also is able to cast blame in an opposite direction or even directly on one pawn or another, whenever the need arises. This classic Letter to the Editor published recently contains some of the best “left-handed” compliments we have ever seen:

Obama description

What a succinct snapshot of the big picture! How profound of pen! A refreshing respite from the newspaper twaddle of norm. However, if Mr. Kash really believes that the from-out-of-nowhere Barry Soetoro was the one responsible for all this and whatever else transpires in the future, he has fallen victim to the ploy described in our previous paragraph.

Obama is but a pawn in the game, and if Judge Napolitano, Chuck Baldwin, Sarah Palin or your next door neighbor happened to have been the annointed one sitting in the Oval Office, nothing would be any different. The Plutocratic powers behind the scenes took care of that on November 22, 1963.

The message was loud and clear to all future White House residents, and if any of the above people or anyone else happened onto the scene, such as the popular Ronald Reagan, there would always be a leverage piece such as George H. W. Bush placed in the waiting room.

Lyndon Johnson was obviously the right one, but Richard Nixon’s Spiro Agnew was not, as it turned out, so he got dumped after re-election and replaced by Gerald Ford, who then ascended instead (with the cleverly contrived impeachment threat, forcing Nixon’s resignation). And who was Ford’s appointed V.P.? (Are you sitting down?) Nelson Rockefeller.

Even though Ford was “one of them,” he was expendable, and only because not one but two attempts on Ford’s life (by incompetent, airhead patsies) failed in the same month (Sept. of ’75), did we avoid having Nelson Rockefeller ascend to the presidency of the United States.

Carter behaved but Reagon didn’t, but only until March 30, 1981. Then he decided that playing by “their” rules was better than dying while still so healthy. Big Bush, of course, didn’t have to worry, and Clinton was backed-up by Al Gore. Lil’ George, clumsy as he was, didn’t have to be smart, because his daddy and Dick Cheney were running the show anyway.

So are we really so naïve to believe that anything would change if Joe Biden were suddenly elevated upstairs?

conspiracy theorist

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