By RealGoodNews

Update: Washington State – The Battle For Washington has continued as lawful open-carry citizens gathered at the State Legislation Building to view the session from the gallery, only to find they had been locked out of their own Legislature!

Citizens armed with a list of grievances, and, well, a few open-carry arms, showed up at the Legislature only to find the doors locked! State troopers, who were reportedly called by the legislators, seemed friendly and thankful for the gathering, rather than fearful or hostile.

Sam Wilson, Media Coordinator for the event stated that the gathering occurred during the posted “open hours” and the doors were intentionally locked in an effort to keep the citizens out. The groups did post their list of grievances on the locked doors as well as the door of the governors Office and Mansion.

Several protestors knocked on the locked doors without response including one six year old girl who reportedly shouted “Liberty is knocking, open up!” Wilson said there was hardly a dry eye in the house at that point.


During the protest several troopers were reported to have not only shaken the protestors hands, but actually thanked them for showing up, so it is unlikely that anyone would have gone to jail had the doors been open.

Wilson would not comment on why the doors were locked during posted hours, but others speculated that the legislature knew they would be unable to get the troopers to arrest anyone for lawful open-carry in this most hallowed of public halls, and chose to save face by locking the doors.

The whole event smacks of fear on the part of the legislators and one might well wonder, if they are so concerned about their constituency, and work so tirelessly for them, why would that constituency be so scary to them?

It certainly appears that the tide is turning quickly, as people all over the globe begin to stand up and let the Governments know that they are going to be free, and things are going to change. This growing display of unity among the people is certainly inspiring and powerful RealGoodNews!


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