New numbers show we’ve got more “cancer survivors” than ever. If you’re diagnosed with the disease today, you’re 43 percent less likely to die than you would’ve been 25 years ago.

But don’t spike the football and do a celebration dance just yet — because this isn’t the modern medical miracle the mainstream wants you to think it is.

It’s a SHAM!

Most of those patients “survived” their cancers the way you “survived” your Monday. Those cancers never were a threat… never would’ve hurt them… never needed treatment… and never even needed to be diagnosed.

The proof is right there in the numbers: The biggest jump in “survival” is in prostate cancer. Men diagnosed today are supposedly 68 percent more likely to live than men diagnosed in 1990.

But the truth is more men are just getting treated for it. They never would have even been diagnosed in the past — and they wouldn’t have been given all those unnecessary treatments — because we weren’t screening every Tom, Dick, and Harry back then.

Heck, even the mainstream has kicked the PSA test off the list of officially recommended screenings. We’ve created some 2 million prostate cancer “survivors” over the past couple of decades, but it’s a stacked deck loaded with guys who never needing treating in the first place!

Number two on the new list is breast cancer, and that’s the same deal. We’ve been hacking at breasts left and right, creating “cancer survivors” who never needed treatment in the first place.

A 2012 study in the New England Journal of Medicine found 1.3 million women have been treated for cancers that just needed to be left alone.

So don’t believe the cancer survivor hype. While ignorance isn’t always bliss, it sure beats drugs and unnecessary surgeries — which is why you should get a second or even third opinion before agreeing to any cancer treatment.

Always your first opinion,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.


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