MersCorp was founded by its principals – Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo and General Motors Acceptance Corp as a conspiracy to steal homes from Americans. Since the fraud began they now have some 50 billion dollars worth of homes. These same banks have now issued 4.8 QUADRILLION dollars worth of derivatives to investors all over the world. In order to pay the interest on some of these securities, they need to keep the unlawful home seizures coming. Once that 4.8 QUADRILLION market crashes it will usher in the Second Dark Ages. It’s unavoidable and too late to do anything about it except to prepare for the coming banking collapse. Sorry to be so negative, but the numbers are simply frightening.

You should by now have guns, plenty of ammo, food for the next ten years, water purification systems. medicines, emergency surgery kits with field manuals, vitamins, especially iodine and other base elements and minerals. Shelter and clothing for all seasons for a decade is also critically important. The list is long, but those who are prepared at least have a fighting chance for survival. Phukk MersCorp and all their banking minions. Any of these Persons found after the collapse should be summarily executed.



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