We Americans have so much for which to “thank” our state and federal governments. The expensive, self-dealing, corrupt, irrational and destructive tax-payer supported FDA, CDC and its crony-infested ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) spend precious time and money maiming and killing precious young lives through ever-increasing infant vaccine schedules. [And, by the way, ever more horrific childhood vaccines and more and more especially for those adults who manage to make it to that stage of life.]

For babies, those schedules result, IMHO, in the supposedly “genetic” condition called autism which has gone from 1 in 10,000 kids in the lightly vaccinated 1970’s to as much as 1 in 36 kids in the heavily vaccinated US. That’s how many Somalian kids in Minneapolis have autism while for the rest of the US population it is about 1 kid in 55 or so. [Except, of course, for example, the unvaccinated Amish children who have the “natural” rate of 1 in 10,000.]

A really interesting paper which I Tweeted (you are following us @DrRimaLaibow, aren’t you?)* shows through statistical analysis, that there is a powerful and linear connection between more infant vaccinations and more infant deaths.

[Yes I can hear the pro-forced-vax trolls and drug-pusher PR bottom-feeders, “Correlation is not causation.” Illogical, since there will always be correlation when there is causation!]

The US is THE most vaccinated country in the world AND is 33rd in infant mortality among the leading countries.


That means that the 32 advanced countries who vaccinate their babies less than we do have more living babies at the end of a year than we do, baby for baby.

We kill our kids with SIDS, Shaken Baby Syndrome [often blaming the parent], Iatrogenic (Doctor Caused) scurvy and diabetes and the kids we don’t kill we damage neurologically and otherwise for life with cancer causing viruses like SV-40, admitted by the CDC to cause leukemia, aluminum, known to cause brain damage, mercury, a potent neurotoxin, Polysorbate 80, known to cause infertility and more. [Virus discovered in the Polio Vaccine, but, not allegedly removed before 98,000,000 (that’s ninety-eight MILLION) doses were given to unsuspecting, and not informed-consent-giving people worldwide. Think of all those future cancer treatment billions! Vaccination is an “investment” in future crony corporatist profits.]

And much more.

Vaccinated people shed viruses, endangering the immuno-compromised, by the way, not the other way around and if a baby’s mom was vaccinated while the baby was in utero, even if she is breast feeding her child, the baby is immuno-compromised because she cannot, simply cannot, provide enough antibodies in her milk as a non-vaccinated mother!

The baby is not getting the nutrient antibodies necessary and, if vaccinated, is being slammed over and over and over and over again with dangerous and highly toxic vaccines.

Wait! That’s great news for Big Pharma: the baby either dies (depopulation agenda served. Check.) or the baby becomes a profit center for big pharma and is one of the vast majority of kids 10 years of age and younger who are on drugs, both psychoactive and otherwise, filling the coffers with a nation of patients-for-life. Double check.

Oh, and when a vaccine is shown conclusively to fail, like MMR, DPT and others, ACIP has another great idea: add a booster shot despite the fact that there is NO, repeat NO, evidence for the idea that giving someone a booster will boost their immunity.

It is rather like saying that a student fails an exam dismally and we will call it a pass and give the professor the exam to take rather than find out if the student has anything to commend his/her level of knowledge.

Sorry. Illogical. Irrational (exactly as irrational as the nonsense THEORY [because that is all that it is – an unproven theory] widely known as Herd Immunity).

So through its virulent and scientifically barren program of vaccination for babies the US Government’s very own statistics, on sites that it hope you will NEVER visit, tell us that we are looking at an absurdity piled on an atrocity placed upon an abomination.

[On it goes: US Sen. Boxer is calling for a Federal Mandate that all Head Start Kids be fully vaccinated with all “recommended” vaccines. Think of all those Delta Workers for the New World Order.]

And you, my dear fellow health freedom advocate, are next. The ACIP, running scared, has decreed that you, an adult, need mandatory vaccinations. All of the them, including shingles, which causes approximately 1/2 of the people who get it to have a meaningful adverse event or worse, which does not, according to CDC prevent shingles but which everyone ought to have anyway.

Did I mention irrational?

What to do?

Start by taking a moment or two to use our easy-to-use Action Item web form,

You’ll be able to tell your representatives and other decision makers at the State and Federal Level that you do not accept mandatory adult vaccination, nor do you accept mandatory childhood vaccination.

Then you’ll have the opportunity to take the White House Petition to add your voice to the more than 123,000 Americans who have stood up, despite White House shenanigans and statistical manipulation, to tell the President you will not accept mandatory vaccines. We have one more day to make that total as high as we can get it.

Use #VaxKillsKids and #VaccinationISViolation and Tweet, FB, etc. to let everyone you can reach who is part of the 92% of the US population who believe that vaccination is a choice, not a requirement (a USA Today Poll, a few days ago), to take this Action Item.

There is a really simple question at the basis of all of this: Can I get sick (can my child get sick) without the vaccine?

The answer is very simple: people get sicker with vaccines than without them. The historic judgment is clear: through the use of clean water, good nutrition, sanitation and hygiene, disease rates plummeted BEFORE the advent of mass vaccination. Vaccines did nothing to bring those rates down. Sanitation did.


If you are worried, get a bottle of the safe, gentle Nano Silver 10 PPM that has been shown so powerfully to protect the Normal Structure and Function of your cells and immune system. You can get it at

Freedom to choose how you use your own body is our very first right. Nothing comes before that.

Are you asserting your rights? I deeply hope that you are.

Here’s that link again: Share it!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima


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