(Six month-old baby dies 5 days after receiving 13 toxic VaXcines)

By Jon Rappoport                                                             

California Senate Bill 277 has passed through the Judiciary Committee, and needs another Committee’s rubber stamp before it arrives on the Senate floor for debate—and what looks like a ride into law.

Governor Brown will sign the Bill. Brown has become a standard fool. He’s worn out. Whatever interesting ideas he may have entertained in his former “moonbeam” incarnation are gone in the wind.

Bill 277 eliminates the personal belief and religious exemptions from vaccination. It also states that children cannot attend public or private school unless they are vaccinated according to the State’s schedule.

Medical exemptions are still allowed, but these won’t be easy to come by, because physicians who grant them will be scrutinized and harassed.

In Committee, before the vote, the Bill was changed to offer two compromises. Personal belief exemptions will be permitted for all future vaccines, beyond the current 10 mandated shots. And children who are now in school will be allowed to forego vaccination (with some limitations).

Eventually, in years to come, you can expect these two “gifts” to be rescinded.

All in all, personal freedom and choice are gone.

Vaccine manufacturers are popping the champagne corks.

For those California parents who are looking for a way out, there is home-schooling. But you can be sure that, at some point up the road, those children will be falsely blamed for “an outbreak,” and pressure will build to force them to take shots.

This Bill is going to become law, unless there is huge uprising of parents between now and the final legislative vote.

Seen in a larger context, the Bill is one element in a thousand-element program that standardly proclaims: if you want security and protection, you must give up your freedom.

Of course, as I’ve pointed out before, this program always overstates the threat from which one needs protection. In fact, quite often, the same agents of the State who offer that protection manufactured the threat in the first place.

In the case of vaccines, the preposterous notion that vaccinated children (who are purported to be immune) need shielding from unvaccinated children is a contradiction on its face.

So is the idea that children who live in poverty, lack nutritious food, and consequently function on grossly weakened immune systems can gain substitute-protection via vaccines. The reverse is true: vaccinations attack their already-compromised level of health.

In any event, parents seeking their own information about vaccines becomes a useless fantasy under this new California Bill. Everything is decided for them by the State.

In case you want to place all the blame on Big Pharma and its undue influence, keep in mind that government is where the buck is supposed to stop. This is the place where officials can say no if they want to.

Letting them off the hook as helpless victims of corporate power is absurd. They aren’t helpless. They go to the slaughter willingly. Sometimes, with deeper pockets.

Vaccination=protection is the equation that has been shoved down the throats of the population. And to back it up, we have the ever-popular, “This is science. Only crazy people oppose science.”

Ever since 9/11, protection has risen as the most important government theme: “Let us protect you, let us do our jobs, keep your mouths shut and everything will turn out well.”

People buy it. Their minds are vacuums, and they need something to fill it. Might as well be “protection.” Seems important. Seems right.

Seems like the sort of thing a parent is supposed to provide.

“Yes, I remember as a child that Daddy told me (or I wish he had) that everything would be all right. When the government tells me that now, it feels good.”

So does an endless supply of tranquilizers. Until it doesn’t.

Until the brain turns to mush.



Picture 29In recent years, Americans have been burdened with an historic expansion in government control. Further, the proliferation of fees, regulations, bans, czars, bureaucracies, mandates and programs are increasingly justified by the desire to control vice (in the government’s eyes), which violates citizens’ unalienable self-ownership, rather than to deter crime, to protect citizens’ self-ownership. Whether it involves controlled substances, mandatory helmets, how large a soda someone is allowed to buy, whether trans-fats will be banished or a host of other uninvited impositions, government has increasingly been transformed into a nanny-state bully.

This externally-enforced “self-control” justifies reconsidering Lysander Spooner. Spooner laid out why our natural right of self-ownership, combined with the right to enter into voluntary arrangements with other self-owners, made government coercion of peaceful people illegitimate. Further, that moral principle is not in any way vitiated because someone with political power considers others’ choices to be vices. Since we are now accelerating away from that ethical standard, we need to rediscover his vision, which he spelled out in his 1875 Vices Are Not Crimes; A Vindication of Moral Liberty. A spoonful of Spooner’s insight would help government abuses go down.

Vices are those acts by which a man harms himself or his property. Crimes are those acts by which one man harms the person or property of another…In vices, the very essence of crime–that is, the design to injure the person or property of another–is wanting.

Unless this clear distinction between vices and crimes be made and recognized by the laws, there can be…no such thing as individual right, liberty, or property; no such things as the right of one man to the control of his own person and property…

[I]f these questions…are not to be left free and open for experiment by all, each person is deprived of the highest of all his rights as a human being, to wit: his right to inquire, investigate, reason, try experiments, judge, and ascertain for himself, what is, to him, virtue, and what is, to him, vice…If this great right is not to be left free and open to all, then each man’s whole right, as a reasoning human being, to “liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” is denied him.

[W]hat man, or what body of men, has the right to say, in regard to any particular action, or course of action, “We have tried this experiment, and determined every question involved in it…not only for ourselves, but for all others? And, as to all those who are weaker than we, we will coerce them to act in obedience to our conclusion?…there are none such. The men who really do say it…are therefore to be resisted instantly, and to the last extent…

[A] government, formed by voluntary association, would never have been thought of, if the object proposed had been the punishment of all vices…nobody…would voluntarily submit to it. But a government, formed by voluntary association, for the punishment of all crimes is a reasonable matter; because everybody wants protection for himself against all crimes by others…

It is a natural impossibility that a government should have a right to punish men for their vices; because it is impossible that a government should have any rights, except such as the individuals composing it had previously had, as individuals. They could not delegate to a government any rights which they did not themselves possess…

[N]obody but a fool or an impostor pretends that he, as an individual, has a right to punish other men for their vices. But…everybody has a natural right…to defend his own person and property against aggressors…And government has no rightful existence, except in so far as it embodies, and is limited by, this natural right of individuals…It is only those who claim that government has some rightful power, which no individual or individuals ever did, or could, delegate to it, that claim that government has any rightful power to punish vices.

[T]o punish men for their vices…is a sheer and utter absurdity for any government claiming to derive its power wholly from the grant of the governed… because it would be granting away their own right to seek their own happiness…

[E]verybody wishes to be protected, in his person and property, against the aggressions of other men. But nobody wishes to be protected…against himself… He only wishes to promote his own happiness, and to be his own judge as to what will promote, and does promote, his own happiness.

The object aimed at in the punishment of crimes is to secure, to each and every man alike, the fullest liberty he possibly can have–consistently with the equal rights of others–to pursue his own happiness, under the guidance of his own judgment, and by the use of his own property…the object aimed at in the punishment of vices is to deprive every man of his natural right and liberty to pursue his own happiness, under the guidance of his own judgment, and by the use of his own property.

[S]o long as [people] are sane, they must be permitted to control themselves and their property…each man’s life is his own…

Certainly no man, who is compos mentis, holds his right to the disposal and use of his own property by any such worthless tenure as that which would authorize any or all of his neighbors…to interfere, and forbid him to make any expenditures, except such as they might think would not tend to poverty, and would not tend to ever bring him to them as a supplicant for their charity.

[I]t is only the poverty, ignorance, and consequent weakness of the many that enable the combined and organized few to acquire and maintain such arbitrary power over them.

In an era when anything someone can characterize as a vice is considered sufficient warrant for eviscerating individual sovereignty, reawakening to Spooner’s vision is crucial. Murray Rothbard recognized it as “a great bulwark against the State’s eternal invasion of rights.” Coerced obedience cannot be derived from our natural rights or our Constitution. But coercing obedience is more than a vice of our government; it is a denial of our fitness for the Declaration of Independence’s central premise and a violation of its central purpose.


Clint Eastwood Preparing to say Goodbye

Director of “American Sniper” # 1 War Film of all times -his latest masterpiece is upsetting Hollywood Liberals, as it sets box office records. A true Patriot, he never misses a chance to stand up for America and those who defend her. An outcast In Hollywood, loved by those who love Freedom, despised by Hollywood and America’s liberal Elite. He never stops.

Clint Eastwood at 84…GOT TO LOVE THIS

As I enjoy my twilight years, I am often struck by the inevitability that the party must end.

There will be a clear, cold morning when there isn’t any “more.”  No more hugs, no more special moments to celebrate together, no more phone calls just to chat. It seems to me that one of the important things to do before that morning comes, is to let every one of your family and friends know that you care for them by finding simple ways to let them know your heartfelt beliefs and the guiding principles of your life so they can always say, “He was my friend, and I know where he stood.”

So, just in case I’m gone tomorrow, please know this:  I voted against that incompetent, lying, flip-flopping, insincere, double-talking, radical socialist, terrorist excusing, bleeding heart, narcissistic, scientific and economic moron currently in the White House!

Participating in a gun buy-back program because you think that criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors have too many kids.

Regards, Clint                                                                                                             “Make my day”


For Immediate Release: April 21, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. Rejecting the idea that some violations of the Constitution are insignificant, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that police may not extend the time needed to conduct an ordinary traffic stop in order to subject the vehicle and its occupants to an examination by a drug-detecting dog unless they have specific reasons to suspect the car is carrying contraband. In its 6-3 ruling in Rodriguez v. United States, the Court held that a police officer violated the Fourth Amendment rights of motorist Dennys Rodriguez and his passenger when, after giving Rodriguez a written warning for a minor driving infraction, he continued to make them wait while a drug-sniffing dog patrolled the exterior of the vehicle.

The Supreme Court’s opinion in Rodriguez v. United States is available at

“While this ruling is certainly a step in the right direction, as long as the courts continue to bend the Constitution to favor the police, there is little to celebrate. After all, the police are still empowered to stop cars based on anonymous tips, carry out warrantless searches of cars using drug-sniffing dogs, and subject Americans to virtual strip searches, no matter the offense,” said constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute and author of Battlefield America: The War on the American People. “Whether it’s police officers breaking through people’s front doors and shooting them dead in their homes or strip searching innocent motorists on the side of the road, these instances of abuse are continually validated by a judicial system that kowtows to virtually every police demand, no matter how unjust, no matter how in opposition to the Constitution.”

In March 2012, police officer Morgan Struble was on early-morning patrol in Nebraska when he observed a vehicle momentarily veer onto the shoulder of the highway. Struble, who is a K-9 officer and had his dog with him at the time, pulled the vehicle over and upon approaching it determined that the driver was Dennys Rodriguez and that there was a passenger in the front seat. After Rodriguez explained that he had swerved in order to avoid a pothole, Struble obtained Rodriguez’s license, registration and proof of insurance and ran a check to determine if all the paperwork was valid and whether there were any outstanding arrest warrants for Rodriguez. After the officer determined that everything was in order and that neither Rodriguez nor the passenger were wanted, he wrote up a warning ticket for Rodriguez for violating a state law prohibiting driving on highway shoulders. Upon returning to the vehicle and giving Rodriguez back the papers, Struble asked Rodriguez for permission to allow his dog to walk around the vehicle. Rodriguez refused to give permission. Struble then ordered Rodriguez to turn the car off and exit the vehicle. Rodriguez complied and Struble led the dog around the vehicle. Although the dog did nothing during the first pass, on the second pass the dog alerted. Based on this alert, Struble and another officer searched the vehicle and found methamphetamine. This evidence was the basis for a federal indictment against Rodriguez.

Before his trial, Rodriguez moved to suppress evidence of the methamphetamine, arguing that the officer violated the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures by holding him after all matters related to the driving infraction had been completed. However, Rodriguez’s argument was rejected by the trial court, which ruled that the additional seizure of Rodriguez for the seven to eight minutes the dog sniff took was a “de minimis intrusion on Rodriguez’s Fourth Amendment rights” and was not a sufficient basis to order suppression. The court of appeals affirmed the ruling on Rodriguez’s appeal, but the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to review the case. In reversing the lower courts decisions, the Supreme Court adhered to prior cases holding that a traffic stop can become unlawful if prolonged beyond the time required to meet the mission of issuing a ticket.

This press release is also available at


Would you believe that Lee Iaccoca is 94 years old and is still KICKIN’ butt? Check out his latest rant.

Just as true today as it was when his book first came out. He was, and still is, a brilliant businessman!

Often we need to be reminded of Iaccoca’s words, Remember Lee Iaccoca, the man who rescued Chrysler Corporation from its death throes?

He’s now 94 years old and has a new book ‘Where Have All The Leaders Gone?’

Lee Iaccoca Says: “Am I the only guy in this country who’s fed up with what’s happening? Where the hell is our outrage with this so called president?

We should be screaming bloody murder!

We’ve got a gang of tax cheating clueless leftists trying to steer our ship of state right over a cliff, we’ve got corporate gangsters stealing us blind, and we can’t even run a ridiculous cash-for-clunkers program without losing $26 billion of the taxpayers’ money, much less build a hybrid car.

But instead of getting mad, everyone sits around and nods their heads when the politicians say, ‘trust me, the economy is getting better.. ‘ Better ? What the Hell ! You’ve got to be kidding. This is America, not the damned Titanic.’

I’ll give you a sound bite: ‘Throw all the Democrats out, along with Obama!’

You might think I’m getting senile, that I’ve gone off my rocker, and maybe I have. But someone has to speak up. I hardly recognize this country anymore. The most famous business leaders are not the innovators but the guys in handcuffs.

While we’re fiddling in Afghanistan, Iran is completing their nuclear bombs and missiles and nobody seems to know what to do.

The liberal press is waving ‘pom-poms’ instead of asking hard questions.

That’s not the promise of the ‘America’ my parents and yours traveled across the ocean for.

I’ve had enough. How about you?

I’ll go a step further. You can’t call yourself a patriot if you’re not outraged. This is a fight I’m ready and willing to have. The biggest ‘C’ is Crisis! (Iacocca elaborates on nine C’s of leadership, with crisis being the first).

Leaders are made, not born. Leadership is forged in times of crisis. It’s easy to sit there with thumb up your butt and talk theory. Or send someone else’s kids off to war when you’ve never seen a battlefield yourself. It’s another thing to lead when your world comes tumbling down. On September 11, 2001, we needed a strong leader more than any other time in our history. We needed a steady hand to guide us out of the ashes.

We’re immersed in a bloody war now with no plan for winning and no plan for leaving, but our soldiers are dying daily.

We’re running the biggest deficit in the history of the world, and it’s getting worse every day!

We’ve lost the manufacturing edge to Asia, while our once-great companies are getting slaughtered by health care costs.

This country has the largest oil reserves in the WORLD, and we cannot drill for it because the politicians have been bought by the tree-hugging environmentalists.

Our schools are in a complete disaster because of the teachers’ union.

Our borders are like sieves and they want to give all illegals amnesty and free healthcare.

The middle class is being squeezed to death every day.

These are times that cry out for leadership. But when you look around, you’ve got to ask: Where have all the leaders gone? Where are the curious, creative communicators? Where are the people of character, courage, conviction, omnipotence, and common sense?

I may be a sucker for alliteration, but I think you get the point. Name me a leader who has a better idea for homeland security than making us take off our shoes in airports and throw away our shampoo.

We’ve spent billions of dollars building a huge new bureaucracy, and all we know how to do is react to things that have already happened. Everyone’s hunkering down, fingers crossed, hoping the government will make it better for them. Now, that’s just crazy. Deal with life.

Name me an industry leader who is thinking creatively about how we can restore our competitive edge in manufacturing.

Who would have believed that there could ever be a time when ‘The Big Three’ referred to Japanese car companies? How did this happen, and more important, look what Obama did about it.

Name me a government leader who can articulate a plan for paying down the debt, or solving the energy crisis, or managing the health care problem. The silence is deafening.

But these are the crises that are eating away at our country and milking the middle class dry.

I have news for the Chicago gangsters in Congress. We didn’t elect you to turn this country into a losing European Socialist state.

What is everybody so afraid of? That some bonehead on NBC or CNN news will call them a name? Give me a break. Why don’t you guys show some spine for a change?

Had Enough? Hey, I’m not trying to be the voice of gloom and doom here. I’m trying to light a fire. I’m speaking out because I have hope – I believe in America… In my lifetime, I’ve had the privilege of living through some of America ‘s greatest moments. I’ve also experienced some of our worst crises:  The ‘Great Depression,’ World War II,’ ‘the ‘Korean War,’ the ‘Kennedy Assassination,’ the ‘Vietnam War,’ the 1970’s oil crisis, and the struggles of recent years since 9/11. Make your own contribution by sending this to everyone you know and care about.

For, it is your country, folks, and it’s your future and your progeny. Our future is at stake!

In God We Trust.


~in this country there are two jurisdictions, the De Jure/private/republic/creditor/ records/owner/man American lives on the land on earth, metes and bounds, and the De Facto/public/democracy/debtor/licenses and permits/slave/US citizen fiction in the world, above the land on a grid.

Which ones does one hear about in the media/schools/agency’s/movies/music/ TV/papers, drumming it into your head over and over by the government= mind control.

This may well be the plight of the US citizen, as the slave to their @System@ that has no rights, just privileges and benefits that the corporation hands out and can remove at whim.

The other player that stands as the owner that has one share and vote has been asleep, mesmerized by the administrators “foreign bankers using the 1871 constitution as their corporate charter” as it is not in the interest of the US Corp to educate or inform the inhabitants that they are not residents or occupiers and waiting for the house mothers “congress” to dole out the next benefit.

Remember in a trust the trustee has no obligation to divulge to the beneficiary the terms of the contract.

As far as ignorance of the law is no excuse, the education or yearn to delude the people gets in the way of the true essence. Replace law with contract as we are in commerce, as so stated by the constitution that is written at the 25th grade level. These ‘judges’ are administrators “handling money/banker, that’s why they have a clerk/teller outside the court to pay ” for the bankruptcy of the US corporation. The debt is owed to the owners of America, is it not by our full faith and credit that the government even exists. No corporation owns anything. The owners, the Board members, own the assets, if the corporation goes defunct the assets are used to pay the vendors and divided up between the owners.

As far as justice in the ‘courts,’ that term is a banking term means just exchangement of funds and the alleged judge would say his court is an equity court, maritime, equity is money and you are his collateral (something pledged as security for repayment of a loan) if you have a birth certificate it is evidence of a mortgage.


A 22-year-old woman walked out of a military hospital with a gruesome shoulder injury.

Her rotator cuff was torn. Her tendons were damaged. There was a deep contusion on her bone.

She didn’t suffer the wound in combat or even during a training exercise.

It came from her annual flu shot.

She’s one of thousands of Americans left with heavy-duty pain meds, weeks of physical therapy, and even surgery after being injured by routine vaccines.

The GubberNut has known about the condition for years. They’ve even given it the code name “SIRVA.”

So why are they making sure you never hear about it at your next vaccine appointment?

The walking wounded

It’s been five long years since the HHS Advisory Committee on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) met to acknowledge that vaccines were causing a “whole bunch of shoulder injuries.”

For the first time they gave the growing epidemic a name — SIRVA, for “shoulder injuries related to vaccine administration.”

Carelessly given shots can damage tendons and even bone with misplaced vaccine needles. And shots given too high on the deltoid muscle (the muscle that gives the shoulder its rounded look) can puncture the bursa.

Your bursa provides cushioning between your bones. When you fill it with the contents of a vaccine syringe, it will trigger the worst pain and inflammation of your life.

Just ask Joan from Carson City, CA. She says that seven months after getting her flu shot, she still can’t blow dry her hair. Even after two cortisone injections.

The ACCV promised to get a handle on the problem. But after five years it’s clear they put a lid on it instead.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has thousands of complaints of shoulder injuries linked to vaccines for everything from flu to tetanus. But doctors are still not required to discuss SIRVA risks before giving you a vaccine — and you won’t find SIRVA mentioned on vaccine warning labels or on that release form you sign.

The reason is simple. The GubberNut wants you to get your vaccines and they’ll withhold any information that could make you change your mind.

Even if that means sentencing you to months of serious pain.

When a nationally syndicated radio show recently asked listeners whether they’d ever suffered a shoulder injury from a vaccine, they were flooded with responses.

They heard from a nurse practitioner who was still suffering from arm pain and weakness eight weeks after a mandatory shot. And from a man in Texas who can’t sleep through the night because of his crippling shoulder pain.

Others said that they have shooting pains down their arm into their fingers or can’t lift their arm to the side or front. And months after a vaccine they’re still “counting the hours” until they can take another pain med.

One SIRVA victim, Sarah, wondered why she was “not told that this could happen.”

The problem with SIRVA is only going to get worse. Because of all the hysteria over flu, shingles and other shots, just about anyone and their uncle is allowed to give a vaccine — and often not very well.

The first step to avoiding SIRVA is keep our sleeves rolled down and say “No” to all these unnecessary vaccines.

And if you do find yourself in true medical need of one, here are some tips:

   * A shot should be given at least two finger widths down from the knobby end of your shoulder. You can tell where the needle is going to be poked by where the alcohol swab is rubbed.

   * Try to be at the same level as the person giving you the shot. For example, if you’re sitting, they should be sitting as well. If they’re standing and you’re sitting, chances are the shot will be given too high on your arm.

   * Go for experience. A doctor or nurse will have more practice in giving injections than a pharmacist who only does it once in a while.

   * If you think they’re aiming too high with the needle, say something! It’s better to risk a moment of embarrassment than months, maybe years, of agony.

…and another thing.

Any time they want to ridicule a natural cure — even alternative treatments that people have relied upon for centuries — the mainstream falls back on its favorite insult.

They’ll describe it as “out of the Dark Ages.”

But could 21st century practitioners possibly have something to learn from treatments used a thousand years ago? A long-lost secret that might actually save many lives?

Recently, a group of British researchers decided to find out.

To do so, they used a remedy from “Bald’s Leechbook,” a 10th Century manuscript thought to be one of the earliest medical textbooks.

The recipe was chosen because it contained ingredients such as garlic, whose antibiotic properties were already being studied.

The instructions in the old book were very precise, and were followed to the ancient letter.

The concoction had to be prepared in a brass vessel… and then strained through a cloth… and then left to sit for nine whole days. And it absolutely had to include two species of Allium (garlic and onion or leek) and wine.

I know what you’re thinking — this strange brew had everything except bile from a cow’s stomach.

No, it had that, too.

But when the formula was finally complete, it did something that left Big Pharma’s fanciest, billion-dollar drugs in the dust.

It destroyed MRSA, one of the deadliest antibiotic-resistant superbugs on the planet.

When the solution was tested on mice, it managed to kill up to 90 percent of MRSA bacteria — and not just once, but in repeated tests, done with entirely new batches of the mixture.

Microbiologist Freya Harrison, who led the effort, said the scientists “were just utterly dumbfounded. We did not see this coming at all.”

She added that based on the initial results, the recipe’s potential use as an antibiotic was beyond her wildest dreams.

It looks like the world may have a new (if a bit unusual) superbug killer on its hands — and the mainstream is going to have to come up with a new insult.

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson

Sources:                                                                                                                   “Victims of shoulder injuries from flu shot eligible for cash compensation” Lisa Sigell, March 18, 2015, CBS Los Angeles,

“Can flu shots cause long-lasting arm pain?” The People’s Pharmacy, March 30, 2015,

“Thousand-year-old Anglo-Saxon potion kills MRSA superbug” Nick Thompson and Laura Smith-Spark, March 31, 2015, CNN,

Source: hobot


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Yes, Dr. Cordero’s work is wonderful documentation! Thank you for drawing my attention to it. We hope to soon have The Puzzle Project up and running– a national level fact-finding mission in support of Public Interest Litigation before the World Court and the UN Trust Committees.

His work only suffers from the common ailment— we all face such a LARGE fraud and attendant criminality which has taken root in so many countries and in so many sectors of society that it is natural to see the “tree” such as the so-called judicial system in the U.S. without grasping the larger picture.

The problem isn’t just the judicial system running hopelessly amok. It’s the fact that all these “governments” are actually nothing but privately owned and operated “governmental services corporations” being run by international banking cartels that have operated under conditions of secrecy and deceit to co-opt lawful government and instigate a vast web of fraud and criminality throughout the world.

It’s not just the Federal United States. It’s the “government” of the UK, CANADA, FRANCE, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN….. all fakes.

The truth has come out finally and conclusively. There are so many people to thank for that, it beggars description….but the rats have been fully and absolutely exposed. The criminality of the banking system has been fully documented by The Paradigm Project— Heather Tucci-Jaref and others. A few American lawyers remained true to the American cause and a few DOD employees did too, and they all did their actual jobs. As a result, the bankers are caught, dead in the water.

And the fraud is at an end, no longer something that can be suppressed and contained by filthy politicians and bankers meeting in secret.

The rats in DC are in a bad position, and more and more of them are realizing it. 177 nations worldwide have recognized that the “Federal United States” has acted as a criminal syndicate and that it has been operating in a form and in a way forbidden by its charter and the treaty and trust documents allowing its existence, that it has not faithfully “represented” the Continental United States and the American People, but has instead been misusing and abusing Americans at home and then also misusing American resources including Armed Forces as Bullies against other countries, fomenting war for profit, and engaging in every kind of vice and war profiteering in “target countries”.

While we Americans have been kept ignorant and clueless by the perpetrators of these fraud schemes (all of which are easily recognized classic bunko schemes merely executed on an unimaginably large scale) what I would most like to share with the rest of the world at this point is that the American People — the People of the Continental United States as opposed to some elements operating the Federal United States —-are good people, moral people, peace-loving, hard-working, God-fearing people. We were lied to, bullied, purposefully deceived, taxed to death, deprived of basic rights guaranteed by our actual Constitution, press-ganged into the international jurisdiction of the sea, and defrauded of our labor and our actual property assets. We suffered along with the rest of the world.

Those responsible include the Crown Corporation and its agencies and subsidiaries, the government of the Inner City of London aka WESTMINSTER, the Lord Mayor, the Lords of the Admiralty, the British Monarch dba ELIZABETH II, IMF, FEDERAL RESERVE, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., and so on. Please note that the British Monarch is the American International Trustee on the High Seas and Inland Waterways and that all the abuse we have suffered and which the rest of the world has endured, too, has been caused by British mismanagement and war-mongering for profit.

The other thing I would like the world to know is that many American government officials, even members of Congress, were kept in the dark. This entire criminal scheme was designed to be operated by just a few at the top.

Finally, I would like the rest of the world to know that preliminary estimates indicate that only about 20% of the money appropriated to fund domestic American welfare relief ever made it to any poor people, and less than 2% of the money appropriated as foreign aid ever made it to the intended recipients in other countries.

The American People have been defrauded and had the lion’s share of their intended assistance to others at home and abroad siphoned off to fund criminal activities.

The facts are now speaking for themselves. Anyone who wants to argue with me or cast aspersions and suspicions at me as an individual should be advised— I am not here to prove anything to anyone and I am not the issue. The issue is the information. The facts. The timeline. The fraud. Everyone in receipt of the information has the basic tools necessary to research these matters for themselves and they are fully invited to perform their own due diligence.

Numerous people from around the world have been contacting me and asking for help related to their own governments. The basics of what we have learned (at least to our satisfaction) is that the System was introduced in England in 1867 by Benjamin D’israeli, with legislation resulting in the “enfranchisement” of English workers.

At the time, this was hailed as a good thing by English Labor Union leaders and other Progressives who were deceived into thinking that the “right to vote” was an advancement of the position of the working class. It was in fact a means of further and officially enslaving the working class by a process of registration.

If you look up the legal meaning of the word “registration” you will learn that anytime you register something you are giving it or some aspect of it up to the ownership or control of the entity keeping the registration. It is not the same as publicly recording an ownership interest in a piece of property, for example. Thus, when you “register to vote” you give up your natural right to elect your leaders and in effect hand your proxy to whomever cares to exercise it.

The word “enfranchisement” relates to this undisclosed registration process, too, in terms of “enfranchised voters”, but more darkly, it is used in the context of incorporation—- and that is what D’israeli aimed at with the Acts of Parliament involving Enfranchisement.

Think of large corporations that are operating in your various countries that have local franchises. In America, it might be McDonald’s or Dairy Queen or Sears. These corporate franchises are obligated to be pretty much in lock-step with their national and international parent corporations and they operate under franchise licenses.

Anytime you see the word “license” be aware that it is official permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal— in this case, the franchises receive the license to use the name, logo, recipes, products, etc., of the franchising corporation.

What does it mean to “enfranchise” a human being, in this sense of “enfranchisement”?

It means to reduce you to an incorporated thing, a subsidiary subject to the whims of corporate management. It means enslavement, body and soul. In supposedly equitable exchange you receive the benefit of voting for your slave masters and whatever privileges they give you, the right to be taxed and regulated to death, the right to be conscripted, the right to pay for a million dollar life insurance policy with the parent corporation named as your beneficiary, and so many other “benefits” it hardly pays to name them.

This is what we have been dealing with. Thanks to Benjamin D’israeli and a besotted Queen Victoria.

It also means that the banks, the Bar Associations, the Lords of the Admiralty and the Lord Mayor and the Queen engaged in a systematic program of press-ganging land assets into the international jurisdiction of the sea. This crime has been outlawed—utterly outlawed worldwide— for 200 years. It carries the death penalty and they did it anyway, using a pathetic excuse.

Once they had “converted” all the living people and their estate interests into franchises of the various governmental services corporations, they could claim that they were justified in their actions because there is no law against enslaving a corporation.

In actual practice and fact, of course, they did enslave the living people and all their private property assets. This is how they were able to enforce “Selective Service” and other forms of “The Draft” during the Second World War. This is how they have been able to spend uncontrollably and rack up huge amounts of odious debt against the civilian populace.

By registering your birth, seizing control of your name, and creating all sorts of corporate franchises benefiting their own corporations named after you— they–the bankers and lawyers and politicians effectively stole your identity and your credit cards.

Now we come to the issue of Odious Debt. Odious Debt is debt created by fraud of which the victims are unaware and from which they do not benefit. Much of the so-called “National Debts” around the world are this form of debt, and Odious Debt is not collectable.

It has to be written off and forgiven. This is what is behind Pope Francis’s declaration of an International Year of Jubilee beginning December 8, 2015.

Beyond that, we also come to the issue of National Credit. All these fiat money systems have been operated as debt-credit systems. Every time you create a debt in such a system you also create a credit. Therefore, every National Debt is counterbalanced by a National Credit. Why have you never heard about your National Credit, only your National Debt?

Because the perpetrators fully intended to leave the working people holding the bag while they siphoned off and absconded with not only the National Credit owed, but the underlying actual physical assets as well.

They won’t be able to do that now, because now you know the truth about “National Debts” and how those National Debts were accrued by credit fraud, and you also know that you are owed an equal National Credit.

Finally, everyone worldwide needs a lesson in the mechanisms of fraudulent convertible debt. A fraudulent convertible debt is a debt created by fraud that is converted into new ownership and used by the perpetrators as investment capital. The most typical example is the billing you receive every month for electrical service (at least in America this is true).

What appears to be a bill comes addressed to YOUR NAME in capital letters and your address. Unknown to you, this “billing statement” isn’t really a true bill and it isn’t addressed to you. It is addressed to a franchise of a governmental services corporation and the “statement” is actually a voucher allowing you to cash in a “dividend” equal to the amount shown as due and owing– but of course, you are never told this and you are never told how to fill out the coupon for credit. Instead, if you don’t submit payment you are threatened with disconnection, and in this way, you are coerced into paying the bills of a governmental services corporation’s franchise.

Of course, the utility company submits the bill each month directly to the “government” and gets paid for servicing the franchise. That’s payment Number One. Then they send you a billing statement and coerce you to pay it. That’s payment Number Two. They establish a “capital credits account” in YOUR name and deposit your payment in that account. They then use that money as investment capital benefiting their utility company and prevent you from accessing the capital credit account you funded. In some cases, the utilities are so crooked they set the “capital credits” aside and later claim that they are “unclaimed funds” and abscond with them directly.

Fraudulent convertible debt always involves a double-dipping system in which a charge gets paid for twice by different parties. In effect, it gets you, the consumer, both coming and going. You are on the hook to pay for the “government’s debts” — so as a group you paid for payment Number One, and as an individual you were forced to provide payment Number Two as well.

The same exact system of fraudulent convertible debt is used throughout the mortgage industry. When you create a mortgage, it is never credited to you— it is registered in YOUR NAME— as being owned by a government franchise operated under your name, but not belonging to you. Remember that the governmental services corporation is the owner of YOUR NAME, which is the incorporated franchise they are running for their own benefit under your name without your knowledge or consent.

So you walk in to close what you are told is a loan being made to you, and what happens? The bank takes your Promissory Note, which has Actual Cash Value, just like a stack of bank notes, and they cash it. That’s payment Number One, charged off against “the government”, which of course passes the entire cost back to you and your brethren in the form of taxation. Then the bankers come back under false pretense that they actually loaned you something, and demand that you pay them back principal and interest for thirty years and claim that you also owe them a security interest in your property (which you gave them, albeit under conditions of fraud and deceit and non-disclosure) which they can foreclose upon if you fail to perform. That’s payment Number Two—so, in effect, the banks charge you once, then charge you twice, plus interest, plus a security interest that is undeserved—and you fund all of it. You fund the first payment through your taxes to the “government” and you fund the second through more of your labor “donated” to the account of YOUR NAME and what really, did you receive?

You received access to credit in a bank account held in YOUR NAME, but not actually belonging to you, and you spent that credit on a home and property that is recorded in YOUR NAME but which doesn’t actually belong to you, either. Both the purported debt and the property belong to the governmental services corporation’s franchise. You are just an unpaid volunteer, doing all the work and producing all the credit to fund these operations, for the benefit of the franchise.

It’s more usury, only this time, owing to the interest payments and security interest, it’s more like quadruple dipping than double dipping.

And all this blatant fraud based on semantic deceits and coercion and racketeering and deceptively similar names has gone on under the noses of all those you trusted to regulate banking and securities, precisely because the banks were running the “governmental services corporations” behind the scenes and were “regulating themselves”.

So what is the answer? Other than becoming aware yourself, spread the word. There will be too many of us for them to silence and once people know what went on, they will be stuck for it.

And what to do about replacing these criminal enterprises masquerading as governments? Well, we all know how our governments are supposed to be operated and by whom, and for most of us, that means we have to get involved.

The Americans are busy restoring their actual government on the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States. It’s our understanding that Mrs. Merkel is doing her best in Germany and that numerous other heads of state are grappling with the facts and trying to bring remedy without bloodshed or disruption. Help them. We are informing the members of Congress that they have been elected to private corporate offices instead of public offices which they are meant to serve and that this has been accomplished by fraud and deceit. They have to choose their true allegiance and accept their true elected office in order to serve and represent the interests of the Continental United States as deputies and fiduciary officers—-and they otherwise have no capability to enter into any valid contract in our behalf or claim to represent anyone but themselves and their own little group of cronies.

Meantime back home we are occupying the vacated public offices we are owed and we are operating our state and county governments as judges, sheriffs, bailiffs, clerks, legislators, and many other public offices under American Common Law.

Action is moving forward on an international basis to end the criminality, expose the fraud, and bring relief. Please keep your minds and hearts fixed upon what is good and right and just, and realize that the vast majority of the people who have been employed by these corporations have been innocent of the evil they have unwittingly done. Even many lawyers and judges are completely unaware that they were doing anything wrong. To echo Jesus Christ, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

—-although they are going to learn very shortly, and be offered a choice!

In closing, I would like to paraphrase King George V — “Keep calm and get even.”   Don’t give way to rage or violence of any kind. Realize that your grievances have been fully documented and proven and that the Mills of God grind slowly but exceedingly fine. Those who are truly guilty cannot escape, those who have acted in error must be forgiven, and the innocent who have suffered will in the end by blessed by their own patience and kindness.


Friday I made it up to Eureka to find out what in the heck happened to my court-filing document that I dropped into the Drop Box March 18th. This is docket #120811, The City of Eureka v the People, a staged event that happened April 8, 2013. You see, the City of Eureka’s City Council, thieves and criminals that they are, passed a resolution in November of 2012 to have the people of Eureka pick up the tab for city employees’ pensions – CalPers –the gynormous global corporate Leviathan that is second only to U.S. Inc’s ‘Investment’ warmongers. One of CalPers’ investment accounts is Monsanto!

To recap; since I do not live in Eureka I didn’t bother paying much attention to this until the night before the 8:00 a.m. hearing of April 8th. Once I read it, and knew that my friend Bill Holmes was the only one willing to stand up in court to these criminals and thieves, I quickly typed up my opposition and motored to Eureka early enough to find a Notary before 8:00. Unfortunately her copier was down. I raced to go make copies of my doc., but by the time I got up to the corporate Administration room, my friend Bill and three other friends were just coming out of the door. The pirate in his black robe masquerading as a judge, Dale A. Reinholtsen, did not make any open court decision, opinion, order or judgment. I came back home to prepare a cover sheet for my doc and got back up to Eureka to place it in the Drop Box. I am listed on the Court Registry of Actions in this case. Each day after, I checked on the status of my filing. By day number three, a Thursday, the alleged Court File Clerk misinformed me (with 2 witnesses in tow) by telling me that ‘the case is Closed (very rare), and that I cannot file anything more into the case.’ Like a dummy, I believed her and refrained from any more action on my part.

Being without wheels I lost contact with Bill, other than to hear about Eureka’s Attorney Cyndy Day-Wilson placing a threatening quip about Bill in the newspaper. She said that if he filed into the Appellate Court on this, that she would file a motion for frivolous filing.

Fast forward to last September. After Bill’s passing, I went into his apartment and gathered papers he had on all of this craziness. After I put them in order I could see how Bill got covered in an avalanche of corporate documents, and would have been confused by his next step. Btw, Cyndy Day Wilson’s motion about frivolous filing in the Appellate Court was dismissed.

This past December, my witness/server James Decker placed my Affidavit in the Drop Box, demanding a response to a list of accusations that was addressed to Court Filing Clerk Jane Doe (corporate employees will not tell me their name).

Friday, I came to realize that the big brown envelope in my mailbox in January, addressed to a NAME that phonetically sounds like mine, that I did not open and ‘Returned to Sender.’ was the Jane Doe Affidavit being returned to me.

So when I ‘Drop Boxed’ a Mandatory Judicial Notice March 18th, Jane Doe returned it along with Affidavit and Averment and her CA Codes for filing, to James’ address.

Obviously, an Affidavit and Averment are Not for filing. They were addressed to Jane Doe. I had emailed James and told him to mark it Return to Sender, and No Person here by that NAME.

As I got up to the File Clerk’s window, and said why I was here, a young gal looked at her computer screen and turned it towards the gal sitting next to her. They both looked bewildered. After about ten minutes, Bingo! Jane Doe came to the window all hot and bothered, admonishing me for returning my Affidavit to her. I said that I thought it was something else. When I asked her name, she said Liz S. (this I recognized from Bill’s papers). Then I asked for her last name, and I got the rehearsed script — “I do not have to tell you my name.” I asked her to please show me in a rulebook that would prove this to be true. She came unglued. Told me to go ahead and sue her, and yells at me saying that I am not a party to this case. Then she asks for my address. Before I could answer, she goes off on another tirade. I said, well, it’s clearly typed on my Motion. She’s getting even more flustered, insisting that I take copies of the two letters that she had sent to James’ address, and pushes them at me. I’m not exactly snapping them up from her. I’m deliberating. She gets more upset with me. I finally took them and we left. Get this – this is good – both letters to me have her full name on them. (smiles).

Their level of awareness and lack of higher frequencies has blocked their understanding that they are just running into self-created prisons of their own construction. I am intrigued by their lack of perception – their apparent absence of understanding.

James had moved during this time and the mailman, for whatever reason, didn’t pick-up the ‘Return to Sender’ big brown envelope. It was still in the box at James’ old address.

Deposited back in the Drop Box, with Liz S. on the envelope, the same Mandatory Judicial Notice PLUS a page of Statutes and Supreme Court rulings about the duties of Court File Clerks. We’ll see if Public Servant Liz S. is playing an unlawful judicial role.


Posted on April 7, 2015                                                                                             Written by

We are a concerned family, living in the terror of geo-engineered skies, in the state of Vermont. We also belong to the Koasek Abenaki Nation in our state. Our ancestors passed down a strong understanding of the inter-relatedness between people and nature. Our lives would not be worth living if we spent every day extracting the vital resources of our planet and not giving back. In the summer our family plants trees, restores natural watersheds, and picks up trash from parks and roadsides. These morals are woven into the fabric of who we are. So to look up at the sky and not speak out or take action against the crime that is being committed would mean that we are complicit in this ongoing omnicide of all life on our planet, our only home.

We’ve been watching the horror unfold in our state. First the big white jets fly in, then they turn their sprayers on and spray the sky until it is a thick toxic haze. Next, our faces are on fire and we are sick. And this spring, we are removing dead trees that should have lived another hundred years. There are no birds chirping. Nature is either dead or dying. And still, the jets continue to spray us.

We couldn’t help but notice that the White House main Petition Page (shown here: did not have one single voice about geo engineering on it anywhere. Not to have a statement there, a petition representation to the White House, is just wrong. So we made a petition, (link below).

We will consider this PETITION 1. If the 30 days times out and we do not have the 100,000 signatures required to get a response from the White House by the close date of April 24, we will restart the petition as PETITION 2.

Success is not a guarantee. We still need your participation. And we may need it again, and again. The purpose of this project is to finally achieve the 100,000 signatures and to get this insane Prez. to finally make a public statement about what is happening in our skies. The very least we can do is to represent on the White House petition page. Plus, this provides exposure of this issue to those who view the public open petitions for the first time and see our petition there. Most importantly, it represents the brave souls who will stand up, in every state of our great nation, and demand that the spraying stops at once.

Thank you for taking a stand with us. Joining together is the only way to make a difference in this fight.

The Hiltl-Mardin family, central Vermont.

Petition Title: Geo engineering of our skies by way of aerosol spray coming from jet aircraft is genocide.

Link – please sign and share: