Friday I made it up to Eureka to find out what in the heck happened to my court-filing document that I dropped into the Drop Box March 18th. This is docket #120811, The City of Eureka v the People, a staged event that happened April 8, 2013. You see, the City of Eureka’s City Council, thieves and criminals that they are, passed a resolution in November of 2012 to have the people of Eureka pick up the tab for city employees’ pensions – CalPers –the gynormous global corporate Leviathan that is second only to U.S. Inc’s ‘Investment’ warmongers. One of CalPers’ investment accounts is Monsanto!

To recap; since I do not live in Eureka I didn’t bother paying much attention to this until the night before the 8:00 a.m. hearing of April 8th. Once I read it, and knew that my friend Bill Holmes was the only one willing to stand up in court to these criminals and thieves, I quickly typed up my opposition and motored to Eureka early enough to find a Notary before 8:00. Unfortunately her copier was down. I raced to go make copies of my doc., but by the time I got up to the corporate Administration room, my friend Bill and three other friends were just coming out of the door. The pirate in his black robe masquerading as a judge, Dale A. Reinholtsen, did not make any open court decision, opinion, order or judgment. I came back home to prepare a cover sheet for my doc and got back up to Eureka to place it in the Drop Box. I am listed on the Court Registry of Actions in this case. Each day after, I checked on the status of my filing. By day number three, a Thursday, the alleged Court File Clerk misinformed me (with 2 witnesses in tow) by telling me that ‘the case is Closed (very rare), and that I cannot file anything more into the case.’ Like a dummy, I believed her and refrained from any more action on my part.

Being without wheels I lost contact with Bill, other than to hear about Eureka’s Attorney Cyndy Day-Wilson placing a threatening quip about Bill in the newspaper. She said that if he filed into the Appellate Court on this, that she would file a motion for frivolous filing.

Fast forward to last September. After Bill’s passing, I went into his apartment and gathered papers he had on all of this craziness. After I put them in order I could see how Bill got covered in an avalanche of corporate documents, and would have been confused by his next step. Btw, Cyndy Day Wilson’s motion about frivolous filing in the Appellate Court was dismissed.

This past December, my witness/server James Decker placed my Affidavit in the Drop Box, demanding a response to a list of accusations that was addressed to Court Filing Clerk Jane Doe (corporate employees will not tell me their name).

Friday, I came to realize that the big brown envelope in my mailbox in January, addressed to a NAME that phonetically sounds like mine, that I did not open and ‘Returned to Sender.’ was the Jane Doe Affidavit being returned to me.

So when I ‘Drop Boxed’ a Mandatory Judicial Notice March 18th, Jane Doe returned it along with Affidavit and Averment and her CA Codes for filing, to James’ address.

Obviously, an Affidavit and Averment are Not for filing. They were addressed to Jane Doe. I had emailed James and told him to mark it Return to Sender, and No Person here by that NAME.

As I got up to the File Clerk’s window, and said why I was here, a young gal looked at her computer screen and turned it towards the gal sitting next to her. They both looked bewildered. After about ten minutes, Bingo! Jane Doe came to the window all hot and bothered, admonishing me for returning my Affidavit to her. I said that I thought it was something else. When I asked her name, she said Liz S. (this I recognized from Bill’s papers). Then I asked for her last name, and I got the rehearsed script — “I do not have to tell you my name.” I asked her to please show me in a rulebook that would prove this to be true. She came unglued. Told me to go ahead and sue her, and yells at me saying that I am not a party to this case. Then she asks for my address. Before I could answer, she goes off on another tirade. I said, well, it’s clearly typed on my Motion. She’s getting even more flustered, insisting that I take copies of the two letters that she had sent to James’ address, and pushes them at me. I’m not exactly snapping them up from her. I’m deliberating. She gets more upset with me. I finally took them and we left. Get this – this is good – both letters to me have her full name on them. (smiles).

Their level of awareness and lack of higher frequencies has blocked their understanding that they are just running into self-created prisons of their own construction. I am intrigued by their lack of perception – their apparent absence of understanding.

James had moved during this time and the mailman, for whatever reason, didn’t pick-up the ‘Return to Sender’ big brown envelope. It was still in the box at James’ old address.

Deposited back in the Drop Box, with Liz S. on the envelope, the same Mandatory Judicial Notice PLUS a page of Statutes and Supreme Court rulings about the duties of Court File Clerks. We’ll see if Public Servant Liz S. is playing an unlawful judicial role.


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