~in this country there are two jurisdictions, the De Jure/private/republic/creditor/ records/owner/man American lives on the land on earth, metes and bounds, and the De Facto/public/democracy/debtor/licenses and permits/slave/US citizen fiction in the world, above the land on a grid.

Which ones does one hear about in the media/schools/agency’s/movies/music/ TV/papers, drumming it into your head over and over by the government= mind control.

This may well be the plight of the US citizen, as the slave to their @System@ that has no rights, just privileges and benefits that the corporation hands out and can remove at whim.

The other player that stands as the owner that has one share and vote has been asleep, mesmerized by the administrators “foreign bankers using the 1871 constitution as their corporate charter” as it is not in the interest of the US Corp to educate or inform the inhabitants that they are not residents or occupiers and waiting for the house mothers “congress” to dole out the next benefit.

Remember in a trust the trustee has no obligation to divulge to the beneficiary the terms of the contract.

As far as ignorance of the law is no excuse, the education or yearn to delude the people gets in the way of the true essence. Replace law with contract as we are in commerce, as so stated by the constitution that is written at the 25th grade level. These ‘judges’ are administrators “handling money/banker, that’s why they have a clerk/teller outside the court to pay ” for the bankruptcy of the US corporation. The debt is owed to the owners of America, is it not by our full faith and credit that the government even exists. No corporation owns anything. The owners, the Board members, own the assets, if the corporation goes defunct the assets are used to pay the vendors and divided up between the owners.

As far as justice in the ‘courts,’ that term is a banking term means just exchangement of funds and the alleged judge would say his court is an equity court, maritime, equity is money and you are his collateral (something pledged as security for repayment of a loan) if you have a birth certificate it is evidence of a mortgage.


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