By Jenny Thompson

When you go shopping for clothing, you consider the style, size and, of course, price — not whether those new duds could be hiding things like lice or scabies.

And the last thing on your mind may be that your snazzy new outfit could be covered in toxic, disease-causing dyes.

But if the first thing you do when you buy new clothing is put it on, two university scientists are sounding an alarm that you need to hear. They’re claiming it’s never been more important to decontaminate our new clothes before we wear them — and that this simple step could protect you from dangerous infections and even chemicals linked to cancer.

It may seem illogical to take that perfectly neat, wrinkle-free shirt you just purchased and toss it in the wash. But that extra bit of caution could keep you from developing a potentially serious illness.

Dr. Philip Tierno, director of microbiology and immunology at New York University, tested 14 items of clothing from pricey stores and big-box retailers, and he got some pretty disgusting results. His tests turned up respiratory secretions, fecal germs, yeast and microbes from skin.

Dr. Tierno said that some items were “grossly contaminated” with organisms that can survive for months on clothing. He said that the clothes could spread norovirus, stomach bugs, and even MRSA.

Some people have even caught lice and scabies from new garments.

And it’s easy to see how that happens when you consider how many people try on clothes and how returned items are often put out for sale without being washed.

“In a sense, you are touching somebody’s arm pit or groin” when you wear unwashed clothes, Dr. Tierno said.

And even when new clothes are free from nasty germs, they could still expose you to disease-causing chemicals.

Fabrics may be made with any of an estimated 2,000 chemicals, especially dyes and formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen, according to Dr. Donald Belsito, a professor of dermatology at Columbia University Medical Center in New York. And they can easily be absorbed through the skin, especially when you sweat.

When azo-aniline dyes, which are used to color most synthetic fabrics, come into contact with skin, they can cause reactions ranging from dry, itchy patches to scaly rashes. Some people who are especially allergic to them can suffer severe cases of dermatitis, Dr. Belsito said.

If the clothes are shipped from a very humid climate (such as Southeast Asian countries), fungus can be a problem and that’s something that can last for quite a while. Also, it’s a common practice for factories to use chemicals like dimethyl fumarate to prevent fungus and mold growth, and that can cause severe allergic reactions.

Dr. Belsito recommends that all new clothing should be washed at least once — and with a double rinse — before wearing, which is something he always does himself.

And while shopping you can protect yourself by wearing clothing underneath when trying new garments on.

“I’ve seen examples of some strange stuff,” Dr. Belsito said, “so I don’t take any chances.”

To Your Good Health,                                                                                                   Jenny Thompson

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By Harmon Taylor

money-burningCirculating at the moment is secession and “amendment convention,” –both political, and neither one is a solution to anything. Why not? The most obvious reasons are (1) there’s no functioning organic “constitution” to amend, and (2) there’s no Union of States from which to secede/depart/end-fellowship.

Even more to the heart of the reason as to why political response of this nature is a total and complete waste of time, ‘money,’ and energy, is that the problem we face isn’t political. It’s commercial. The problems we face are not created by, thus solved by, any group-think activity. The problems are commercial, thus individual. Thus, so are the solutions, namely both commercial and individual.

If we had the “choice of law” active that was the “choice of law” as of the founding of this country, which “choice of law” was the Common Law, the origin of which is Scripture, then we wouldn’t have the majority of matters that vex us these days. They wouldn’t exist, because the Common Law wouldn’t tolerate them. We have the majority of matters that vex us these days because we’re not under the Common Law. We’re under a man-made/-designed/-altered alternative, the basis of which is actually Maritime in nature.

How do we know which is which and when the shift happened? By looking at what we’re carrying around in our pocketbooks. The Common Law is the “choice of law” that comes with the use and general circulation of honest weights and measures, e.g., gold and silver coin. FDR was instrumental in sidelining the general use and circulation of gold circa 1933. LBJ was instrumental in sidelining the general use and circulation of silver circa 1965. JFK was assassinated because he stopped going along with the plan to change out the Money with “funny money.” With that change in what passes as the medium of exchange came a change that literally took us from America to (Nazi) Germany practically overnight. In other words, whatever may have motivated JFK to change his mind, he ended up on the side of not wanting to sell out America to the western European banking cartel. Because that shift away from God’s Laws to the banks’ preferred laws and goals had been underway since at least FDR’s time, and we can establish that such a plan began operating as this country was forming, and that the group of infiltrating banksters had no intention of letting one lone wolf president stand in their way, and, clearly, they didn’t.

Even then, we’ve always had a “choice” over our “choice of law.” While the banks very intentionally have made “funny money” very accessible and available, and while they sucked the last vestiges of honest weights and measures back out of general circulation, we’ve never, ever been compelled to use the banks’ “funny money.” We’ve always had a choice. What we didn’t realize (really, who knew at the time?) is that we were making a “Choose ye this day” decision, and in the wrong direction, by going along so easily with that change, from Money (and God’s Law, i.e., the Common Law) to “funny money” (and “man’s” law, is written and designed by the banks for the banks).

So, what are the various new “states” that were originally California going to use for currency? Unless they create and circulate their own, they’ll be using the banks’ “funny money,” thereby bringing upon themselves the very same problems they purport to want to leave CALIFORNIA in order to avoid.

And, what are the STATEs that secede going to use for currency? Unless they create and circulate their own, they’ll be using the banks’ “funny money,” thereby bringing upon themselves the very same problems they purport to want to leave the Union (which doesn’t exist anyway) in order to avoid.

And, what would the STATEs that get a convention going intending to use as currency after getting amended whatever they intend or want to amend? Unless they create and circulate their own, they’ll be using the banks’ “funny money,” thereby completely nullifying whatever they thought or intended to achieve by pretending that the organic “constitution” is the one in place today.

To solve a problem, it must first be identified correctly. The “problem” addressed by secession or amendment convention group think is a “problem” that’s still “out there,” somewhere. Since they perceive that the “problem” is “out there,” somewhere, i.e., being caused by someone else, their “solution” is to try to get loose from that external source of influence, i.e., to fix that someone else, one way or another. What they have yet to realize is that they “vote” for that external source of the appearance of influence (and power) with every transaction they engage that uses the banks’ “funny money.” In other words, they have yet to identify correctly the problem. For this reason, they have no solution.

The problem is simply not “out there,” anywhere. The problem is with each one of us, individually. The problem that’s “out there,” somewhere, is a problem over which we’ve got little to no control. However, the silver lining is that as we realize that the problem is individual in nature, so is the solution. In other words, to see this for what it is, we realize that we’ve got 100% control over the problem; hence 100% control over the solution. We simply have to recognize what the problem actually is. To see the problem is to see the solution.

The problems that the “convention-ists” and the “secession-ists” perceive, but have yet to identify correctly, are problems over which they have 100% control regarding which there’ll be zero change (for the better) until they stop using the banks’ “funny money.” The problems are not “out there,” somewhere. The problems are found with the person seen in the mirror. For this country to have a prayer, this nation (you and me) has to repent, and that’s simply not a national group-think activity. It’s an individual activity that just happens to take place in a lot of places throughout this country. God tells His People, i.e., those who think, talk, and act like He’s their Lord, Savior, High Priest, King, and God, to use honest weights and measures. Until we repent of having strayed from that path, none of what is made to appear to be political in nature, which is 100% commercial in nature, is ever going to stop. Where the “funny money” goes, so goes the commercial system that the bankers have designed from the outset to be something over which those who own the banks control to the hilt. That commercial system has, among other goals, a depopulation agenda, which agenda is at the heart of the destruction of the Messiah-centered family, the educational system, and the priority on Scripture-based morality, generally.

Bottom line, nothing that upsets conservative Christian America is going to change (for the better) until we satisfy ourselves that the “choice of law” that’s being used to destroy the America we’d just as soon have and maintain, is something we want to change badly enough to repent of using the banks’ “funny money.” Until the small businesses in America are actively engaging this issue of “national security” in their one-shops and offices, America is just stuck.

There’ll be nothing gained by any “amendment convention,” and there’ll be nothing gained by any secession –Because they don’t understand the problem. And for that reason, they won’t change their medium of exchange. For so long as we, as a nation, voluntarily defy and deny God by continuing to use the banks’ dishonest system of weights and measures, whether paper or plastic, we’re continuing to vote for the Bramble as our king. And, as we find ways to support those small businesses already allowing their clients, customers, patients, and patrons to pay with honest weights and measures, we’ll find that change back toward America is the result. It’s going to be a while in the making, but until we start, we’ve still got that entire journey to make.

As a final concept, one of these days it’ll be common knowledge that the sole reason for the “income tax” system is not as a source of “revenue,” but rather as a means of “funny money supply management.” Without getting into all the details, the essence of that particular matter is this: the sole reason that the “income tax” system exists, at all, is to allow the banksters a way to manage the “funny money supply.” In other words, there’d be no need for that system/mechanism if there were no “funny money” in general circulation. The “income tax” exists solely for banking purposes, in that banking systems use “funny money” (debt as “currency”). In a legit system, those serving the country in the role served by the Levites of Old, i.e., those serving in the role of bureaucrat, are compensated by the tithe. Given the nature of the Legal mechanism under-girding the “income tax” system, the tithe is literally going to the banksters. It’s just one more of these “Choose ye this day” issues.

Until we get back to God’s Law, i.e., the Common Law, by using honest weights and measures, silver in particular, nothing we’d like to experience about America is going to happen. There’s not one ounce of political activity that is going to change anything that matters. What is going to make the difference is our “boycotting” the use of “funny money,” in the way we boycotted Exxon. Until that happens, everything else is an act of distraction, during which time we’re simply digging our holes that much wider and that much deeper.

May The Lord God Almighty cure our blindness regarding this “choice of law” matter so that we can see this problem for what it is. To see the problem is to see the solution, and each is found in the mirror.


By Michael T. Winter

Part I – Cell phones

When it comes to cell phones dangerous side effects, the cat is out of the bag. PublicPicture 1 awareness has grown regarding their dangers. Nations worldwide have adopted legislation curtailing the use of cell phones by children. Stacks of scientific papers published by leading universities and research institutes all point to the same conclusion: cell phone use causes loss of bone density, cardiac arrhythmia and brain cancer, to name a few of the more serious effects, though there are many others. (1. 2. 3. 4)

A cell phone is only as good as its signal. No bars = no talking. All cell phones depend on being “in range” of a tower. If one is getting a signal, then that person’s body is receiving the cell tower’s electromagnetic radiation right along with the phone. The measurement of a cell phone’s power is defined by Hertz. A hertz is a unit defining the frequency of an electromagnetic wave.

A basic understanding of human physiology is required to comprehend the dangers we face. The human body is a self-contained electrical “machine”. We create this electricity through the action of eating food which our system converts into electrical power. When Morpheus held up a battery in front of Neo, he wasn’t kidding; we are batteries, if boiled down to a final analysis.

The human body functions best while operating at around 10 hertz. This is our safe, or natural zone. Within our bodies, hundreds of millions of cells each have their own electromagnetic field (EMF). Key to remaining healthy is maintaining the delicate balance of these EMFs. Cancer is caused by cellular mutation. A disturbance to the electromagnetic field (a deviation from our balance of 10 hertz) at a cellular level leads to a disruption in the normal operation of the cell, in turn leading to improper function, resulting in mutation, which can morph into cancer. Pretty basic stuff. Granted, this article is dealing in overviews, and of course there is an enormous amount of data not addressed here; but that does not change the general hypothesis.

Before Marconi and his radio; before there was any EMF not part of the natural cycle of the self-contained bubble of life that is earth, human beings were in harmony with the planetary EMF. With the introduction of the radio, our bodies became recipients of artificially introduced electromagnetic frequencies. Radio waves are not so damaging, as they operate fairly close to our natural, harmonious balance with nature. But, the key here is, the higher the frequency, the farther away from 10 hertz. The farther away, the more damage is wreaked on our cells.

To understand how damaging cell phone electromagnetic radiation is to us, recall that we operate at 10 hertz. 100 hertz equal 1 kilohertz. 100 kilohertz equal 1 megahertz. The average EMF emitted by cell phones is 1900 megahertz, with a market shift toward (currently in use) 2500 megahertz phones (5). Essentially, we are being saturated 24/7 with many, many thousands times stronger radiation fields than our body is equipped to deal with. Our failure to deal with this onslaught is manifesting in the form of stress and sleep disorders, birth defects, cancer and Alzheimer’s. We are being silently culled, and footing the bill to make it happen! By paying your cell bill, you simply ensure the continuity of a product that is killing, and will kill, millions and millions of people. There is a coming wave of brain tumors that will decimate a percentage of our population. Sixty years ago, autism was 1:50,000. Today it’s 1:50. Vaccines are the primary cause of autism, but cell towers and a constant bathing in radioactive electromagnetic frequencies are playing their part as well (Graph 6- 6).

Enough about cell phones. If you don’t know the dangers by now, you either don’t want to know, refusing to believe something so terrible is happening (Our old pal, cognitive dissonance), or you are choosing to roll the dice with cancer and an early death for the sake of (or fear of) being without the constant ability to reach and be reached. Either of these is a poor substitute for proactively addressing the reality of our EMF-drenched world.

Part II – Cell Towers

Cell towers operate in Watts. A watt is a standard definition of a unit of power. An example of how wattage affects the amount of electricity used can be found in light bulbs. While a normal, round incandescent light bulb uses 40 to 100 watts, fluorescent bulbs produce the same amount of light using only five to 30 watts (7). So, lower wattage equates to less electricity expended to produce a desired result.

It is here we delve into nefarious conspiracy facts. There is no “theory” involved in this conspiracy, as the facts presented can be easily validated through numerous credible sources. Seeking empirical truth? Visit your nearest cell tower and look for a squat metal box with thick cables coming out of it and snaking up to the tower array. You will be looking at an electrical power transformer – almost every cell tower is constructed with one at the base. A transformer is designed to increase the power output, or watts. They are attached to cell towers to boost the power of the EMF signal. The $10,000 question, therefore, becomes: Why do our cell towers requires so much juice? To put the amount of power they use in perspective, consider the following.

A WiFi signal from any standard router is 20 milliwatts. This low output signal can be picked up blocks away from the router, penetrating walls and distance. A standard cell phone transmits 300 milliwatts. Broadly defined, as cells operate at 30 watts, a perfectly capable cellular “node”, or tower, would be equipped with a 30 watt transmitter. Right here is where the shills and disinfo crew will vomit reams of science debunking this simple fact. The fact is: transformers pumping out hundreds of thousands of watts, if utilized to that purpose, would not only fry the phone, but quite likely (at the hazard proximity we share with them) cause a plethora of physical damages to our tender 10 hertz wiring. This being the case, we come full circle to the question of why so much power is needed when the reality is that an infinitesimal fraction will do the trick.

Consider also that a cheapy walkie-talkie, bought at Walmart or Radio Shack can connect with its mate up to two miles away, and do so at .0000001% of the power output of a cell phone. Consider also that radio station WLS in Chicago pumps out a formerly impressive 50,000 watts, and can be picked up over a 1000 miles away with a middling quality radio receiver. The average cell tower in the USA pumps out between 100,000 to 500,000 watts. As demonstrated in factual examples related in this paper, if 30 watts will do the job, then why have nodes pulsing at up to half a million watts?

Is that much power required? No, it is not. As recently as 2013, there were very few cell towers in Mexico, though cell reception was on par with the USA in clarity; not to be confused with “blanket coverage of all areas”. This coverage in Mexico was accomplished with small, 8”-10” low power cell antennas connected to buildings and rooftops. No towers. No transformers. A standard wall outlet provides ample power to maintain a signal with the same clarity as found in the USA. If a tiny antenna is fine for the task, then why do we have these all over the place?”

Is it because we have more cell phones than them, and so need bigger, stronger towers? No. Our percentage of cell phones to population is very similar. See full table for all countries here (8).

Can it be there is an ulterior motive, or motives, above and beyond a strong signal, in equipping these towers with up to half a million watts of transmitter power? Yes there is. Several in fact.

Recalling the beginning of this article, you will note that the human body is a self-contained electrical unit. The human brain is a biological computer and, like a computer, it has a clock frequency that all your existence is centered around. This is a little basic because your brain in reality has multiple simultaneous clock frequencies which interact with each other and serve different purposes for biological function, whereas a microprocessor, standard desktop computer, normally has only one central clock that everything in it synchronizes with. In contrast, your visual cortex may process at a different frequency than the section of your brain which regulates your heartbeat. Feelings and thoughts will run at another frequency. Because your brain is an ultra-parallel computer, it can accomplish a lot while using frequencies that are far lower than would be practical in a microprocessor, and these frequencies are in the ELF (extended low frequency) range. The fact that your brain operates on frequencies leaves it susceptible to manipulation via electronic means. Since different moods are reflected by different frequencies, it is possible to electronically force people to be relaxed when they should be angry, laugh when they should be appalled, and give loyalty when they should rebel (9).

The manipulation of our emotions in such a fashion can only be accomplished with an enormous amount of delicately tuned and precisely directed EMF emissions. Like the 1988 classic movie, They Live, the means are in place and are being used against us to “obey”, to have “no independent thought”.

An unpublicized function of cell towers is weather modification. To promulgate such a suggestion is to be ridiculed in extremis. You know you’ve hit the nail on the head when trolls come out from under their rocks to misdirect, vilify and ultimately debunk or negate the posit.

Just as we are electrical in nature, so too is the atmosphere itself. Lightning should serve as ample proof of this. The fact is that all things in our known existence operate on an electromagnetic frequency. Indeed, we human beings, unaided with scientific gadgets, experience a minuscule 4% of the total EMF range. That being so, with the proper influence, found in directed energy via “cell towers”, these frequencies can be tampered with, in the form of directed energy pulses; creating tornadoes, earthquakes, weather pattern manipulation and more. Our seemingly harmless “cell” towers act as relay stations to piggyback energy pulses to wherever directed.

Wondering how a cell phone tower can generate a strong enough EMF to influence weather patterns, cause earthquakes, stir up hurricanes? Consider this: there are an estimated 269,989 (15) cell towers in the USA (with more added daily). Let’s be generous and lop off 170,000 of them as being nothing more than what they are promoted to be – a benign cellular phone tower. This leaves 100,000 towers with a (very conservative) estimate of 150,000 watts of power each. 100,000 X 150,000 yields a mind-boggling 15 billion watts. When they are directed and synchronized to a specific purpose, it becomes quite evident that the juice is there to cook up just about any weather condition sought. For perspective on how much power that is, understand that the Haarp array in Alaska is a trifling 100 million watts output, and consider the weather modification damage caused at that relatively low power output. The USA Haarp facility is but one of 8-10 of these arrays situated throughout the globe. The war of pulse energy weapons isn’t found only on Star Trek reruns – it’s here, and it’s live!

How can we be completely sure that cell towers do not require 100,000 – 500,000 watts to provide a clear signal for these little cancer-causing pocket pals? For those doubting Mexico’s lack of towers yet enjoying great reception, we look to Australia’s 3G networks. Down Under, 3 watts, when put through highly directional antennas, is enough to reach 2 miles and justify having cell nodes (towers) spaced 4 miles apart. With 10 nodes per tower, that equals a total radiated power of 30 watts; which is more than enough to penetrate virtually anything and provide excellent coverage.

image 4In establishing that 30 watts, (Yes, just thirty) per tower, with towers spaced 4 miles apart, provides ample power to penetrate everything other than our “under renovation” sub-subterranean secure facility for COG, or Continuity of Government, in Cheyenne Mountain. Let’s just call it “the globalist bug-out hideaway”.

A logical question to pose is this: If a mere 30 watts is required to effectively transmit signal, and photovoltaic panels can generate and store sufficient solar power to meet the demands, why do we have these huge transformers? Some basic math will help us in understanding how inexpensive a genuine tower can be.

With solar power now costing approximately three dollars a watt, including inverters, panels, and backup batteries, you can equip a 10 node cell tower with a thousand watt solar setup for approximately $3,000 and never need to worry about installing a transformer at all. If you are transmitting 30 watts, you will draw at least 45 watts because of waste. The hardware is going to eat some juice, but that should not come out to over 100 watts more. So let’s just agree that one cell tower has a real power need of 150 watts. A 1000 watt solar setup will handle that without breaking a sweat. With low wattage running a high voltage feed to a cell tower so it can get its 300,000 Haarp watts and not fry out without a transformer only confirms ever more securely that a transformer is not required. Utilizing solar panels, if cell transmission were the only purpose, makes a great deal of economic sense (11). Something is rotten in our red, white and blue Denmark. A 150′ tower ranges in cost from $100,000 up to $300,000 per unit (12), with additional costs to lease ground for the tower itself. Leases run on a low end of $100 per year (for suckers willing to be irradiated 24/7 for $8.33 per month) up to $156,000 per year (13).

Power – Solar? 1000 watts, which exceeds nine times over the wattage requirements – $2,499.65 (14). Pole not included. But in truth (Ola’, Mexico?) an 8” antenna plugged into a wall socket will meet the needs. So why are they 150′-200′ tall?

Current USA set-up? Up to $300,000 just for the pole! Add in transformers costing thousands of dollars each, and the invisible cost of the power grid required to keep them online. Last I checked, corporations existed for profit, except when willing to take a hit to help realize an unpublished, secretive objective.

A common sense question is: If cell towers are so dangerous, then why would the 1% largely responsible for our current state subject themselves to the EMF fields? Answer? They don’t!

Picking a town of familiarity, as a Saint Louis, Missouri native, it is well known and proven that there is a concentrated “wealth band” running from the center of the city, starting around Clayton, all the way to west Saint Louis County. This “corridor” is where all the money lives (a generalization, but accurate).

From the words “St Louis” and projecting out toward Clayton, Creve Coeur and beyond reside the 1%. It is a fact – ask any native for validation.

Now let us look at another map, this one noting cell tower placement in St. Louis. You will note Creve Coeur, Chesterfield and Town & Country are mysteriously almost “tower-free”. Town and Country is ranked 80th in the nation for highest per capita income (16). Not even shown is uber-rich Ladue. Hmmm….coincidence? I think not.

If you think that big green area free of towers is a fluke, please perform the same search in most major metropolitan areas – it’s the same everywhere. This alone validates the dangers of cell towers. If the 1% want nothing to do with them, then rest assured neither do we.

Part III – Haarp

The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or Haarp, in Alaska is well known by now, at least to those even semi-awake. The acknowledgement of Haarp as a method of controlling the weather is not a secret; indeed, it is a stated function as published by the US Government.

This high-tech facility, operated by the US Navy, Air Force and several universities, is animage 7 extremely powerful transmitter that (very simplistically put) directs intense energy beams into the ionosphere with the goal of influencing: jet streams, creating rain or drought, tsunamis, hurricanes and other uses as well. This ultimately is equivalent to “cooking” our ionosphere. Haarp, however, is limited by the curvature of the earth; hence its range of manipulation is finite.

This is where cell towers come into play. Cell towers can be “harnessed” in their power, allowing for focused energy bursts within a tightly held geographical area. The signal can be bounced tower to tower until reaching its destination.

There is an enormous mountain of data supporting the following theories of Haarp and cell tower shenanigans in relation to the following recent events.

California, drought –

Between chemtrails and ionospheric manipulation, the government has artificially created the drought in California. Combine the lack of water from mountain snowfall, and the new saying gains weight. “Water is the new oil”. Sounds like the movie Omega Man is coming soon to a theater near us. While this huge drought affecting our entire nation is wreaking havoc on human lives, agriculture and the nation’s economy, the Bush family quietly buys land known to have water under it. The Nestle company does the same, then bottles it and charges exorbitant prices for an earth resource! When one party controls the supply, creates a demand, then provides the solution, the “have nots” are at the mercy of the ‘haves’. The depth of out-n-out evil exhibited by these soulless wealthy so-n-sos is almost beyond belief, but then, truth is stranger than fiction. Drinking kitchen tap water is not a life-embracing solution, unless one is comfortable drinking fluoride, a proven neurotoxin. They get us coming and going!

** Katrina – hurricane – The Haarp facility was highly active in the weeks prior, during, or shortly after Katrina became a hurricane out of Tropical Depression Twelve. The colored “slots”, resembling piano keys, are visual reflections of Haarp activity in the area Katrina was active. This is called a “waterfall chart”. The vertical axis is a frequency reading, measuring from 1 to 30 MHz (10).

The graphic above displays Haarp activity when Tropical Depression (DT) Twelve forms. Katrina grew out of TD12. Note the lack of “slots” found at the vertical 5 and the horizontal 2 axis point.

Compare to below, when Katrina hit New Orleans.

If Haarp were inactive during this time range, 08.22 to 08.30, then there would be nothing to discuss here. But wait! These graphics come from Haarp’s own website! These days, evil is “loud n’ proud”!

*** Tsunami – Japan – The tsunami that destroyed Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is worldwide news. One of the capabilities of Haarp is to direct energy to a specific spot. A highly credible theory is that, an energy beam was shot into the ocean along a known fault line. The result was a sub-surface earthquake which resulted in the tsunami.

There are a great many more examples, but one gets the idea. All information here was found online. None of it is secret. Disbelieve? Go do the research if still in doubt. Check Bosnia, North Korea, Haiti, Malaysia to get the gears in motion.

Why does the United States, ostensibly the most scientifically advanced country on earth (to hear our scientists), lag behind our supposedly less developed fellow nations when it comes to public awareness of the dangers of cellular phone usage? Why the silence?! Why do companies like Sprint and AT&T market cell phones to young children, knowing full well children’s skull and periosteum are not fully developed, thus amplifying the danger of radioactive frequency immersion? The answer, hard as it is to swallow, is that the combined effects of cell phones, towers and Haarp are designed to sow death. Slap a slick marketing campaign together, bash it into public consciousnesses, and we end up with fools waiting at dawn outside retailers for the “next generation” cell phone. It’s all quite Pavlovian…and sad.

A medical catastrophe is in the making…right now! It’s a metaphorical tsunami on the horizon; targeted at and composed of today’s children, which a now smaller percentage of will become tomorrow’s adults. A horrific percentage of our toddlers will, in their twenties or thirties, develop cranial tumors and lesions, bone marrow destruction, loss of intellect and many other vile maladies. A wave of death is approaching, and as much as I abhor it, I won’t shrink from trying to enlighten others to what is coming down the pike.

Who is to blame for this? Cell companies? Certainly.

Parents? Certainly. Squished between child peer pressure, convenience, cognitive dissonance, a media-induced apathy (from cell towers…oh, the irony!), and uber-slick marketing campaigns, the majority of parents and people continue to use them. In essence, we are like cows in a Far Side cartoon. Picture a line of cows leading into a building called “Slaughter House”. One cow comes up to another to hear the approached cow say, “Hey! No butting!”

Sheer madness it is to fund these companies that knowingly are giving us cancer and a host of other ailments. One can recall that the earth continued to turn and life continued to exist…all without a cell phone for, oh, roughly 6,000 years some will reckon. How did we evolve into pansies not daring to leave home without one? Anyone with a lick of common sense will cancel their service, throw out the phone and share this article. It really is a matter of life and death.

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8879336It is becoming clear that as States line up in a coordinated removal of vaccine exemption bills, the fix is in. Never before have people seen such a concerted push towards a common, unconstitutional goal. The attempts to conceal voting and coverage of vaccine exemption bills from the public continues to reveal the signature of Corporate influence directing political power. However the unfortunate and inconvenient truth of controlled senators and their lobbyist handlers is that much of their actions and authored bills are illegal on many levels. Speed and appeals to emotion are their only tools. Their window of opportunity is closing and simple force appears to be their last pillar of hope.

Looking at the removal of State medical vaccine exemptions reveals laws, international principles, codes, and rules all broken simultaneously. In committees that pride themselves on due process and fulfilling the will of the people, this time will go down in history as a warning to future generations of the damage caused by unchecked Corporate lobbying and unrestrained politicians. An endless future of class action lawsuits and countless other legal challenges waits eagerly in the wings for foolish politicians to enact into law their vaccine exemption bills.

State Constitution and Educational Laws: Ignored

Shortly before the California Judiciary Committee vote on Senate Bill 277 (SB-277), Mary Holland, Legal Research Scholar at New York University School of Law, stated in a press release “This bill (SB-277) appears to be unconstitutional under California law, and if passed in this form, will wreak havoc in California courts.“ In addition, federal law protects special education students, guaranteeing they receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). For many of these students, home schooling will not work.

Recently when Vermont Bill H98 was being hurried through the Health and Welfare Committee, Senator Ann Cummings inquired how the children who refused vaccination would be educated moving forward. Senator John Campbell stated “Only homeschool will be available to them.” Highlighting the clear legal issue, Senator Claire Ayer concluded the topic by saying on record “It will be decided in the court system.”

In a recent Los Angeles Times article, it was pointed out by Kevin G. Backer, legislative director of the ACLU of California’s Center for Advocacy and Policy, that “under the California Constitution, children have the right to a public education”.

Quoting directly from the State of California Department of Justice Office of the Attorney General, under chapter 6 “State Laws”:

The right to a public education in California is a fundamental right fully guaranteed and protected by the California Constitution. Recognizing the central role that education plays in our society, the California Legislature has enacted numerous laws designed to promote equality in educational opportunities and to safeguard students against discriminatory practices in public schools providing educational services.

The Bill of Rights: Ignored

The First Article in the Bill of Rights states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Vaccine exemptions declared by individuals for religious concerns, if removed, would appear to be in direct violation of the First Article.

Since the 1960’s the Supreme Court has established clear precedents under the ‘Fourteenth Article’ ‘due process clause’ requiring States to prove that their interference in medical autonomy is “necessary, and not merely rationally related to, the accomplishment of a permissible state policy. Griswold vs. Connecticut, 381 U.S 479, 497 (1965) (citing McLaughlin v. Florida, 379, U.S. 184 (1964)).

Medical Code of Ethics: Ignored

The “safe and effective” line was over before it began now showing to have been a baseless Corporate talking point created to sell legislation all along. Doctors and nurses who should know better instantly have lost credibility uttering this catch phrase to an awakened and educated public that thoroughly knows the research and medical literature.  Vaccine inserts clearly state that the product “has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic properties, or for impairment of fertility” and that “safety and effectiveness in pediatric patients have not been established” Next, with the vaccine inserts in mind, arguments around adjuvants lack proper credibility as many have been well known toxic substances to humans for over a century. In the light of the official announcement that the U.S. Inc. is lowering fluoride levels in drinking water, an observer could comment that the U.S. Inc. medical community only will act after 50 years of public poisoning. In the case of mercury, fluoride, aluminum and other long known toxic elements to the human body, it seems that regulatory agencies have schizophrenic tendencies when human health and life are on the line.

International Human Rights: Ignored

What still continues to be ignored by mainstream media and senators that wish to understand the gravity of the vaccine exemption bills they are voting and reporting on are the following potential international violations:

Nuremburg Principles:

Principle I states, “Any person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefore and liable to punishment.”
Principle III states, “The fact that a person who committed an act which constitutes a crime under international law acted as Head of State or responsible government official does not relieve him from responsibility under international law.”
Principle IV states: “The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him“.
Principle VII states, “Complicity in the commission of a crime against peace, a war crime, or a crime against humanity as set forth in Principle VI is a crime under international law.”

Nuremberg Code:

5.) “No experiment should be conducted where there is a prior reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.”
6.) “The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.”
7.) “Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death.”
10.) During the course of the experiment the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill and careful judgment required of him that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.

Declaration of Geneva:

The health of my patient will be my first consideration
I will practice my profession with conscience and dignity
I will not use my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat
I will maintain the utmost respect for human life
I will not permit considerations of age, disease or disability, creed, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation, social standing or any other factor to intervene between my duty and my patient

Declaration of Helsinki:-Operational Principles

Article 13: “…subject to independent ethical review and oversight by a properly convened committee”
Article 17: “Studies should be discontinued if the available information indicates that the original considerations are no longer satisfied”
Article 16: “Information regarding the study should be publicly available
Article 27: “Ethical publications extend to publication of the results and consideration of any potential conflict of interest
Article 30: “The interests of the subject after the study is completed should be part of the overall ethical assessment, including assuring their access to the best proven care International Treatise under the United Nations United Nations Universal Doctrine of Human Rights Convention on the Rights of the Child”
Article 19: “….of the Convention states that state parties must “take all appropriate legislative, administrative, social and educational measures to protect the child from all forms of physical or mental violence.”

Source: http://www.jeffereyjaxen.com/blog/-lost-politics-broken-laws-one-nation-under-vaccine-manufacturers


By Claire Bernish

An unprecedented settlement stemming from an incident of mass arrest in 2002 means protesters will no longer be subject to “kettling” in Washington DC, and potentially nationwide. The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund represents the plaintiffs in the class-action suit and calls the settlement “a major victory for First Amendment rights” as police must now implement strict guidelines for managing protests.

In a statement, PCJF Executive Director Mara Verheyden-Hilliard said,

     Although many media pundits and politicians have suggested that the social justice movement and the free speech and assembly rights of protesters have to be constricted for the sake of security and order, this settlement disproves that myth.

If you have ever attended a demonstration where police encircled the crowd, preventing movement into or out of the area for any reason — sometimes for hours at a time — often in order to perform massive and indiscriminate arrests, then you have been “kettled”.

On September 27, 2002, demonstrators gathered in Pershing Park in Washington DC during meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. US Park Police coordinated with DC Metropolitan Police to cordon off the park, refused access in or out, then arrested everyone who happened to be trapped inside, including 649 protesters, bystanders, journalists, legal observers, and even tourists — 400 of whom were represented in the class action suit. According to the PCJF statement, “Many were held bound wrist to ankle in stress-and-duress positions on a police gym floor for upwards of 24 hours.”

Though not a monetarily significant settlement, just $2.2 million, the resulting reforms to procedural policy regarding protest are vital considering the ever-widening activist and awareness movement. Police are no longer allowed to generally cordon off a demonstration, must give fair notice to disperse through a minimum of three clearly audible warnings at least two minutes apart, must indicate avenues of exit for complying with that dispersal order, and may not affect sweeping arrests. Instead, cops must provide detailed probable cause before any legal arrest can be made — and all of these policies must include inter-jurisdictional cooperation. In other words, this is huge.

The US Attorney’s Office signed a memorandum with PCJF calling the new procedural policies, “a model of ‘best practices’ for law enforcement” which will “serve future generations”, and could easily be transferred for use around the country. Carl Messineo, PCJF Legal Director, explained the significance in a statement:

     All the recent protest movements — the anti-globalization, anti-war, Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter movements — have faced unconstitutional mass arrests. The reforms in this settlement take aim at the recurrent problem of police, without proper warning and notice, suddenly rounding up, trapping and arresting demonstration groups. If these reforms can be enacted here in the Nation’s Capital, they can and should be implemented in cities across the nation.

Previous litigation declared all arrests null and void with orders for the FBI to fully expunge arrestees’ records from all criminal databases and awarded $8.25 million in compensation.

A side note on this case offers striking insight: This egregious violation of constitutional rights and mass illegal arrests was orchestrated by DC MPD Chief Charles H Ramsey who had the command at the scene — and who now works on President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.


Jonah Bey

Who owns YOU?

The Birth Certificate is the primary document used to enslave us all. Not only does it grant the State the right to take our children whenever they want, it is registered as a security at the DTC (Depository Trust Company) and used by the government as surety for public debt. In other words, they can tax the person named on that document into oblivion to pay back federal debt. Under the democracy, as long as we keep registering our children with the State, they have an endless supply of slaves to tax for fiscal sins. The details of this process are too involved to place here but the point is that a major step to regain your freedom is to regain Birth Title as opposed to Birth Certificate of Title.

What follows is a painless, jail-free, non-confrontational, LAWFUL, process to reclaim the status of holder-in-due-course of the Title to YOU.

Laying the Foundation:

The key to this process is Minnesota Court Rule 220. In all other States I have examined, including Oklahoma, the laws and nature relating to the Birth registration process are hidden. For the most part all you can find is a blurb on some Department of Vital Statistics webpage to the effect that Birth Registration began in 1917. If we find the roadmap in one State it should – and does – apply to all.

Minnesota Rule 220. Birth Certificates

The Registrar of Titles is authorized to receive for registration of memorials upon any outstanding certificate of title an official birth certificate pertaining to a registered owner named in said certificate of title showing the date of birth of said registered owner, providing there is attached to said birth certificate an affidavit of an affiant who states that he/she is familiar with the facts recited, stating that the party named in said birth certificate is the same party as one of the owners named in said certificate of title; and that thereafter the Registrar of Titles shall treat said registered owner as having attained the age of the majority at a date 18 years after the date of birth shown by said certificate.

So what is this saying? Your Birth Certificate is a Certificate of Title, just like your car! You have the right to use that name but the State has legal title and controlling interest in the property – YOU! We learn to associate this name with our physical self from kindergarten on, never realizing we are just using a name that the State owns. Just like your car, you get to use it as long as you follow all the regulations and of course pay tribute to its registered owner. Also Rule 220 implies the State can treat you as a child, no matter how old you are, until you have gone to the registrar and TOLD THEM via affidavit that you are over 18!

The State holds the Title by mere presumption and the fact that you have never claimed it. Your momma gave it to them and you haven’t gotten it back. So how can you get your Title back without a big confrontation at Vital Statistics?

Looking at UCC 9-311a (UCC 9 deals with securities) we see that maybe there is a statute that could get us access to the original Title without a confrontation.


(a) [Security interest subject to other law.]

Except as otherwise provided in subsection (d), the filing of a financing statement (a lien) is not necessary or effective to perfect a security interest in property subject to:

(1) a statute, regulation, or treaty of the United States whose requirements for a security interest’s obtaining priority over the rights of a lien creditor with respect to the property preempt Section 9-310(a);

(2) [list any statute covering automobiles, trailers, mobile homes, boats, farm tractors, or the like, which provides for a security interest to be indicated on a certificate of title as a condition or result of perfection, and any non-Uniform Commercial Code central filing statute]; or

(3) a statute of another jurisdiction which provides for a security interest to be indicated on a certificate of title as a condition or result of the security interest’s obtaining priority over the rights of a lien creditor with respect to the property.

Now look at 28 USC 1733.

28 U.S. Code § 1733 – Government records and papers; copies

(b) Properly authenticated copies or transcripts of any books, records, papers or documents of any department or agency of the United States shall be admitted in evidence equally with the originals thereof.

Wow! If we get our Certificate of Title properly authenticated, is it possible that it would be treated as equal to the original? Lets find out!

First a word on Authentications and Certifications. Authentication is used to verify the authenticity of the notaries signature (and thereby the authenticity of the document) for all states that have NOT signed onto the Hague convention treaty. Certifications and Apostilles do the same thing for countries that ARE signatories to the Hague treaty. Court clerks may try to get you to settle for a certification instead of authentication, but remember we need “Properly authenticated copies!”

There is no list of what states are not Hague signatories but you can go to http://www.hcch.net/index_en.php to see the Hague website. Click on Non-Member Contracting States on the left side Menu. Click on the tiny map at the top of the page and download the map. The grey countries are the ones you are looking for. Find one that you like and verify it is NOT on either list of countries in both the Non-member Contracting States and the HCCH Member States lists. For example Jamaica and Taiwan are not on either list. Pick one you like for use on a federal DS-4194 form and to give to clerks who want to know the destination.

The Process:

Get a certified copy of your Certificate of Live Birth authenticated at each level of government – County (if applicable), State and Federal.

Step 1: Get a certified copy of your Certificate of Live Birth.

Sometimes called the long form, this is NOT the same as an uncertified regular Birth Certificate. Some states have them at the county where you were born, other states like Oklahoma keep them at the State Vital Statistics office. You may go there in person or order them online from a company like http://www.vitalchek.com.

Step 2: Next get the Certified Certificate of Live Birth authenticated at each level of Government. If you get it from your county then you want to get it Authenticated by the county superior court clerk or whatever option they have at the county level.

Next, the Secretary of State handles authentications for the State. In Oklahoma their office is on the first floor of the capital. Have them authenticate the Certified Certificate of Live Birth. They will attach a fancy page on the front with a brass rivet.

Step 3: Next go to Department of State Office of Authentications and download form DS-4194 on the right hand side and fill it out with the NON-Hague country of your choice. There may be cheaper ways, but I chose to prepay postage for a self addressed return document mailer and enclosed it, a money order, completed form DS-4194 and Authenticated Certified Certificate of Live Birth in the next size up document mailer and send that off to the address on their website.

You will get back a properly authenticated Certificate of Live Birth like this!

United States of America

                                                      Department of State                                                                                      To all whom these presents shall come, Greetings:                                         I Certify That the document hereunto annexed is under Seal of the State(s) of Oklahoma and that such Seal(s) is/are entitled to full faith and credit.*

*for the contents of the annexed document, the Department assumes no responsibility.

This certificate is not valid if it is removed or altered in any way whatsoever.

In testimony whereof, I, John F. Kerry, Secretary of State, have hereunto caused the seal of the Department of State to be affixed and my name subscribed by the Assistant Authentication Officer, of the said Department, at the City of Washington, in the District of Columbia, this fourth day of …

Issued pursuant to CHXIV, State of__________                                                                 John F Kerry_______________

Sept. 15, 1789, 1Stat. 68-69; 22                                                                             Secretary of State

USC 2657; 22 USC 2651a; 5 USC                                                                                       By:                                                                           _____________________________________

301; 28 USC 1733 et seq.; 8 USC                                                                             Assistant Authentication Officer,

1433(f); Rule 44 Federal Rules of                                                                             Department of State

Civil Procedure

Notice the block of laws in the lower left corner of the document they send back includes 28 USC 1733. They are declaring this copy is equal to the original! You should look up the other laws referenced as well.

Now you can go to a Registrar and attach an affidavit, something like this to the duly authenticated Certificate of Live Birth.


State of _____________         }

}     SS

County of ____________       }

RE: Birth Certificate

I, the undersigned, of lawful age and being first duly sworn on oath, depose and state that I am familiar with the facts recited, and the party named in said birth certificate is the same party as one of the owners named in said certificate of title.



Signed and sworn to before me this ________ day of _____________________, 20_____.

________________________________       ________________________________

Notary Public                                                                                                                     My Commission Expires

The combination of a duly authenticated Certificate of Title and an attached claim is what is known as a counter deed. From the perspective of trust law you now hold in your hand a deed to YOU. From the perspective of commercial law you hold a first-in-time first-in-line document to YOU, in other words you are now the real party in interest and holder-in-due-course to the Title to YOU!

So what good is it? – Correcting your Status

For starters its a very cool looking document and it gets your feet wet navigating through various levels of Government. Far more importantly, in every court case the issues of standing, status, case and controversy must be satisfied to move forward. Part of why we have a ‘Nanny-State’ is that under the Legal system they have set up, we are all seen as wards of the State. Our status as Citizen-Principal is not respected even if our house is ‘paid off,’ we have a ‘good job’ and ‘money’ in the bank. This process is a major stepping stone in correcting the record of your status to Citizen-Principal like before the 14th Amendment, as opposed to the citizen subject status of almost everyone walking around today. Since all crimes have been converted from common law crimes to commercial so-called crimes (27 CFR 72.11), this document makes you the first-in time first-in-line lien holder of your name. As you learn more of who you are in the Legal and lawful sense, you will find this is a powerful and useful document.

Go through these Legal definitions from Blacks Law 1st Edition as some preparation for reclaiming your Title. As you read through them you may begin to see the enormity of the crime perpetrated on the American people.

BIRTH – The act of being born or wholly brought into separate existence.


In conveyancing; The final and absolute transfer of a deed, properly executed, to the grantee, or to some person for his use, in such manner that it cannot be recalled by the grantor. In the law of sales; The tradition or transfer of the possession of personal property from one person to another. In medical jurisprudence; The act of a woman giving birth to her offspring.


  1. In English law. Delivery of possession of their lands to the King’s tenants in capite or tenants by knight’s service.
  1. A writ which may be sued out by a ward in chivalry, on reaching his majority, to obtain delivery of the possession of his lands out of the hands of the guardian.

DEED.                                                                                                                                 A sealed instrument, containing a contract or covenant, delivered by the party to be bound thereby, and accepted by the party to whom the contract or covenant runs… In a more restricted sense, a written agreement, signed, sealed, and delivered, by which one person conveys land, tenements, or hereditaments to another. This is its ordinary modern meaning.

COUNTER-DEED. A secret writing, either before a notary or under a private seal, which destroys, invalidates, or alters a public one.

TITLE… The word “title” certainly does not merely signify the right which a person has to the possession of property; because there are many instances in which a person may have the right to the possession of property, and at the same time have no title to the same. In its ordinary Legal acceptation, however, it generally seems to imply a right of possession also. It therefore appears, on the whole, to signify the outward evidence of the right, rather than the mere right itself. Thus, when it is said that the “most imperfect degree of title consists in the mere naked possession or actual occupation of an estate,” it means that the mere circumstance of occupying the estate is the weakest species of evidence of the occupier’s right to such possession… (There is much more about title in the Blacks Law dictionary).

AUTHENTICATION. In the law of evidence; The act or mode of giving authority or Legal authenticity to a statute, record, or other written instrument, or a certified copy thereof, so as to render it Legally admissible in evidence.

An attestation made by a proper officer by which he certifies that a record is in due form of law, and that the person who certifies it is the officer appointed so to do.

Marc Fishman                                                                                                               mfishman at osrservice.com

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By -Paul Craig Roberts

Memorial Day commemorates soldiers killed in war. We are told that the war dead died for us and our freedom. US Marine General Smedley Butler challenged this view. He said that our soldiers died for the profits of the bankers, Wall Street, Standard Oil, and the United Fruit Company. Here is an excerpt from a speech that he gave in 1933:

War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses.

I believe in adequate defense at the coastline and nothing else. If a nation comes over here to fight, then we’ll fight. The trouble with America is that when the dollar only earns 6 percent over here, then it gets restless and goes overseas to get 100 percent. Then the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag.

I wouldn’t go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment of the bankers. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket.

There isn’t a trick in the racketeering bag that the military gang is blind to. It has its “finger men” to point out enemies, its “muscle men” to destroy enemies, its “brain men” to plan war preparations, and a “Big Boss” Super-Nationalistic-Capitalism.

It may seem odd for me, a military man to adopt such a comparison. Truthfulness compels me to. I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country’s most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle-man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.

I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.

I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912 (where have I heard that name before?). I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.

During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.

Most American soldiers died fighting foes who posed no threat to America. Our soldiers died for secret agendas of which they knew nothing. Capitalists hid their self-interests behind the flag, and our boys died for the One Percent’s bottom line.

Jade Helm, an exercise that pits the US military against the American public, is scheduled to run July 15 through September 15. What is the secret agenda behind Jade Helm?

The Soviet Union was a partial check on capitalist looting in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. However with the Soviet collapse, capitalist looting intensified during the Clinton, Bush, and Obama regimes.

Neo-liberal Globalization is now looting its own constituent parts and the planet itself. Americans, Greeks, Irish, British, Italians, Ukrainians, Iraqis, Libyans, Argentinians, the Spanish and Portuguese are being looted of their savings, pensions, social services, and job opportunities, and the planet is being turned into a wasteland by capitalists sucking the last penny out of the environment. As Claudia von Werlhof writes, predatory capitalism is consuming the globe.


We need a memorial day to commemorate the victims of neo-liberal globalization. All of us are its victims, and in the end the capitalists also.


Subject: Leaked – landmark Supreme Court brief destroys federal court jurisdiction.

“Petition for Ceritorari” (“brief” for short) filed with the United States Supreme Court. This brief is dated April 29, 2015 and was filed within the last month. So this is brand new, and never been done before.

What this brief does is demonstrate conclusively that the “United States District Courts” that operate in every state and hear both civil and criminal cases –most notoriously IRS “failure to file” cases – do not have lawful jurisdiction to do so. As such, this brief could put the illegitimate federal courts into a tailspin.

This brief is being leaked by its author. He wants it to “go viral.” So you are invited not only to read the brief, but to send it to everyone on your email list and to post it to your website if you have one.

Thank you!

All liberties reserved, without the U.S. Federal corporation.

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“For those who grew up tall and proud, in the shadow of the mushroom cloud. Convinced our voices can’t be heard. We just wanna shout it louder and louder and louder!”  Queen

From: WalterBurien@CAFR1.com                                                                               Subject: When there is a will there is a way [ our legacy ]

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The CAFR1 – CAFR Download listing page has been substantially updated. It now has about 3300 CAFR reports available to be viewed or downloaded. All are 2013’s reports. Http://CAFR1.com/listings/Listings.HTML

As you scroll down the page you will be amazed. Share with others and bookmark for your use.

Please realize the listing is an EXAMPLE listing and the 3300 CAFR reports shown are but a small fraction, a few of the total that are prepared each year.

The “Scope” and “Size” of it all needs to sink into the public consciousness.

When the scope and size does sink in, the effect it will have, in analogy, to the individual taxpayer who was intentionally kept in a vacuum-and-void by Government administrators and every syndicated media talking-head over the last 75-years, per the intentional selective presentation of “Budget Reports,” with never-a-mention of the CAFR “local Government’s Statement of Net Worth” over that same 75-years, would be like someone who was a devout Christian all of their life, and the Catholic Church never mentioned or discussed the Bible with them. Their first reaction when learning about the Bible would be: “What does this have to do with my religion?” “Who are these people mentioned, Peter, Paul, Simon, Jesus, who are they, why should I care about them and what do they have to do with my religion?” Bottom line: Everything!

You see, the population being kept in a void-and-maintained vacuum, has its effect if it be the CAFR or if the Bible was never mentioned from the sources you go to, or are presented with for information.

Now the Catholic Church has never had a reason to hold back the Bible, in fact they have promoted it for centuries. In doing so it increases membership and through membership substantial wealth. Yes, the Vatican prepares a CAFR also. In 1980 it listed assets of about four-trillion dollars in value held globally.

On the other hand, the CAFR (Local Government’s Bible of accounting), here the “massive wealth” aspect comes from never a mention to the population over the last 75-years. The “never a mention” aspect to be effective requires/required the full cooperation of Government administrators, the syndicated media, organized education, and the primary political parties. It should be obvious to all that the before-mentioned great effort was exerted on them to get them to cooperate fully with maintaining that vacuum-and-void with never a mention due to the massive collective wealth ever-growing and involved. The effort exerted by and money available to the controllers, created eager participants in the same, or in the alternative, out of dire concern of retaliation from the controlling players -never a mention was made. Those old expressions came into play here: “Never bite the hand that feeds you!” “Never pull the tail of a Lion!” and last but not least “Silence is Golden.”

Fiduciary trust funds can be set-up on every level of local Government to meet their “budgetary” needs without taxation. This is not a maybe. It is a definite. You see Government has done it 100,000 times over already, except they did it for themselves, not the people. An example is the collective multi-trillion dollar Government Pension Systems (GPS). A GPS is a fiduciary fund established to generate revenue to meet a specific purpose. In a GPS, the purpose is generating billions and collectively trillions to meet paying Government employee’s substantial retirement benefits. What I call a Tax Retirement Fund (TRF).

We must all sincerely thank our Government administrators in their own zeal for providing all of the confirmation required within their own CAFR accounting to establish; prove; and show this can be done for We the People. The one thing missing from the equation is based on that old saying: “When there is a will there is a way!”

The will is there from the people, but is a tad lacking from the Government Administrators. So, it appears We the People need to motivate the local Government officials in a few creative ways to generate; maintain; and prod local Government officials into triggering that will within themselves to make this happen. About time I say to all of you Jedi Knights; sharp business folk; and over-burdened taxpayers out there.

Please share this communication with many. Post and publish if you wish. The legacy we leave to our children and the children of the world may just depend on creating the overpowering and assertive will to make this happen.

A challenge was put out last month for one and all to get their syndicated media talking heads to make simple mention of local Government CAFRs (City, County, State, -Pension) for their listeners/viewers to download, and take a look and get back to them with comment. Well, was anyone successful in getting them to do so? Would love to know if anyone was successful in breaching the “Silence is Golden” rule. Who will be the 1st to report back with a “Yes?” *** from the syndicated media station of *** did on *** date! Independents will and have, syndicated regional or national network News anchors (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) are the targets of this challenge. Please share this communication with all of your contacts.

Sent FYI from,

Walter Burien – CAFR1.com                                                                                             P. O. Box 2112                                                                                                                   Saint Johns, AZ 85936

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~I gotta add that Walter has higher hopes on this than queen does.

A Public Servant will not be corrected by words, for though he understands, he will not answer. Proverbs 29:19

CalPers – Why do you think the City of Eureka can’t seem to close last year’s books –nearly a year later? Queen has them by the short curlys from that despicable Eureka v the People, April 8, 2013 kangaroo court show. Signed, sealed, served, witnessed, and return signatures of all involved. We the People have leverage.

Measure Z and Richardson Grove -Supes., Carolyn Crnich, Commissioners et al, also signed, sealed, served, witnessed, and return signatures. In common law truth is sovereign. Truth is expressed in the form of an Affidavit/Declaration. An unrebutted Affidavit stands as fact in law. Pro solido.

Leverage, baby.

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