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All these life negating politics and think tanks are just tools of ancient secret societies behind Jesuits and Zionists, same with famous foundations given orders and taken over by occultists with seeming Alien Agenda as long term application will cause extinction to higher life forms and likely past point of no return a few decades now so w/o E.T.s or Divine rescue just playing musical chairs on Titanic deck being thankful we got to live in the best of times before the end times. When this sinks in to public masses things will go down a lot faster. Technocracy is the real agenda of the NWO.

That is the message of Patrick Wood, and I believe he has a point.

Patrick Wood has made appearances on various internet talk shows and has a book.

The book; Technocracy Rising:

Recent appearances:

Red Ice Radio; one hour, recorded on April 22 – MP3 audio file:

Patrick Wood met and collaborated with Antony Sutton in his writing and goes on to predict that the new currency will be based on units of energy – perhaps carbon credits.

Here is the blurb beneath the Red Ice video:                       

Published on May 5, 2015                                                                                           Patrick Wood is an author and lecturer who has studied elite globalization policies since the late 1970’s, when he partnered with the late Antony C. Sutton to coauthor Trilaterals Over Washington. Patrick is with us to introduce his latest book, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation. This follow-up to his works on the Trilateral Commission details how the organization quietly adopted a modified version of historic technocracy to craft a movement it called a “New International Economic Order.” Patrick outlines where the technocracy movement took root, and how this ideology ended up producing programs such as Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, Green Economy and Smart Growth. He defines the technocratic economic system that was born during the 1930’s Great Depression, designed to replace capitalism’s price based system with an energy based system and currency. We discuss the philosophy at the heart of technocracy, envisaging how this “rule by experts” becomes problematic when a few select people take over a movement and manipulate it for their best interests. We compare technocracy to transhumanism and scientism, with common threads ultimately leading to a scientific dictatorship masked as a utopian dream. In the members’ hour, Patrick emphasizes the core of transhuman values, which are based in completely transcending the human condition. Then, he explains the five requirements of technocracy and how mass surveillance and data fusion programs already in place are the first steps to implementing a worldwide digitized control system. We discuss the banking industry’s role in the transformation of the current economic system and the shady opportunities that could arise with the destruction of the free market. Further, we look at the scam of environmentalism and the 1992 Earth Summit conference that produced the Agenda 21 document. We also connect the dots to the war on self-determination that is being waged through educational programs like Common Core. We wrap up with an analysis of the overextended state of our financial world, with the ever-present members of the technocratic elite pushing capitalism to its limits.

May 15 audio:          (one hour on the Joyce Riley Power Hour show) (the first 12 minutes closes off the second hour interview – Then Patrick Wood is introduced at about 13 minutes)

This Canadian Free Press article diverges somewhat from Woods perspective while giving a good overview of the history and political viewpoint of technocracy:

Technocracy is not so different than the socialist model – both are models that emanate from control freaks. Protagonists of both socialism and technocracy could well benefit from reading Mises and Hayek on the calculation problem of socialism. And perhaps realize that human society normally functions well in the midst of some measure of chaos where no central control exists and individuals make decisions.


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