Subject: Leaked – landmark Supreme Court brief destroys federal court jurisdiction.

“Petition for Ceritorari” (“brief” for short) filed with the United States Supreme Court. This brief is dated April 29, 2015 and was filed within the last month. So this is brand new, and never been done before.

What this brief does is demonstrate conclusively that the “United States District Courts” that operate in every state and hear both civil and criminal cases –most notoriously IRS “failure to file” cases – do not have lawful jurisdiction to do so. As such, this brief could put the illegitimate federal courts into a tailspin.

This brief is being leaked by its author. He wants it to “go viral.” So you are invited not only to read the brief, but to send it to everyone on your email list and to post it to your website if you have one.

Thank you!

All liberties reserved, without the U.S. Federal corporation.

DISCLAIMER: Lawful Information is NOT the same as Legal advice. Educational/Entertainment information is provided to help users safely cope with their own lawful needs. The application of law varies with an individual’s specific circumstances. The laws of every state are in constant change, and although one goes to great lengths to make sure the information is accurate and useful, one recommends you do your own research, studying, and due diligence.

All information given is for informational purposes only. User assumes all risk at all times, places and circumstances. Reliance on any of it by anyone without doing further research, proving, having proof, or verifying is prohibited.

Attached – Brief 101 pages. Writ 1 page.                                                                         Brief                             Writ defined


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