By Harmon Taylor

money-burningCirculating at the moment is secession and “amendment convention,” –both political, and neither one is a solution to anything. Why not? The most obvious reasons are (1) there’s no functioning organic “constitution” to amend, and (2) there’s no Union of States from which to secede/depart/end-fellowship.

Even more to the heart of the reason as to why political response of this nature is a total and complete waste of time, ‘money,’ and energy, is that the problem we face isn’t political. It’s commercial. The problems we face are not created by, thus solved by, any group-think activity. The problems are commercial, thus individual. Thus, so are the solutions, namely both commercial and individual.

If we had the “choice of law” active that was the “choice of law” as of the founding of this country, which “choice of law” was the Common Law, the origin of which is Scripture, then we wouldn’t have the majority of matters that vex us these days. They wouldn’t exist, because the Common Law wouldn’t tolerate them. We have the majority of matters that vex us these days because we’re not under the Common Law. We’re under a man-made/-designed/-altered alternative, the basis of which is actually Maritime in nature.

How do we know which is which and when the shift happened? By looking at what we’re carrying around in our pocketbooks. The Common Law is the “choice of law” that comes with the use and general circulation of honest weights and measures, e.g., gold and silver coin. FDR was instrumental in sidelining the general use and circulation of gold circa 1933. LBJ was instrumental in sidelining the general use and circulation of silver circa 1965. JFK was assassinated because he stopped going along with the plan to change out the Money with “funny money.” With that change in what passes as the medium of exchange came a change that literally took us from America to (Nazi) Germany practically overnight. In other words, whatever may have motivated JFK to change his mind, he ended up on the side of not wanting to sell out America to the western European banking cartel. Because that shift away from God’s Laws to the banks’ preferred laws and goals had been underway since at least FDR’s time, and we can establish that such a plan began operating as this country was forming, and that the group of infiltrating banksters had no intention of letting one lone wolf president stand in their way, and, clearly, they didn’t.

Even then, we’ve always had a “choice” over our “choice of law.” While the banks very intentionally have made “funny money” very accessible and available, and while they sucked the last vestiges of honest weights and measures back out of general circulation, we’ve never, ever been compelled to use the banks’ “funny money.” We’ve always had a choice. What we didn’t realize (really, who knew at the time?) is that we were making a “Choose ye this day” decision, and in the wrong direction, by going along so easily with that change, from Money (and God’s Law, i.e., the Common Law) to “funny money” (and “man’s” law, is written and designed by the banks for the banks).

So, what are the various new “states” that were originally California going to use for currency? Unless they create and circulate their own, they’ll be using the banks’ “funny money,” thereby bringing upon themselves the very same problems they purport to want to leave CALIFORNIA in order to avoid.

And, what are the STATEs that secede going to use for currency? Unless they create and circulate their own, they’ll be using the banks’ “funny money,” thereby bringing upon themselves the very same problems they purport to want to leave the Union (which doesn’t exist anyway) in order to avoid.

And, what would the STATEs that get a convention going intending to use as currency after getting amended whatever they intend or want to amend? Unless they create and circulate their own, they’ll be using the banks’ “funny money,” thereby completely nullifying whatever they thought or intended to achieve by pretending that the organic “constitution” is the one in place today.

To solve a problem, it must first be identified correctly. The “problem” addressed by secession or amendment convention group think is a “problem” that’s still “out there,” somewhere. Since they perceive that the “problem” is “out there,” somewhere, i.e., being caused by someone else, their “solution” is to try to get loose from that external source of influence, i.e., to fix that someone else, one way or another. What they have yet to realize is that they “vote” for that external source of the appearance of influence (and power) with every transaction they engage that uses the banks’ “funny money.” In other words, they have yet to identify correctly the problem. For this reason, they have no solution.

The problem is simply not “out there,” anywhere. The problem is with each one of us, individually. The problem that’s “out there,” somewhere, is a problem over which we’ve got little to no control. However, the silver lining is that as we realize that the problem is individual in nature, so is the solution. In other words, to see this for what it is, we realize that we’ve got 100% control over the problem; hence 100% control over the solution. We simply have to recognize what the problem actually is. To see the problem is to see the solution.

The problems that the “convention-ists” and the “secession-ists” perceive, but have yet to identify correctly, are problems over which they have 100% control regarding which there’ll be zero change (for the better) until they stop using the banks’ “funny money.” The problems are not “out there,” somewhere. The problems are found with the person seen in the mirror. For this country to have a prayer, this nation (you and me) has to repent, and that’s simply not a national group-think activity. It’s an individual activity that just happens to take place in a lot of places throughout this country. God tells His People, i.e., those who think, talk, and act like He’s their Lord, Savior, High Priest, King, and God, to use honest weights and measures. Until we repent of having strayed from that path, none of what is made to appear to be political in nature, which is 100% commercial in nature, is ever going to stop. Where the “funny money” goes, so goes the commercial system that the bankers have designed from the outset to be something over which those who own the banks control to the hilt. That commercial system has, among other goals, a depopulation agenda, which agenda is at the heart of the destruction of the Messiah-centered family, the educational system, and the priority on Scripture-based morality, generally.

Bottom line, nothing that upsets conservative Christian America is going to change (for the better) until we satisfy ourselves that the “choice of law” that’s being used to destroy the America we’d just as soon have and maintain, is something we want to change badly enough to repent of using the banks’ “funny money.” Until the small businesses in America are actively engaging this issue of “national security” in their one-shops and offices, America is just stuck.

There’ll be nothing gained by any “amendment convention,” and there’ll be nothing gained by any secession –Because they don’t understand the problem. And for that reason, they won’t change their medium of exchange. For so long as we, as a nation, voluntarily defy and deny God by continuing to use the banks’ dishonest system of weights and measures, whether paper or plastic, we’re continuing to vote for the Bramble as our king. And, as we find ways to support those small businesses already allowing their clients, customers, patients, and patrons to pay with honest weights and measures, we’ll find that change back toward America is the result. It’s going to be a while in the making, but until we start, we’ve still got that entire journey to make.

As a final concept, one of these days it’ll be common knowledge that the sole reason for the “income tax” system is not as a source of “revenue,” but rather as a means of “funny money supply management.” Without getting into all the details, the essence of that particular matter is this: the sole reason that the “income tax” system exists, at all, is to allow the banksters a way to manage the “funny money supply.” In other words, there’d be no need for that system/mechanism if there were no “funny money” in general circulation. The “income tax” exists solely for banking purposes, in that banking systems use “funny money” (debt as “currency”). In a legit system, those serving the country in the role served by the Levites of Old, i.e., those serving in the role of bureaucrat, are compensated by the tithe. Given the nature of the Legal mechanism under-girding the “income tax” system, the tithe is literally going to the banksters. It’s just one more of these “Choose ye this day” issues.

Until we get back to God’s Law, i.e., the Common Law, by using honest weights and measures, silver in particular, nothing we’d like to experience about America is going to happen. There’s not one ounce of political activity that is going to change anything that matters. What is going to make the difference is our “boycotting” the use of “funny money,” in the way we boycotted Exxon. Until that happens, everything else is an act of distraction, during which time we’re simply digging our holes that much wider and that much deeper.

May The Lord God Almighty cure our blindness regarding this “choice of law” matter so that we can see this problem for what it is. To see the problem is to see the solution, and each is found in the mirror.

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