Everything in commerce is THEIR fiction, not ours. I do not function in fiction but most people do without knowing what it is they are doing. Who are you? But the even more important question is, who aren’t you? It does not help “us,” it helps YOU…but first you must KNOW who you are not. I am not embracing anything except the information that allows me to “see” the truth. You do not see what I see…yet. Your mind is not open to seeing anything other than what you have been taught to believe. The information I am sharing did not come from any book or even from the internet. It is in the Universe which means that anyone can tap in to it and see what I see. I can’t teach you how to open your mind but anything is possible and this is what you must first understand. I am just a man. So are you but you are not acting like a man. I don’t mean that in the ego sense, but rather, in the sense of the world. Your inability to grasp the importance of what I have done is not abnormal; in fact, unfortunately, it IS the norm.

Do you control everything in your life? You can, but first you must let go of what you can not control…that is, every thing that exists outside of reality that you have no control over. That Fictional world of commerce? You did not create any of it but it controls your mind. If it controls your mind, it controls YOU. Your mindset must be in the proper place and you must open your mind to what the world of commerce REALLY is. It is ALL an illusion, a Fiction. That COLB (Certificate of Live Birth) is a very big part of that Fictional world of commerce but how can one prove that he or she is not a “part” of it? First, you must STOP partaking. You must give back what is NOT yours…only then may you receive what really IS yours. That is, you stop functioning within the “Matrix,” that fictional world of commerce that you think is real.

So now, having explained this initial step, I shall move forward with the reason one must file with the Secretary of State what is called an “Assumed Name Certificate” (ANC). First of all, the written law requires that you do so. Where? Section “333” of the Revised Minnesota Statutes is the place you will find this verbiage: “Any name that is used in commerce for a profit in this state MUST be filed with the Secretary of State (SOS).” So now stop and think, is that COLB legal name one of those names required to be filed? YES, of course it is! You use that name as if it were “identifying” YOU, the man. The problem is, it was never intended to identify a man, it was created by the Government to identify an entity. More specifically, a business entity that operates in commerce “Legally” for that man for whom it was created. That SSN that is assigned to that COLB has a specific purpose as well; that is, to identify the specific business entity that has filed. Why? Because there are most certainly other people in the world that may have that same “Legal NAME” and the ANC rules clearly state that filing with the SOS does not copyright or trademark that NAME, it simply registers it so that it can be verified by anyone that wishes to evidence that NAME is indeed properly registered and has a status of “Active and In Good Standing.” That status is the same sort of status that a “Corporation” has when it has been properly filed with the SOS and registered with that Government agency to operate in commerce. There exists one MAJOR difference; that is, the ANC is NOT a license, it is merely a “dba” (Doing Business As) and that is a significant difference. Why? Because any license is a license to break the law. If you have a driver’s license for example, all a law enforcement officer has to do is accuse you of breaking a law and the burden of proof is on YOU to prove otherwise. Why? Because you are claiming to be a Fictional entity, not a living man. How does one prove they are a man and not a Fictional entity? The ANC does that and THAT my friend is the sole purpose of that filing with the SOS. Now you do not need a license or “permit” to drive, or to build a home, or to buy a car…or to do anything else you desire. Your registered business entity operates in commerce FOR you which proves that the COLB legal NAME can’t possibly be YOU. So this comes back to that first understanding of who we really are, and more importantly, who we are NOT. You are NOT that Legal NAME on the COLB but you must be able to prove this to anyone that inquires because there exists a “presupposition” that EVERY ONE is that “person” (entity) that is known as a “Legal NAME” and most people step right in to the trap of going down to the County or to the SOS where that COLB was created and pays to get a “certified” copy of the COLB. Then they unknowingly place themselves in harms way by using that COLB (which they VOLUNTARILY paid for) and they obtain a “driver’s license” which requires an ‘image’ of THEM on a card right next to a “First Middle Last” NAME that is NOT their name, but rather, a Fictional entity created by Government for a man (or woman) to use in commerce. When you operate as a Fictional character in Their world of commerce (thinking of course that the COLB Legal NAME IS you), you are breaking the law without even knowing it! Which explains why having that driver’s license is simply a license to break the law because it PROVES that you have not filed that COLB name with the SOS as the law clearly requires.

Remember, ignorance of the “law” is no excuse, right? So now, that goes both ways. Once you “comply” with the law by filing with the SOS and registering that Legal NAME, you are no longer in violation of the law and can prove that COLB Legal NAME is NOT YOU! That “presupposition” is immediately put to rest and the tables turn 180 degrees in YOUR favor because Government employees are not told what I have just shown you to be the truth. If they damage you and/or your business entity in ANY way, you have “standing” in a court provided you are able to evidence that “Legal NAME” on that COLB has been properly filed with the SOS and has a status of “Active and In Good Standing.” Now you know why a judge has total “discretion” in deciding your “case” because you are providing him or her with that discretion by failing to have any “standing” on Their court. Your registered business entity evidences that you as CEO have standing in ANY court and therefore any and all discretion that judge may assume to have is not provided and more specifically, because you are able to evidence that (your) Legal NAME has standing, you can properly defend yourself and if need be, sue ANY corporation (including the United States, Inc.) and win. Why? Because the burden of proof shifts from you to that Corporate entity or to that Legal “person” (someone that has failed to register THAT Legal NAME) to prove that you have NOT been damaged. This form of restitution is known as “Unjust Enrichment” and the burden of proof is on the defendant (in most cases, the corporate United States, labeled ‘Government’) to prove that it did NOT unjustly enrich itself. Remember, only an “entity” may have “standing” in a court. This is why the FIRST thing any judge asks in court is “Please state Your NAME.” Once you “identify” your self as that “Legal NAME you cook your own goose. This is the “voluntary” nature of everything in commerce.

So then, this explains why the Government tells everyone the income tax is “voluntary” because until you properly file that Legal NAME on the COLB with the proper authority known as the SOS, you have no way of proving that you are NOT that Legal NAME. That “presupposition” exists and always will exist because your mother “acted” as an informant by telling the Government she produced a $$ producing “product.” Why are you considered a “product?” Look up “live birth” in Black’s Law or Bouvier’s and you will find the answer to that question. You see, ignorance of the law is no excuse, but if you KNOW the law, you know the “rules” of Their game. Government created the Fictional world of commerce so they made the rules. If you know the rules as I do, your business entity operates in commerce FOR you and you avert any problems with law enforcement. You have stopped “volunteering” to partake in that (unlawful) Fictional world of commerce, and instead, operate lawfully through the use of the ANC and the business entity that YOU created as a means of complying with the law. So now YOU are compliant and almost everyone else is not complying. No wonder everything is upside down and so difficult to figure out, right? I simply figured out the rules and KNOW them better than most people, therefore I win the game everytime I play. I can’t lose. The best analogy I am able to provide is the popular game of ‘Monopoly.” The “United States, Inc.” created the game of “Commerce” and they are providing you with a “game piece” known as a COLB (the Legal NAME). When you “play” the game like you do just about every single day and use that Legal NAME in commerce (yes you do…EVERYONE does), you are violating the “golden rule.” You know, the rule that states Any NAME that is used in commerce MUST be filed with the SOS. B-I-N-G-O. Do you “see” it now? Do you “see” how every one is doing this to themselves by voluntarily stating that Legal NAME is “them?” How can a man or woman be a Legal entity? They can’t which is exactly why the Government can do ANYTHING they wish to you until you comply with that golden rule. You give that judge total discretion to throw you in jail, fine you whatever he or she wishes and you have no say in the matter. Even written laws don’t matter because you have failed to understand that you are “acting” out of line by stating that you are a Fictional entity and of course, court IS commerce. You are pointing a gun at your own head…then pulling the trigger. This is simply an analogy but you get my drift that when we STOP volunteering, we stop partaking in that game of commerce and are able to prove/evidence we are a living man (or woman). How? By presenting the evidence. What evidence? The properly filed ANC demonstrating you are in compliance with the law and your business entity is active and in good standing. Remember, no one is forcing you to admit that the Legal NAME on that COLB is you, you submit to that voluntarily without realizing it.

So now, how do you know who you REALLY are if that “Legal NAME” is NOT you? I will ask you, “where did you come from?” and the answer is of course your mother and father. That would be your “family.” So you came from your family and the “family name,” aka “surname” identifies that family, right? So if that is where you came from, why would you put your “Family name” LAST? That would be ludicrous to put your family last! Family ALWAYS comes first so that is what your signature should reflect; then of course comes your “Given Name” because that is the name your mother and father “gave” to you. The given name is the name you are called and/or “known by” but it still does not “identify” you. Why? Because, a name is just a name…Shakespeare wrote about it in fact; read it here now in Act 2, Scene 2 of Romeo & Juliet.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 7.59.17 PMShakespeare was a 33rd degree mason and THIS my friends is exactly what freemasonry is all about. Creating an illusion and then putting the truth right under your nose that would expose that illusion to you. It’s right under your nose but you do not “see” it. I am exposing the illusion and in the process, piercing the Corporate veil demonstrating that the “almighty Oz” is just a man with a cape and a pointy hat. I have broken that “curse spell” and made myself free from the bondage of my own doing. That spell has been eternally broken now, all that is left is for you to “act” on it. Your actions are what define and identify you as a good man or a good woman. We all have good in us, our Creator wants us to be good because we all know “God is good.” But for “good” to exist, so must exist the “bad” (evil). Good cop, bad cop. Light and dark. Happiness and sadness. Goodness and badness. Freedom and bondage. Good and evil. God and Satan. Yin and yang.

We are doing this to ourselves. All pain and suffering in the world shall end when we stop partaking in what is causing our ills. Waking up and seeing the light is the beginning of that process. I am simply pointing you in the proper direction, that’s all. The rest is up to YOU.

Peace, Love and Light to every one that reads this, for you are now on the right path.

Kind regards,

Herich, Douglas Joseph                                                                                             Chief Executive Officer                                                                               dba “DOUGLAS JOSEPH HERICH”                                                                              Business entity ID# 824736000029                                                                              Minnesota Secretary of State                                                                                         Filed: 30 April, 2015                                                                               djherich@yahoo.com


52 thoughts on “EVERYTHING FICTION

  1. That would be the paper I authored…..it’s been UPDATED now….here it is:

    And here is a link to a pCloud page where I have everything posted relevant to this most important subject!


    Please share this far and wide and pay it forward. I do NOT want donations of any kind, just use that mind and “see” what you find! Thanks for spreading the word….

  2. Douglas of Avalon,

    First and foremost, apologies for not giving credit where credit is due.
    My poor excuse is – my trusty Mac is old and full-up. I had saved some
    great comments and docs from others, and at the time didn’t keep the
    name of the one who wrote it. Please accept my apology. Thanks for the

  3. My COLB shows my FML name in upper and lower case form so how do I know it was changed into all caps form? Also, the name on the SS card only uses a middle initial and some of the commercial organizations I do business with including the IRS address the name with middle initial also. The only organizations that use the full all capitalized name in the identification is the DMV and the jury service. I want to make sure the name is suppose to be registered as the full all caps name before registration. How can I confirm this?

  4. The Secretary of State (which IS the United States) recognizes only a First Last anem and if you read the updated revised paper, I do believe that I address the fact that capitalization means nothing more than a way of making it appear someone is shouting at you…like to PAY UP! It’s only when a “person” owes $$$$ that you will generally see the all caps used. Don’t get hung up on that. I just recommend you stick with what is on the BC/COLB because THAT is the “legal name” created by the state for YOU to use. Remember that the SSA assigns that SSN/TAX identifier to that legal name and they are inseparable. I don’t recommend trying to change anything, just USE what was given to you to use, and don’t MIS-use it. The DMV has nothing to do with the legal name, YOU give it to them and THAT is the ONLY way they get it. YOU usually do this first with a driver’s license which of course is a major err on our part. Once registered, that legal name on the driver’s license is the BUSINESS name you use so that card no longer represents a “Driver’s License”. After all, HOW can a BUSINESS drive anything??? lol

  5. My COLB uses upper and lower case letter for the name. I’ve never seen the actual BC. To be clear you’re saying use upper and lower case letters when registering the name? I noticed the name is upper and lower case on the COLB for you also but you have chosen the all caps style registering? Just making sure I do this right. Thank you, Craig.

  6. Ok, and I will. I’ve read it at least 3 times so far and want to read over and over so it will become ingrained in my consciousness. I don’t remember any details about filing the name in all caps or not but I’ll find it. I’m thrilled with this information and terrified at the same time. I actually was born in Pasadena also ironically but in Huntington. Never lived there though so I guess I can’t say I’m Craig from Pasadena. Wondering about what moniker I need to use. My sister has two young children and I’m trying to convince her of this truth also so they won’t be forced to vaccinate. Thank you, Craig

  7. Use ALL CAPS whenever using the legal name and be consistent. It differentiates that BUSINESS NAME from the Nameholder more definitively and that’s what you want to establish right away. Hope this helps!

  8. I was on the MN SOS site last night. Section 333 explicitly states it is required to publish the name in a legal newspaper. Previously it seems like I read that it wasn’t required but I can’t find where it says that anymore. Maybe they have made that a new requirement?

  9. Ok, I filed online today. I immediately started thinking about the business checking account. I had a paypal personal account but no balance so I closed it then started looking into the paypal business account. In creating the account they ask for the the legal name. That would be the FML business entity am I correct? I remember the discussion on the skype call but want to be certain. I first used the surname, given name style but it wouldn’t accept it then I realized I probably should just be using FML name. Is the FML name all I need in opening a business checking outside of the signature?

    Craig David

  10. It seems to me you have a grasp of what’s going on but in BUSINESS, there must always be a TAX IDENTIFIER associated with THAT legal name (FML name). That TX ID is of course the SSN assigned to that Legal Name. Always use that SSN and never obtain an EIN unless you are forming an LLC and filing the business name using the ANC. The FML is a BUSINESS name and always has been. It is the people that MIS-use that name that demand a “personal bank account” and the banksters gladly accomodate them. When signing, rememeber it is ALWAYS the Surname, Given Name and if the FML name is listed below where they are telling you to sign, then it is like any contract you would be signing: “Surname, Given Name dba FML name”.

  11. Well I just want to avoid any mistakes. I know it is all 2nd nature for you already so I’m sure I sound tedious. I have to admit I’m not the best when it comes to paper work so I usually end up asking too many questions.

    I don’t know why but registering the name seemed a little daunting to me after I did it. I kept asking myself is what I just did really legitimate? Today I woke up feeling better thinking that all I did was register a name I have been using in commerce for decades. What’s the harm?

    Focusing on a legal name verse a real or true name seems to be the key when I’m filling out forms. I want to know what I’m doing before I go into setting up the new business checking account. If they are asking for a legal name then I’m going to interpret it as they are asking for the business name. If they are just asking for my name or signature then I put the real name/surname, given name. From your description about opening the checking account (on the skype call) I gathered the application was filled out with the FML and you simply signed with the surname, given name dba FML. I think I got a little confused because the instructions are for using the surname, given name style in the FML boxes for the assumed name certificate to make it show up correctly on the certificate. Maybe that’s the exception?

  12. Whever anyone attempts to open a BUSINESS banking account, the bussiness banking rep takes the application and inputs all your answers directly in to the software program which already has the “fields” predetermined. The online app is attempting to LURE the agent inputting the data in to the State trap of claiming to be something you clearly cannot be. YOU cannot BE a FML name yet you have a difficult time letting go of that notion. You were lying and committing a crime before and now when you USE that name it is 100% legal…so what’s to fear? If anything, you should be wondering why you did not figure this out before because it is so obvious.

  13. Yeah, I tried to go straight to setting up a business account on paypal but looks like it has to go through a personal account. I don’t know I’ll have to look at it again. I must confess trying to think of myself as not the name is probably what is causing me to feel conflicted. Playing tricks on my mind. It’s a new beginning.

  14. For sure, it’s ALL a mind game really. The key is very simple though, your mind just needs to “get it” and over time, it will become automatic…like riding a bike. Don’t be afraid of any of it though, remember, it’s just a game. The fear will begin to disappear and THAT is when you KNOW you are free. It’s a very good feeling to have, I am living proof!

  15. Yeah, I can see it’s a matter of time. Right now things are a little stirred up inside. Probably since my ego was way too comfortable with the grain. Plus, even though I believe this is right I still feel like I need to know it is right.

    I know the legal name is not the true full name but where did you discover the form of the true name as surname comma given name? I believe you but I do not know how this style becomes a true name? I’ve seen others use a colon instead of a comma and a dash between given name. I also believe you that MN is the only place to file but in the same sense I do not know why that is and would like to know. Forgive me but I’m curious about these things.

    Also, section 333 states publishing shall be filed in a newspaper but how would I rebutt that demand if I encounter it?

    Other curiosities I have are that I noticed my personal checking account as well as a few utility bills don’t list my middle name. Plus, checks written to me in the past most of the time were just made to my first and last name? Car insurance bill has last name first comma first name just like if it were the true name? It’s odd that these accounts still functions as the name connected to the SSN? Also, the SS card only has the middle initial and thinking it should be the full middle name on the card or does that matter? I would like everything to reflect the full legal name so I guess I should make sure to correct any of the accounts I have not showing it complete?

  16. I understand the dilemma, you eventually may need to live it as I do…then you cannot help but KNOW! As far as publishing the ANC is concerned, yes, 333 definitely states that it must be published 2 consecutive times/issues (2 days) but the trick is the SOS will NEVER know whether one has actually published it or not. If the registered person should EVER be challenged as to whether that legal business name was published, you can easily pay whatever the cost is and have it published in Minnesota. I would not waste the money because you will never be challenged as to whether it was published as THAT would give credibility to the ANC and it would publish something they don’t really want anyone else to see. These men were clever enough to understand the minds of men and the way most men think. I am not like most men. In fact, I am so different I sometimes don’t recognize myself. That’s a joke of course but I HAVE to show that I am different because I really AM much different than pretty much anyone else I know.

    The State only recognizes a First Last name so a middle name is optional. The so called “Last Name” originated from the type of business or trade one’s family was involved in…and THAT is rooted of course to COMMERCE. So the last name is the name that referenced the type of commercial business your family was involved with, NOT having anything to do with identifying a man. It has now morphed in to what we have today and a 9 digit numerical ID is assigned to it, neither one of which belongs to the “user”. If the “user” MIS-uses that legal name, the punishment can be severe but this is not disclosed to the unknowing man. The man voluntarily submits himself to unnecessary punishment. It’s not about money, but then it really is ALL about money. The yin and yang, good and bad, rich and poor. The middle does not really matter because it rarely exists. The entire purpose of society is to maintain those polar opposites. This breeds the kind of society that is easy to control. I broke from that mold. The chain must be broken that has been passed from father to son for far too long. it’s time.

    With respect to banking accounts, CLOSE all the personal accounts AFTER setting up BUSINESS account(s) using the ANC as the founding business papers/documents. Think from above all that chaos and confusion, now you ARE above the law. It’s all in the cloud…


  17. Ok, so if a someone is writing a check to the FML entity/legal name and only use first and last name it is still to the FML entity. Thank you.

  18. How’d do you go about getting the SOC COLB stamped liked the one on the cloud? I don’t find any instructions on that. Is that part of the certificate of existence?

  19. milesfirst on February 21, 2017 at 7:58 am said:
    Ok, so if a someone is writing a check to the FML entity/legal name and only use first and last name it is still to the FML entity. Thank you.

    The answer is that the SSN is nothng more that a TAX identifier for a “Dirst Last” name. A FML name is the same as a FL name; in fact, the State really only recognizes the First and Last name and the “middle” name is irrelevant in “legal” business matters. The COLB will often have a Middle name and I used the one given to me to use but I don’t have to use “Joseph” to signify and identify that legal entity as the registered person I control all the assets of, just the First Last name is necessary and recognizable when combined with the TAX ID. In the SOS system/database, the entity ID is referred to as a “file no.”.

    The annotations that you are seeing on the COLB were performed by me using Adobe Acrobat. That software allows one to add those kinds of annotations to an existing .pdf document. It’s not Acrobat Reader, it is the software you buy or download on a torrent that you need. You may be able to do it online now too but it may cost money or they require you register for access.

  20. The one thing I am still not totally clear on is how the ANC can be used outside of MN? Seems like I read this before but can’t seem to find it now on their site.

  21. Look at it this way, that Certificate of Live Birth is a CERTIFICATE as well and it is issued by the Secretary of State. Can you USE that COLB in any state in the United States? Of course you can. Stop limiting yourself and figure this out on your own. It is your own mind entrapping you, wake up! This is common sense. You will hear that crap from ignorant bankers sometimes but it is EASILY refuted and the bank opens the business account with no issues at all. What website is “their site”???? Not sure I know any website that has this information other than the pcloud where I have upoladed everything for people to view and download for free.

    If you limit your mind, you limit yourself to the information already in the Universe. This info is UNIVERSAL….

  22. That actually is a huge problem for the IRS now because the intentional misrepresentation of facts related to the Surname, Given Name. A federal case is being prepared to challenge that definition in the context of addressing a Registered Person that is also a FML name. They have not responded as yet which is an acceptance of the terms offered. The IRS owes the business I operate 33 million in credit plus compounded interest over 59.5 years. The SUMMONS AND COMPLAINT shall be filed by the plaintiff next month.

  23. Ok, yeah you are right. I have to break through the veils. I’m getting there. Thank you. It’s all “in this state”. I know this stuff I just can’t help thinking it is too good to be true. LOL!

    The site I was talking about was the MN SOS site. I know I read something there a few weeks ago alluding to using the ANC in any location but I can’t find it anymore. It would just help in getting past any objections in getting the checking account. I emailed MN SOS site but they played dumb about the ANC outside of MN.

    I get a little confused about the Secretary of State of a State and the Secretary of State of the US. Not sure if they are one and the same?

    Hey, this is the one that is a real veil buster/mind twister that you speak of in your writing: §17900 of the California Business and Professions Code states the following:
    17900(b) As used in this chapter, “fictitious business name” means:
    (1) In the case of an individual, a name that does not include the surname of the individual.

    DOES IT INCLUDE THE LAST NAME? 😉 Right in plain sight like you say.

    Thank you for your patience.

  24. Where, besides Facebook, can I connect with others who are also registered? I found a few but want more. One woman told me that you print your signature always and I asked her to clarify and never heard back. I was under the impression the signature would be in cursive followed by the dba for the checking account?

  25. yes, round two is in federal court and the amount of rental fees has gone thru the roof. It’s over 5 million right now so I don’t care how long it takes. The truck is still sitting in his Pacheco wrecking yard lot! It has got to be one of his worst nightmares…25k in court costs and attorney fees and we are going to federal court now. Get out ur checkbook Rich, it’s gonna cost you a lot more than you ever thought! I have paid no costs and the truck is worth maybe $500, tops. Get it? They took the bait and now I am playing with them the same way they screw with naive people that are afraid. It’s not a difficult process, the hardest part is already done.

  26. Unbelievable. Would’ve been a lot easier for him to just give it back. It’s a shame this is how it works. Looking forward to the results.

  27. Well when you think about it he is trapped. If he gives the vehicle back then he will never get business from the government again. I would not be surprised if they threatened to sue his business as well. he dug his own grave and now he must lie in it. People have sold their soul for the mighty dollar and billions of people have done this. It is also not surprising to see the current state of the world. Those who figure this out will rise above all the chaos and confusion that you are surrounded by. It no longer surrounds me and I see everything for what it really is. The illusion is fleeting because there is no substance whatsoever. It is man’s greed and vanity that blinds him.

  28. It all relates to greed in one way or another yes. Not just money but fitting into society. Not to mention fighting for personal freedom isn’t going to win you any popularity contests and often ostracizes one from family and friends. There’s a stigma attached to it. I doubt your case will get any media coverage but it should be front page news. Of course people are always interested in rights relating to benign social issues but when it comes down to hard core personal rights they flee the seen. The illusion you speak of. There are media sources out there in the freedom movement though I think that would love to hear about this story and have a pretty good size listenership.

  29. Thank you for the kind words and you are pretty much spot on The family I grew up with is not family anymore. I am fine with that because this is more important than the small family that I happened to end up living in. I am not them. I am just a man. Obviously, I can control what I do and what I put in to my gullet, but am I controlling what’s going in to my mind? Most people do not give that notion much thought but they are totally controlled. The easiest way to maintain control is to make people THEY are in control. It’s a brilliant trick and an illusion that has lasted a heck of a long time. The discovery I am sharing here is beginning to draw attention and what I have done is being duplicated by thousands of people. I don’t have the resources to create my own media outlet and you are correct, the MSM would never air any of this but even the alternative internet radio producers are part of the controlled opposition. That has been my experience anyway. I stopped doing interviews because of the misrepresentation that would occur during and after the interview was over. The content would be edited and the print material intentionally altered to change meanings. I am tired of that crap. It does more harm than good when that happens so I stopped. Sadly, I know there are many people that would love to hear more and I am willing to share but I am also busy with the many lawsuits I am now preparing to file on behalf of the registered person! Perhaps when I squeeze these govt actors long enough and hard enough, the attitudes will change and I will get the respect that the person I represent is due. I will never give up and will continue to give and re-give until I have nothing else to give. aloha

  30. yep, controlled opposition since inception. that has been around since the early 2000’s and I KNOW that is funded by corporate interests. These are the same sort of outfits I was referring to and they ALWAYS are. NO one and I mean NO one has a radio show that MAKES money without subsidies coming from corp entities. It’s the way of the realm of commerce but eventually that may change. Thanks for the shout and encouragement but I think I’ll pass on the interview crap…you see, it has NO effect on me whether people “get it” or don’t. those seeking the information will find me and the information I have provided. Those that don’t will simply come back again. It’s all good and I DO appreciate anyone that pays this forward on their own. I have not made ANY money sharing my discovery nor will that ever be my intent. I’ll profit in other ways using the ANC and trapping govt actors doing things when they thought no one was looking. lol

  31. Well I’ve always been suspicious about FTL but wasn’t sure if they were controlled or just not totally aware. You have to wonder when they speak out so adamantly on the air about some things. But, I’ve noticed many times when the “name” comes up they dismiss it immediately which was a red flag to me. I guess they can only go so far. But they have discussed private plates quite a bit so that’s why I thought of them. You can just call in a talk about anything is their motto. I used to listen to Chuck Harder back in the 90’s and he was apparently a 501C3 organization. He was as close to legitimate as I thought possible but he was hung up on free trade and companies moving abroad mostly.

    I’ve been aware of the “name” and its corporate nature for a some time now, I just didn’t find much out there to sink my teeth into until reading Everything Is Fiction. Thousands have discovered you huh? Wow, good to know. By the way, I mentioned it to a couple of my family members and got shut down pretty quickly. Haha! Oh well. I’m labeled the conspiracy theorist of the family as it is.

  32. I was right there in plain site all along. Just needed a little nudge. 🙂

    Speaking of others, I heard your interview on the Activation Hour (I think that’s the name of the show). Anyway, Sharon said she prints her real name every time she signs something. Is this correct? Honestly I’d prefer this to be the case because other than my signature (which is ingrained in my motor memory) I print everything. I’ve practiced signing my true name and it’s like trying to write left handed. Anyway, Sharon never clarified if she really prints her siggy.

    Also, what type of medium do you use for the license plate? Is that card stock inside the covered plate?

  33. Someone else says there is no registered agent requirement in Minnesota. I’m not sure what this means? What’s a registered agent?

  34. Ok, I think I know. Registered agent would be the county clerk I believe. MN is the only one where you file right to the SOS. Winner!

  35. No, a “registered agent” represents a “PERSON” and acts on that persons behalf. The plate is simply a MS Word doc file I created and then I printed it on standatrd letter size (81/2×11) and then went down to FedEx office and laminated it with 5ml thick plastic. Cost me less that $3. The plate mounting bracket and plastic cover was $5 on Amazon and it just makes it look cleaner and keeps people from ripping it off! I know peple that have paid to create one online and it’s about $20-$30. The Minnesota SOS is the ONLY way one can PROPERLY register the first last name, period. You can try and do it in another state but it won’t work the same because it’s literally impossible to accomlish this. People keep trying though and they are wasting their time. I have already proven this to be true but what others do has zero effect on me so I don’t care if they listen to me or not. This is a choice every man and woman MUST make for themselves. You either get it and change, or you will be coming back to this plane of existence for another go round. I wish everyone the best of course. aloha

  36. Yes, because MN says any assumed name that isn’t the true name? California says any name that doesn’t include the surname which of course is the same as the last name so it’s sort of a catch 22. I’m gonna have to absorb more of what a registered agent is I see. Seems like with the ANC there is a representative of a PERSON or is the dba just a name and not a PERSON? Good idea with the plates. I just looked at the plate covers on Amazon the other day. So you don’t plan on coming back to this plane of existence? 😀

  37. The Surname is NOT the same as a “last” name, that’s why it’s called a LAST name because it is ALWAYS LAST! The “Surname” ALWAYS comes FIRST followed by a comma. The nameholder IS the representative and a nameholder MUST be a MAN. This means when people incorrectly file a FML name as the “nameholder” that is a HUGE mis-take. A name/business/entity cannot CONTROL anything but it CAN own and HOLD property in that legal name. I have already ascended so I know I am not coming back. This is something only I can possibly know. I could not tell anyone else if they were coming back but most certainly will. The ascended masters are waiting for me now but I still have a lot of work to do first.

    A dba is an acronym for “doing business as” which obviously tells everyone it is NOT you, but YOU are doing business AS this PERSON. The legal name is the person referred to as the “Sole Proprietor” and the Assumed Business Name (which is the SAME name) created by filing the assumed name with the SOS is the “Sole Proprietorship”. Both ARE considered “persons” by law but neither one of those entities are you. There is no catch 22, that’s your mind not allowing your conscious state to see the obvious. Cognitive dissonance is a bitch. Read the paper again and again until it SINKS in. I have repeated myself in this thread which means it’s NOT sinking in. Comprehension can only be improved with repitition. Also, if all you do is ask questions and do nothing else, nothing will ever change. STOP asking questions and do it, or don’t, it does not matter to me whether you figure it out or not. It helps YOU, not me, comprendo?

  38. Yes, you’re right the surname and the last name aren’t the same name. Put it this way, the surname and last name are the same spelling. That’s what causes the confusion. Obviously. That’s why it’s so effective at fooling everyone, except the few that are no longer co-existing with us mere mortals here on the flat ground. Forgive me for asking too many questions and I appreciate your input.

  39. Yes, comprehension can only be improved with repetition I agree. That’s why the discussion is important. It helps deepen the comprehension. When people feel hesitant to ask a question because it might be conveyed as a stupid question the discussion will stop. People appreciate being corrected on a subject but they’re not looking for a personal condescension. It’s a turnoff. Something can be explained one way and not register at all and then when it is explained in another way it all makes sense. That happens through open discourse. If people want to be psychoanalyzed I’m sure they’ll ask or they may feel like it is an imposition. I can, however, understand how it gets tiresome to explain things over and over though so I can sympathize with this frustration.

    I now realize there is the legal name, the assumed name, and a true name. So there are three names. I finally realized this in your last post. Lucky for stupid questions. I was thinking the legal name and the assumed name were one and the same. This whole name thing goes way beyond conventional thought and unfortunately it’s gonna require a lot of discussion to get to these understandings. If people don’t have at least a small understanding of the “name” the conversation wouldn’t even happen. That understanding took people years to gain. There are a lot of terms here to understand and to unravel for a layman. Most people have never sued or been sued so going to court would be totally foreign to them even if just to defend themselves. I think it is important people do their due diligence first. I don’t think the PTB are just going to roll over because someone has an ANC. They may not have any power over an ANC but they can draw out the process. That’s gonna take time and money. Plus, the average person has never heard of it. People know when they present this to people in the commercial world they will get all kinds of crazy looks and objections so they need to know how to explain it. Having a concept about something and being able to apply it are two very different things.

    With all due respect, I think people coming upon this information over the internet for the first time will immediately get turned off by the spiritual claims. That may just be because of their own limitations but that’s just the way it is whether it’s cognitive dissonance or whatever. Nobody’s just gonna take someone else’s word for it over the internet that all our problems will magically disappear as soon as we file an ANC to begin with. If someone has already ascended to another plane of existence that’s great but it might be ostracizing to add it to the explanation of the ANC.

  40. Perhaps you are correct which means YOU are turned off. Sorry about that. You paln on coming back I guess which is just fine with me. You are entitled to your own opinion and I wish you well. Good bye.

  41. I’m not entitled to say I don’t want to be condescended to or hear about different planes of existence while discussing the ANC? I was here to learn about the ANC not to be proselytized or psychoanalyzed. If someone wants to condescend they are perfectly free to do so. I don’t have to like it. I don’t think anyone is under any obligation to believe any claim about another existence just because somebody else makes it. Personally I don’t see the need for it in this discussion. That was all I was saying and it is only common sense that some people will take exception to it. Say, for instance, an atheist. I may be wrong but you’re trying to reach a broad audience with this article are you not? Nobody is being forced to continue or end this discussion. I’d love it if more people were contributing to the subject of the ANC we are having here.

  42. – douglas, i popped in for a minute to say hi, but can’t stay. That’s because I AM an ascended master. In this higher realm we await your finishing of the incomplete task of kicking ass and taking names, and the moment when you are empty of the fictional *** and godly enough to be in our presence. Blessings dude, til you become a little more holy, and pure enough to converse with me on a higher level.

  43. Douglas of Avalon, your work is wonderful, i have a question, do you have a contact:email, fb etc,

    And i would like to ask how your not working do to the tax payers money, im assuming(lol) their is money from your ALL CAPS organization, and the treasury is sending you checks or direct deposit to your business bank account. I assume as the agency has not paid you (all caps organization) they are now sending your back payments for your service as trustee turned ceo of the organization(agency)

    my email is solaruniverse@yahoo..com
    (for privacy)

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