Date: May 31, 2015 09:55:46 AM PDT To: undisclosed-recipients:                           Subject: Judge disqualifies all 250 prosecutors in Orange County, CA because of widespread corruption.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

Even with Jailed Suspects with Attorneys, Sheriffs placed informants in cells next to them, who often lied, and Sheriffs keep an illegally-hidden database of evidence they refused to reveal. Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals found out and banned all 250 prosecutors from the case.

To retaliate, Prosecutors now allow no cases to go before Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals.

But, where are those Sheriffs and Prosecutors being Prosecuted?  Let’s get together a Citizen’s Grand Jury and Indict them.

Anyone who had a criminal case and convicted may want to consider appeal on this.

Read the Public Defender’s Motion that outlines the egregious activities by Sheriffs and Prosecutors

Read about how Sheriffs and Prosecutors used rings of Informants that often lied – even audiotapes

Jailhouse informants are notoriously unreliable, because they often make things up to get reductions in their own sentences, Chemerinksy said.

“This is why the use of jailhouse informants should be limited to what the Constitution allows,” he said. “It’s also why it’s so troubling the Orange County DA’s Office systematically devised a policy and implemented it to undermine the Constitution.”

In March, Orange County Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals, citing misconduct related to the informant operation, removed the entire Orange County District Attorney’s Office from the Dekraai case. It was an unprecedented move and put the Dekraii case in limbo.

For those who have been in trials within Orange County and were found guilty or were not given what we all want; a fair trial, you may want to read this. As the title shows, an Orange County Judge has disqualified all 250 prosecutors due to corruption. I would recommend all who have been found guilty to see if there is a remedy based on this information to turn those guilty sentences around. I would recommend you get this info out to those you know who had cases that they lost, possibly to such corruption being applied to them. My view at this moment Is that one has to consider that the Orange County District Attorney, Tony Raucaucus, is as much at fault and should be removed as well. Those 250 prosecutors couldn’t have done it without the knowledge of those at the top. I can imagine the repercussions of such a magnitude that it could keep Orange County Courts busy for years in cleaning up the mess created by these prosecutors and District attorney’s of the time; let alone future trials for current cases. This will cost millions of dollars to clean up. This could not be done in a vacuum. How many judges participated in this knowingly as well? I cannot believe that it was only the prosecutors that acted without the knowledge of others as well. How many of the judges were prosecutors during these same times? To me, it’s a bigger picture that, as yet, has not been opened to reveal how HUGE the can of worms is. Boy, will the defending attorneys have a field day!


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