Here’s a ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL, FIRST DEFENSE against any DEFACTO, COLOR of LAW or PRETEND authority Bureaucrats. THE FIRST RESPONSE that sovereigns can use to VERIFY anyone’s claim of authority over them.

The first rule of dealing with bureaucrats is to IDENTIFY who they are. You’re entitled to know who you are dealing with, since anyone can print and mail an unsigned letter. Why ASSUME or PRESUME that they’re a LAWFUL Government? ASK them to CLARIFY who exactly they are. Send them a Writ of Discovery asking about the following:

Is their organization or corporation foreign or domestic?                                               Where their registration number can be verified                                                               Are they an agency or department of the united States of America?                                     What is the exact definition of a ‘US citizen’, i.e. territorial meaning of the term ‘United States’                                                                                                                           Which state of the Union are they a part of?                                                                 What is lawful money?                                                                                                         Or, if your organization or corporation is private, and has any claim against me, produce the copy of contract on which that claim is based.

CC:                                                                                                                           Governor                                                                                                                 Attorney General

Give them 14 days to respond. State that if this Writ of Discovery is not satisfied in 14 days by a CERTIFIED (signed and stamped) or VERIFIED (signed under oath) declaration, the document they send will be considered unlawful, and an attempt to intimidate and misrepresent. Ask the person who sent the notice to come forth and prove their claim of authority.

This is basically a VALIDATION letter, such as those used to validate a debt, except here we’re asking for validation of AUTHORITY. Our creditors can’t validate our debts, since they’re not real creditors, just pretended ones, and won’t even assert in court that they’re creditors, because then they’d have to prove that they suffered a loss, which they didn’t because they didn’t risk any of their money.

Similarly, I don’t think today’s Government agencies can claim LAWFUL authority, since they don’t have the authority of law (of the republic), but only act under the COLOR of law. And they get away with it, UNLESS we demand a validation of their authority.

Most correspondence from bureaucrats is addressed to the All CAPS NAME (strawman), who only has a limited authority to question his corporate masters. You gotta make it clear that you’re a living man/woman, not a corporate strawman.

So I’d send it together with a Declaration of Domicil, to make it clear that I’m on the land of the republic, and not in their corporate Matrix.

And this probably could be used on code enforcers too. Ask: ‘Are you acting on constitutional or private authority?’ If he said truth, he’d say ‘private’, then one could demand to see the contract. If he said ‘constitutional authority,’ then give him a copy of this Writ of Discovery to fill out 🙂

The way I see it is, that if you accept any agent’s authority over you without question, you can’t later argue that he didn’t have the authority over you. But if you challenge that authority (non-violently) by asking him to fill out the Writ of Discovery, and he doesn’t, then he’s in DISHONOR, and you could argue later that the arrest or fine are UNLAWFUL, since he acted without lawful authority.

One could even send the Writ of Discovery to your local police dept. before any run-in with police, to determine their lawful authority.

Most police departments are listed as PRIVATE companies on so obviously they act on a PRIVATE authority, unless they can provide a delegation of authority from a de jure constitutional state or agency.

And lastly, the 1849 California Constitution (which guarantees a republican form of government) was created by People of California, while the 1879 California Constitution was created by People of the State of California. Hence, California or California state, is a state of the Union, while State of California is a PRIVATE, municipal corporation of the federal government. And the way to know the difference, other than the name, is that if a place has a ZIP code, it is in the private, corporate State of California, while places without ZIP codes are on the land -California, a state of the Union.

One way is to put CF in front of and after Zip Code. CF95409CF (Constructive Fraud).

Source: Jaro


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