The towers you see up and down on American soil are radiance modulation giving out a standing wave harmonic like HAARP, that was a short time ago brought down on a barge from Alaska. Then they placed it along the coast, last year you may or not heard of the Darrington earth slide (everything is compartmentalized), a friend sent me the radar pictures after and I asked if he could see the alignment with the disaster. The towers are giving out a wave that can be set at random, people control -mix in a bit of chemical in the air and the food gets everyone on their cell phones -can you spell entrainment.

I’m reading ‘The Perception Deception’ – this is part of a chapter that I find of interest:

‘The Matrix is a Standing Wave (and so is DNA)’                                                            DNA resonates the language of music and not syntax binary.

The Matrix has entrained human DNA. It has changed the original RNA/DNA frequency state and synchronized it with the frequency of the Matrix. Send out an initial broadcast frequency that syncs with RNA/DNA and the two begin to resonate in harmony. Then you begin to change your broadcast frequency and if it is the dominant or prime one you take the frequency of DNA with you. If you can change the RNA then it will transfer the new program to DNA and when this happens DNA ceases to be synchronized with the former reality and starts to decode a new reality -the fake reality of the Matrix. The effect of the frequency change also closed down many other strands of DNA (sound or frequency systems) leaving us with only the two that allow us only to perceive the tiny frequency band of the Matrix -what we call visible light. This causes people in Body-Mind to be dominated by the five senses (realm of the Matrix). Many of those frequency strands of DNA blocked by Matrix entrainment connected humans with the greater reality and so the only way out of the frequency prison is opening the Body-Mind to Consciousness that is beyond the Matrix. -We are in this world but not of it.- The world controllers could not and cannot change everything about the human form and its receiver-transmitter systems because there are other forces at work such as the ‘natural’ vibrational blueprint pulling the other way like a rubber band trying to bounce back. But what they can do, and have done, is significantly distort what should be and they constantly try to expand and protect this distortion in a myriad of ways, with music right up there with any of them.

If you put the words ‘Ruben’s Tube’ into a YouTube search you will see a short video showing the effects of standing waves of different frequencies including music. It is highly significant that the music frequency or ‘concert pitch’ (vibration) has been officially (bloodline) set at 440 Hertz for note A which then plays out with corresponding change to all the other notes. This was adopted by the American Federation of Musicians in 1917 and became the US standard in 1920. The Nazi regime in Germany imposed the A = 440 Hz frequency in 1939. In 1955 the International Organization for Standardization made 440 the world standard. What better way to constantly underpin this energetic distortion of the Matrix-DNA connection than to encode it into the very frequencies used by the global music industry in all of its multiple forms? Some researchers say that the frequency of 8 Hz harmonizes the two hemispheres of the brain into a whole-brain state and, by definition; there are other frequencies that stop the two hemispheres from experiencing a whole-brain connection.

Before the standardization of concert pitch at 440 Hz, the frequency was largely 432 Hz, although people chose a variety of pitch frequencies and also tuned instruments to the frequencies of the voices involved in a performance. The original Stradivarius violin was designed to be tuned to 432, which are a multiple of 54 cycles of 8. The universe beyond the Matrix would appear to be founded on a series of frequencies and harmonics that include 72, 144 and 432 which is interesting because 72 is 9 x 8 and 144 is 18 x 8, as 432 is 54 x 8. The square root of the official speed of light (the edge of the Matrix where it meets the real universe) is 432. The diameter of the Sun is 864,000 miles and 864 is 2 x 432. The diameter of the Moon is 2160 miles and 2160 = 5 x 432. The mathematics of the Sun and the Moon always seem to be involved somewhere. You can see something in everything if you set out to make it fit, but numbers like 8, 72, 144, 432 and others recur far too often for them not to be significant to the digital level of the universal construct and the Matrix Hack. It is stretching the bounds of coincidence to believe that changing the pitch frequency from 432 Hz (and all the other frequencies or ‘notes’ which come from that) was not carefully planned, especially with the documented involvement of the infamous Rothschild subordinates, the Rockefellers. It might be noted that 440 is 55 x 8, but 440 is not a (ever-recurring) ‘sacred number’ that breaks out through harmonics into other ‘sacred’ numbers like 144. But 432 is and does and its harmonic numbers relate to ‘sacred’ (harmonizing) geometry. The new standard frequency of 440

may not seem far from 432, but it is enough to distort the natural order. It makes sense, too, of what a Japanese music expert told me (David Icke) on a visit to the country some years ago when she said that modern recordings of great composers like Mozart don’t sound the same because they are no longer produced in the original frequency for which they were written. This is another example of deleting everything that could have an awakening effect.

The Schiller Institute, headquartered in DC, has been campaigning for a return to the 432 musical pitch and they published an article on their website by Jonathan Tennenbaum of the Fusion Energy Foundation in Germany which first appeared in Fidelio magazine. He writes:

The recent rediscoveries of the vibratory/oscillatory nature of the universe indicates that current contemporary A=440 Hz international concert pitch standard may possibly generate an unhealthy effect or anti-social behavior in the consciousness of human beings. A=440 Hz as a standard for concert pitch may bring an unnatural 8 Hz dissonant change in how we think.

Our inner ear for example works on the basis of Phi dampening. The waters of our inner ears rely on Fibonacci spiral dampening through the seashell-like structure of the cochlea to keep us feeling centered or grounded. This Fibonacci spiral shape helps cancel out certain inertial standing wave interference patterns, like a Helmholtz resonator, in order to keep us properly balanced with the natural environment around us. When the inner ear is in stress by artificial means, we experience a type of ‘fog like’ condition or feel ‘spaced out.’

The natural Phi shape of the cochlea can be found planet-wide in a majority of natural organic-based life. DNA also operates on Phi and Fibonacci principles and can oscillate to protect itself from the environment and stress from dissonant patterns of mechanical and electromagnetic waves. Artificial equal temperatures of higher pitch may possibly affect the abilities of DNA to regulate our genetic make-up properly.

Great research by composer Stuart Mitchell and peers have revealed that DNA is a cosmic musical score operating triplets of rhythm at over 3,000 beats per minute. Stuart’s ground-breaking work now allows us to hear the symphony of DNA in real time, proving that there is no such thing as “junk” in our divine blueprint and allowing us to hear the cosmic song of the human genome.

Being inter-dimensional awareness is supposed to be our natural state, but that is the last thing the Satanic want us to be because we would see the game for what it is.

10.80 Hz produce ‘riotous behavior’ and 6.6 Hz makes people depressed. Those who expanded their point of attention in some form of Consciousness will not be affected to the same extent, or even at all if they expanded enough because they won’t entrain with the frequency. Humanity is being manipulated in ways that most people couldn’t even conceive while their sense of reality is hijacked by TV game shows and whatever else is currently being peddled for mega bucks as entertainment. In fact, they are being programmed while they are watching this crap and everything else on the television networks of the world. Digital television makes this even more effective because it delivers information closer to holographic form.

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