-from Perception Deception by David Icke

A You Tube film by television presenter James Russell entitled Resonance – Beings of Frequency documents the dramatic transformation of the human electromagnetic environment in a ridiculously short time. The human electromagnetic field is being bombarded by ever-increasing sources of technological electromagnetism and the result is a disaster for ‘physical,’ mental and emotional health. This is not rocket science only an obvious, predictable cause and effect. In the mid 1980’s less than three percent of people were using cell phones. Now, especially in the so-called ‘developed world’ the figure is far closer to 100 percent with billions of phones in use. This is happening when people have no idea of the long-term consequences (although surely a village idiot could have a good shot at it all). Well, it would be more accurate to say that the population, medical ‘professionals’ and most personnel in the cell phone industry have no idea. Those truly behind all this know only too well what the consequences will be and for many already are. Cell phones communicate in the microwave band of the electromagnetic spectrum – the same as microwave ovens that further irradiate already irradiated ‘food’ and destroy nutrients to the point where it is no longer ‘food’ but only a substance that stops you being hungry for a while. Would anyone think it safe to put a microwave oven to their head? Such is the power of cognitive dissonance – a state of holding two or more conflicting beliefs at the same time and believing both to be true. Putting microwaves to your brain are extremely dangerous. The world manipulators want to create a mobile communication network, which involves people putting technology to their heads, by doing this they are using the most dangerous sections of the electromagnetic spectrum. Can some people be that stupid? Yes, of course, but the entire combination of global Governments, corporations, medicine, science, and ‘safety’ regulators?? All of these professions do stupid, but are we saying that somewhere within that entirety it wasn’t known what the potential consequences would be? No way. There was no need to use this microwave segment of the electromagnetic spectrum – it was selected because research and experience had shown how destructive it was to human health.

This is by design and not through stupidity or coincidence. What is more important, convenience or health?

The towers are far more powerful in their radiation transmission than is needed for cell phone communications because they are actually part of a gathering radiation field designed for mass mind control.

Published studies suggest that some 25,000 Americans develop cancer every year from sources of medical radiation and is responsible for damage to DNA. Going for a ‘scan’ to see the extent of an injury are people who will reap the whirlwind of this later in life if they’re not careful.

The attack on human health through cell phones speaks for itself. When you put a cell phone to your ear you immediately start to heat up that side of the brain and the longer the call continues the hotter it gets. Experiments led by Dr Nora D Volkow, director of the National Drug Abuse, revealed that the brain is adversely affected at microwave levels well below the official and as always, stupid ‘safe limits.’ Most parents are so ignorant of the risks that the average age of children now being given cell phones is just eight years old. Yet children are far more in danger from cell phones even than adults because they have thinner skulls. ‘Safe’ limits on everything from radiation to food additives are not set on the basis of safety for human health. They are set at a level that allows the corporate world controlled by the same bankster networks as the Governments setting the limits to do almost whatever they like.

Cell phones because of the cumulative effect on human health, especially among those who start young, is going to be catastrophic. The bloodlines know this and it is part of their culling of the population.


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