The documents that I filed into my case (Riverside Acres) at the end of May has brought me to the ‘court’ playing field twice so far. September 2nd, ‘Judge’ Dale Reinholtsen recused himself saying that he was related, or knows, one of the defendants. In truth, Reinholtsen is the one who stamp-signed the CalPers BONDage order in April 2013. And I’m the one who was/is filing litigation papers on him regarding this.

Yesterday’s circus in Eureka:

Get this – the ‘Presiding’ judge Hinrichs just so happened to not have the file!!! One recuses himself and this one can’t get it together to have the file. JesusGod! What next? She only had one of my three docs that I filed Friday –the one Demanding her oath and bond be verified. The other two –a Judicial Notice and a Findings of Fact, just simply weren’t there. I had copies with me (for the Defendant’s Attorney); however, I guess my mistake was that I didn’t hand them to the bailiff as soon as I walked up. But how was I to know? I said that I had them (in hand), and told her that they were the Notice, the Motion and the Ruling to Deny Defendant’s Motion to Strike, and all I did was change the date to today. She ACTS as if I can’t make a motion in court! Prior to that, I re-iterated (for the third time) that Reinholtsen had recused himself BEFORE he made the offer of ‘audio’ appearance for today (14th), that ON THE RECORD I objected then (twice) and I adamantly object to this hearing today via ‘audio.’ (He recused himself. He’s done at that point).   But of course, the doc (Findings of Fact) stating this, – duh, uh, um, wasn’t there.

What a bunch of horsesh!t. And so yes, ol Heather-Ann Young, Title of Nobility-ESQUIRE was on a speakerphone in Santa Rosa. Next date – 24th. I MEAN, how many times are they going to conspire and lie to step around the obvious?

The first thing I said was that I specifically asked her for validation of her oath and bond because I had mailed -Certified Mail- a NOTICE in June, that among other things, asked her to please reign in her Court File Clerks, because they are offensive and deny me my right to equal access when they refuse to record and file my documents into the case. She said that it is a “Direct Order” that they accept what I have to file.

Lie #3 – she didn’t receive what I mailed to her in June – BEECAUSE it’s up to the Court File Clerks if what she receives is appropriate or not. Can it get any worse? I happen to have the signature for June’s Certified Mail –and the Notice begins with; Notice to Agent is Notice to Principle and Notice to Principle is Notice to Agent.

Downstairs to talk to John-I-don’t-have-to-tell-you-my-last-name, and he, of course, said that everything I filed Friday was recorded (I have the stamp on all three docs) and in the file. So, you tell me – who’s lying?

Hinrichs said that her oath is with the SOS (duh). That’s Not the point. I demanded a certified copy. Her best lie for this morning . . . she doesn’t have to have a bond. Pfft! What planet is she from?



  1. Get clerks bond information, file a complaint against the risk department and insurance agency for the bond.. Look into the public servant questionaire to get their information.. hold their feet to the fire.

  2. thesovereign1,

    No, not the same judge Dale. Dale Reinholtsen is a pitiful phantom.

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