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Prior to the late 1800’s, education was a private practice that took place in private institutions or through home schooling. That all changed in 1902 when John D. Rockefeller created the general education board in conjunction with Frederick T. Gates, Rockefeller’s business and personal adviser and good friend. The general education board was responsible for funding the American public school system, and provided over one hundred million dollars in 1902; they continued their support in a lesser capacity beyond that date. The board was responsible for the creation of the American public school system and has been used as a model globally for more than a century. “I want a nation of workers, not thinkers.”   John D. Rockefeller

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America- Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt:

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Doctors Confirm First Human Death Officially Caused by GMOs


Madrid–Doctors of the Carlos III hospital confirmed this morning in a press conference, the first case of human death caused by the ingestion of genetically modified food. Juan Pedro Ramos died from anaphylaxis after eating some recently developed tomatoes containing fish genes, which provoked a violent and lethal allergic reaction. 

This surprising announcement comes after the autopsy of the 31-year old Spanish man who died  at the Madrid hospital in the beginning of January. The young man’s health rapidly deteriorated after he suffered an unexplained allergic reaction, and all the drugs used to refrain the anaphylaxis were entirely inefficient. The team of experts claims to have been able to determine that the genetically modified tomatoes that the victim ingested at lunch were the cause of the allergic reaction that caused his death.

Mr. Ramos was working as a clerk in a Madrid warehouse on January 7, when he started feeling ill just after lunch. A number of symptoms started to manifest themselves, including a violent itchy rash, some serious swelling of the throat and a drastic drop in blood pressure. The man, who was known to have allergies, quickly injected himself some epinephrine, but his health condition continued to deteriorate.

The young man was rapidly carried to the hospital by co-workers, but the medical staff was unable to identify the cause of his allergic reaction in time and none of the usual treatments or drugs seemed to work. Mr. Ramos was confirmed dead just over an hour after arriving at the hospital.


The medical examiners and forensic experts at the Carlos III hospital had to execute a lot of tests and analysis before they could precisely determine what caused Mr. Ramos to die of an allergic reaction to seafood,  since all he had eaten before his death was a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich with a diet cola. They were astonished when they discovered that the tomato he had ingested, not only contained some fish-related allergens, but also some antibiotic resistant genes which had prevented Mr. Ramos’ white blood cell from saving his life.

“At first we thought that there had been some form of contamination of his food, from contact with fish or seafood during the preparation” explained Dr. Rafael Pérez-Santamarina. “It was only when we tested the tomato itself that we noticed that it contained some allergens usually found in seafood. We did many different analysis and they all confirmed that the tomato was indeed the source of the allergens that killed Mr. Ramos.”


The case of Mr. Ramos is the first human death officially confirmed to be linked to the ingestion of genetically modified food. It contradicts most studies on GMOs which had concluded that genetically engineered crops currently on the market were completely safe to eat.

A team led by University of Nebraska scientists had anticipated this kind of problem in 1996, when they found that a Brazil nut protein introduced to improve the nutritional quality of genetically modified soybeans was able to provoke an allergic reaction in people with Brazil nut allergies. However, this kind of problem was dismissed by most scientists as very improbable, since it could easily be avoided with proper safety testing. The soybean injected with the Brazil nut gene was indeed abandoned during development, but it seems that the genetically modified tomato that caused Mr. Ramos’ death had not been submitted to sufficient testing and the lethal risk had not been identified before it was marketed.

The Spanish ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality ordered for the tomatoes of Portugese origin which infected the young man, to be recalled and removed from stores and markets for safety reasons. More than 7000 tons of tomatoes will therefore be ceased across the country by ministry inspectors and public safety officials.

The ministry also issued a public statement about the death of Mr Ramos in which it sends its condolences to his family and adds that it will “immediately demand further research on the subject to determine if other genetically modified food products on the European market could represent a risk for the Spanish population”.

Barbara Johnson



Date: Mon, Oct 12, 2015 06:18 PM

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Here’s our Broadcasting Schedule (Be sure to save this):

Episode 1: The True History of Chemotherapy & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly (October 13th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 2: Cancer Facts and Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer & Essential Oils (October 14th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 3: Cancer-Killing Viruses, Cancer Stem Cells, GMOs, Juicing & Eating the Rainbow (October 15th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 4: Excitotoxins that Fuel Cancer, Nature’s Pharmacy and Healing Cancer with Sound & Light (October 16th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 5: Cancer Causing Blindspots, Toxic Vaccines, Homeopathy & The Power of Emotions (October 17th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 6: The NOCEBO Effect, Healing Vaccines, Advanced Detoxing & Going Inside A German Cancer Clinic (October 18th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 7: Heal Cancer with Clean Electricity, Unique Water, Natural Sunlight & Combining Superfoods (October 19th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 8: Cannabis, Nature’s Epigenetic Switches, Peptides & Healing with Micronutrient Therapy (October 20th 9:00PM Eastern US time)

Episode 9: Cancer Conquerors & Their Powerful Stories of Victory (October 21st 9:00PM Eastern US time)

(The episodes that are currently playing are highlighted as a live link above.)

All episodes start airing at 9:00PM Eastern US time on the date listed above and will be available for approximately 23 hours, after which time the next episode will be loaded onto our site for your viewing pleasure 🙂

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Certified Mail # 7012 2210 0001 7889 2257                                                                        NOTICE TO AGENT IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPLE                                                                    NOTICE TO PRINCIPLE IS NOTICE TO AGENT

CASE NO. DR 150268

TO:   Court File Clerks, such as Elizabeth Smith, David V., and John i-don’t-have-to-tell-              you-my-last-name,

Please find the enclosed un-opened envelope from: THE SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT 825 FIFTH STREET, EUREKA, CA, post-marked October 7, and placed in my private mailbox October 9th, being returned for the following reasons:

Capitis Diminutio Maxima (meaning a maximum loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. JOHN DOE or DOE JOHN) – The highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurred when a man’s condition was changed from one of freedom to one of bondage, when he became a slave. It swept away with it all rights of citizenship and all family rights. Blacks Law Dictionary 6th Edition, pg. 211.

The Cesti que vie trust name LINDA CASSARA, is not on any of my filed documents in this case. If you desire to communicate with the living, my name and address are grammar-correct on each and every one of my filings in this CASE NO. DR 150268.

Example:                                                                                                                         Linda Cassara                                                                                                                     Non-Domestic First Class Mail                                                                                             C/O Highway 36 ~the heart of Humboldt                                                                             Now Here, California   (CA is federal territory. California is not federal territory).

Any other spelling, ALL CAPS, or reversal of my name will not be recognized, as it is a dishonor to my family.

“The practice of Law is an occupation of common right.” Sims v. Aherns 71 S.W. 720 (1925).

“Those who benefit from any societal mechanism rarely wish to understand that mechanism, especially if it appears to grant them authority over their fellow man and understanding that mechanism would limit, diminish, or remove that apparent power of control or authority. They simply do not want to know, because it is far easier to ignorantly control others than it is to wisely control yourself.”                                                               -Robert Arthur Menard.

You either support the evil, or you are a part of the solution.

October _____ 2015 A.D.                                                               Have a peaceful day,


On the 2nd floor of the Administration Building, the locked “Secretary’s Office” door now has a stick-on sign that reads: Administration Closed From 12:00 – 1:00. On the wall immediately to the left of the door, are the “Open” hours – 8:00 – 4:00. Waited about 6 minutes until 1:00, buzzed at the door, could hear a ring, ring, ring – no answer. Along comes an Administrator Secretary heading for the always-locked Secretaries door and asks what we want. I have an un-intelligible name signed on a Certified Mail receipt card and ask her if she could tell me the correct spelling of the last name. She said that she is not familiar with the last name (first name John). She has no idea who it is, THEN said that the court mail is received in the court file clerk’s office downstairs.   –Altho, the court file clerk’s address is on “I” Street, not the addressed to: 825 Fifth, Superior Court.

Downstairs, to no surprise, David V. says that the court mail is received up in the Secretary’ Office, and he (also) has no idea whose name that is.

The times I’ve asked to see the file . . . it’s always upstairs . . . w/the black robed cabal.

On the top 5th floor Public Records Office (with gorgeous views of the bay), Christine i-don’t-have-to-tell-you-my-last-name, snatched-up My documents de jure, asking me, “Which one do you want recorded first?” I replied, ‘The Declaration.” She said, as she walked away, “I’ll put them in order for you.” At her desk, she unstapled them, computer, computer, computer – this went on for some time. The printing machine is spewing out printed paper. C returns to the counter, is handing me my docs, as she staples and attempts to hand me her LEGAL opinion of her just-printed policy, about her not doing what she is paid (out of the Public Treasury) to do – PHUKKING RECORD!!

Queen hands her public-servant-impersonator three pages of S.Ct. rulings, Codes, Copyright trespass (which C has just committed when she unstapled an embossed-through Notorial sealed document), and if she scanned my second document, which has a footer that reads: This matter/text copyright © by the Title Holder. All rights to this material/text and what it may represent is by terms and conditions of the Title Holder. Title Holder Linda Cassara With the Copy-Claim. BAR Member 093015.

THIS queen never granted permission to Any One to trespass on We, the People’s endowed right to imagine, create, bring to fruition/manifest instruments/documents for Public reference use in a court of record. Obstruction of Justice. Ya think?

Christine DOE accepts the three pages I hand to her, with her name now written in red on the top right corner. I toss to the air the pitiful pieces of paper C hands to me. We turn and exit the quiet huge room . . . as I’m saying, “Poor Humboldt. Deaf, dumb and blind!”

Of note: the head guy of the Records Office, Ben, was only two chairs down from where we were standing at the counter. He was helping another, but couldn’t help but hear the conversation between Christine and me.

10 crazy facts about Christopher Columbus…

  1. Christopher Columbus DID NOT discover the main landmass of America. He only discovered the West Indies; which he named such, believing he had reached the western edge of India. He never set foot on the mainland of North America.
  1. The first sight of land was on October 12, 1492. This island in the Bahamas (Caribbean) was named Rodrigo de Triana. It is now called San Salvador.
  1. Before getting his commission and setting off to discover the trade route, Christopher Columbus was a PIRATE and made a living attacking other ships.
  1. Christopher Columbus became a SLAVE TRADER. He pioneered the American Slave Trade. Excerpts from Columbus’ logbook note that the natives “…would make fine servants. With 50 men we could subjugate them and make them do whatever we want.” He later wrote, “Let us in the name of the Holy Trinity go on sending all the slaves that can be sold.”
  1. Columbus destroyed the native population of Haiti (the Taino Indians); mainly through contagious diseases; but also forced gold taxation leading to torture, murder, suicides and the like. He then began shipping African slaves to the island, which has had consequences reaching into modern day.
  1. The birth name of Christopher Columbus was Cristoforo Colombo. He was born in Italy.
  1. The crew of the first voyage consisted of 24 men for the Nina, 26 for the Pinta, and 40 for the Santa Maria. There were NO WOMEN allowed.
  1. The name of Columbus’ ship “Pinta”, is Spanish for “Prostitute”.
  1. Half of Columbus’ voyages ended in disaster. On his first voyage (1492), his fully outfitted flagship, the Santa Maria, ran aground and sank. On his fourth trip, his ship rotted away and he spent a year with his men marooned on Jamaica.
  1. Christopher Columbus has been viewed as an intrepid explorer, a monster, and a slave trader; who unleashed horrors and conquest upon unsuspecting natives. He was the first in a long line of many in the continued conquest of the Americas. However, scholars note #Columbus had both admirable qualities and negative ones: even though it appears he was brave, Columbus is also seen as a very flawed human being.

In Columbus’ day, things were looked at differently. He was probably seen as a hero, and in some ways a good businessman. Even to this day, some of his achievements are still celebrated in his name. But over time, the facts about him and his achievements have been blurred and forgotten by the masses. Does it make Columbus any less of a man? That is for you to decide.


May 21st , 2015 A.D. – filed into the Public-California Superior Court

May 24th – served summons

June 9th – At the County Public-Domain Records Office in Eureka; Counter troll Margaret Morris denies equal access w/no evidence for her claim. Morris refuses to receive a ‘Color of Law’ Violation Warning, signed by two sovereigns and left on the closest desk for her. The unlawfully refused documents, Notice to Public Servants, Declaration and a Fee Schedule, are under Notary Presentment.

June 15th – 800 year Magna Carta celebration.

June 16th – Certified Mail to Morris and Hinrichs (HumCo’s ‘Presiding Judge’).

June 25th – HumCo’s “Revenue Recovery Team” telephones this queen at 7:00 p.m., about $5,800 in regards to when the City of Fortuna’s badged Nazis stole her car (Nov. 2014), and was afforded no ‘day in court.’

June 26th – Friend, witness, process server, and chauffeur –James- comes and picks up this queen’s petition of right and writ of error (w/definition), to file for her on Monday. (The Petition paves the way for the Writ). The Writ of Error (made by THIS COURT of record) is about the unlawful tax, labeled fees, for filing.

June 29 – James is refused filing into this case.

July 14th – Had to p.u. signatures for Morris and Hinrichs at Hydesville P.O., because, well . . . . you Know just how bad commerce is crumbling when even the mailman doesn’t know his ‘job description’ – GET THE DAMNED SIGNATURE & return the card!

August 17 – Queen and (paralegal) daughter p.u. papers in Santa Rosa office of the wrongdoer’s Attorney-of-Record, Heather-Ann Young, Esquire, because her ‘proof of service’ envelope arrived empty in July.

September 1 – Filed: Notice of Motion, Motion to Deny Claim to Strike, and Points and Authorities In Support Of Motion.

September 2nd – Handed Heather-Ann Young copies of yesterday’s filings. Dale Reinholtsen recuses himself. Further, without proper authority, the magistrate stepped out of his function as a magistrate and, by his actions and statements, figuratively assumed the cloak of a tribunal, when he offered audio [foreign] ‘Court-Calls’ for future hearings.

September 4th – Certified Mail a Writ of Discovery to Heather-Ann Young. -No signature card receipt received. However, Heather-Ann Young (as she bleeds from her fingernails trying to hang onto the lies), files an ill-equipped and most unpleasant reply.

September 11 – Filed: Judicial Notice, Findings of Fact, and a Demand For Validation of Oath and Bond (Hinrichs).

                         John i-don’t-have-to-tell-you-my-last-name refuses to file/record one of the People’s “Petition of Right” and “Writ of Error” w/definition, into a ‘new’ docket number. Figuring that since They refuse to file into this existing case, this queen asked for a case # to file the same Base instruments/documents into, beginning with this Petition of Right and Writ of Error. Under USC Title 18 a Clerk is not authorized to practice law –which is what they do when they refuse documents. A clerk can only receive Documents not evaluate them. JOHN DOE has My documents! He says that his Super-Visor must approve first.

September 11 – Certified Mail ‘Notice of Fraud’ to Humboldt County Clerk.

September 14 – 2nd hearing -Hinrichs can’t locate the file and denies that she has to have a bond. Heather-Ann Young, Esquire, on speakerphone.

September 22nd – after 2:00 and before 4:00. Not having received the acceptance of (sealed) documents by (2nd floor) Court Clerk Terry i-don’t-have-to-tell-you-my-last-name, James leaves 4 sealed envelopes in the California Superior Court Drop Box. The sealed envelopes have an Order to Seal/Confidential Information/Personnel Matter taped to the outside, with contents of; Notice of Contempt, and Motion for Contempt noted.

September 24th – James and me wait until 3:30 in Department 5 to bring ‘anymore business before the court.’ Long story short (it’s posted in here), the (sealed) ruling was placed in same Drop Box before 4:00.

October 2nd – Filed: Notice of Denial to Presumption, and a Notice of Comprehension And Intent For Claim Of Right. The Notice of Comprehension has three Exhibits, and the following is handwritten, last, under # Thirteen: “In support of: EXHIBIT-A and B and C Attached and incorporated herein in their entirety.” —Exhibit-A is handwritten, Sec. of State certified copy, of California’s 1849 Constitution. Exhibit-B is an 1879 magazine-cover picture. Exhibit-C is a 1997 L.A. Superior Court case proving CA INC’s 1879 constitution void.

~the genius of a court of record is not to be undermined. It is the birthright of every American to settle issues in a court of record, if she or he so chooses.