May 21st , 2015 A.D. – filed into the Public-California Superior Court

May 24th – served summons

June 9th – At the County Public-Domain Records Office in Eureka; Counter troll Margaret Morris denies equal access w/no evidence for her claim. Morris refuses to receive a ‘Color of Law’ Violation Warning, signed by two sovereigns and left on the closest desk for her. The unlawfully refused documents, Notice to Public Servants, Declaration and a Fee Schedule, are under Notary Presentment.

June 15th – 800 year Magna Carta celebration.

June 16th – Certified Mail to Morris and Hinrichs (HumCo’s ‘Presiding Judge’).

June 25th – HumCo’s “Revenue Recovery Team” telephones this queen at 7:00 p.m., about $5,800 in regards to when the City of Fortuna’s badged Nazis stole her car (Nov. 2014), and was afforded no ‘day in court.’

June 26th – Friend, witness, process server, and chauffeur –James- comes and picks up this queen’s petition of right and writ of error (w/definition), to file for her on Monday. (The Petition paves the way for the Writ). The Writ of Error (made by THIS COURT of record) is about the unlawful tax, labeled fees, for filing.

June 29 – James is refused filing into this case.

July 14th – Had to p.u. signatures for Morris and Hinrichs at Hydesville P.O., because, well . . . . you Know just how bad commerce is crumbling when even the mailman doesn’t know his ‘job description’ – GET THE DAMNED SIGNATURE & return the card!

August 17 – Queen and (paralegal) daughter p.u. papers in Santa Rosa office of the wrongdoer’s Attorney-of-Record, Heather-Ann Young, Esquire, because her ‘proof of service’ envelope arrived empty in July.

September 1 – Filed: Notice of Motion, Motion to Deny Claim to Strike, and Points and Authorities In Support Of Motion.

September 2nd – Handed Heather-Ann Young copies of yesterday’s filings. Dale Reinholtsen recuses himself. Further, without proper authority, the magistrate stepped out of his function as a magistrate and, by his actions and statements, figuratively assumed the cloak of a tribunal, when he offered audio [foreign] ‘Court-Calls’ for future hearings.

September 4th – Certified Mail a Writ of Discovery to Heather-Ann Young. -No signature card receipt received. However, Heather-Ann Young (as she bleeds from her fingernails trying to hang onto the lies), files an ill-equipped and most unpleasant reply.

September 11 – Filed: Judicial Notice, Findings of Fact, and a Demand For Validation of Oath and Bond (Hinrichs).

                         John i-don’t-have-to-tell-you-my-last-name refuses to file/record one of the People’s “Petition of Right” and “Writ of Error” w/definition, into a ‘new’ docket number. Figuring that since They refuse to file into this existing case, this queen asked for a case # to file the same Base instruments/documents into, beginning with this Petition of Right and Writ of Error. Under USC Title 18 a Clerk is not authorized to practice law –which is what they do when they refuse documents. A clerk can only receive Documents not evaluate them. JOHN DOE has My documents! He says that his Super-Visor must approve first.

September 11 – Certified Mail ‘Notice of Fraud’ to Humboldt County Clerk.

September 14 – 2nd hearing -Hinrichs can’t locate the file and denies that she has to have a bond. Heather-Ann Young, Esquire, on speakerphone.

September 22nd – after 2:00 and before 4:00. Not having received the acceptance of (sealed) documents by (2nd floor) Court Clerk Terry i-don’t-have-to-tell-you-my-last-name, James leaves 4 sealed envelopes in the California Superior Court Drop Box. The sealed envelopes have an Order to Seal/Confidential Information/Personnel Matter taped to the outside, with contents of; Notice of Contempt, and Motion for Contempt noted.

September 24th – James and me wait until 3:30 in Department 5 to bring ‘anymore business before the court.’ Long story short (it’s posted in here), the (sealed) ruling was placed in same Drop Box before 4:00.

October 2nd – Filed: Notice of Denial to Presumption, and a Notice of Comprehension And Intent For Claim Of Right. The Notice of Comprehension has three Exhibits, and the following is handwritten, last, under # Thirteen: “In support of: EXHIBIT-A and B and C Attached and incorporated herein in their entirety.” —Exhibit-A is handwritten, Sec. of State certified copy, of California’s 1849 Constitution. Exhibit-B is an 1879 magazine-cover picture. Exhibit-C is a 1997 L.A. Superior Court case proving CA INC’s 1879 constitution void.

~the genius of a court of record is not to be undermined. It is the birthright of every American to settle issues in a court of record, if she or he so chooses.

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