When Russian President Valdimir Putin recently said he hopes nuclear weapons are not needed to fight terrorists, he was referring to their state sponsors Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The Russians also have standing orders to sink Turkish and Israeli submarines.

The Khazarian mob’s control of America is also crumbling. This is now being seen in the corporate media as can be shown in the fact that CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield Tuesday morning (Dec. 15) said that from a period of 1980 to 1985 there were a reported 18 terror attacks committed in America by Jews, 15 of them committed by the Jewish Defense League. The head of the Jewish Defense League was in jail awaiting trial accused of trying to bomb a mosque in Culver City, trying to bomb [U.S. Congressman] Darrel Issa’s office, an Arab-American.

Benjamin Fulford full report: n-government-contemplates-sending-troo ps-to-washington-dc-to-arrest-fed-gangsters/



As I was just going through papers from Tuesday, there’s an unlawful (not autographed by Me) ORDER ON COURT FEE WAIVER (Superior Court) form. JOHN DOE the usurper, clothed in a court’s file clerk position, scribble-signed, stamped, and dated the GRANT FOR FEE WAIVER! All of a sudden ol John IS the Court. The revision date on this ^k*.?’{ form is 7-1-15. At the bottom of the reverse side it has:

I certify that I am not involved in this case and . . .

I handed a copy of this order to the party and (probably Attorney) -can’t read thru court stamp). This is the only paper that gets a court stamp.

Also there’s a (not autographed by Me, just JOHN DOE’S scribble) Notice of Inclusion in Delay Reduction Program<<(w/a April 15, 2016 date –too much) Notice of Case Management Conference form, in ol’ Reinholtsen’s #8 Dept. This form I ignored in the Riverside case –just a waste of paper.


Wednesday December 16, 2015, 3:00ish

My friend, witness, process server and chauffeur, James, just telephoned to tell me that he had served all of the summonses for my Bravada theft last November 2014. This is, of course, not your usual run-of-the-mill litigation. In that, I timely sent certified mail truth declarations, and 20 days later James handed the same persons my Specific Negative Averments (early January this year). As common law only recognizes the living, I did not sue the City of Fortuna, just the willingly uninformed thieves in their personal and official capacities.

Yesterday, December 15th, was Bill of Rights Day. What could be more fitting than granting venue per Amendments I, IV, V, and IX on Bill of Rights Day?   ~smiles.

Having been in the litigation arena since the end of May – battling all of the numb one$ who-protect-the-corporate-extortion- this case went in as a notice of summary default judgment, and demand for summary default judgment. John i-don’t-have-to-tell-you-my-last-name said, “Well, I can tell You that this is Not going to be a Summary Default Judgment!” He was about to scratch out my caption (!) –and would only stop if I would agree to sign some corporation paper. So, I did – “under duress.” After the usual push and pull of papers back and forth under the bullet-proof window, John Doe stamps a case #.

It’s past 2:00, the doors have locked from any outside entry.

Having attained a case number and not wanting to over stimulate John-the-usurper, we went outside and I put that number on an original and a copy of petition to proceed without the set-off of taxes (w/a ‘People’s Right Of Freedom To Redress’ postage stamp, autographed over by Me, on the bottom right hand corner), and supporting declaration, into the drop box.



By Dexter

This Government is ending as more and more people awake to the fact they have been turned into $laves and made the surety for the debt of the corporation, while those that have been spinning the Color of Law with drive-by politics are packing-up and moving away from the bonfire, the dye-in-the-wool usurpers (Clinton) try to squeeze the last remnants of a dyeing world for their benefit. They desecrated the people’s house once before and now their last ditch effort is to finish what they started. Are the people going to give them a second chance to loot what they missed, and what they had to return in their first piracy activity?

It was told in the movie Avatar what happens when a world goes searching for new life to bring back wealth to a dying society and revitalize it. In Cortez’s adventure the ship was sent out by the creditor to find new wealth, on board were the missionaries to placate the natives -if that didn’t work the more expensive military was sent in to subdue. The 21st century version is the church replaced by science and they still have force if that doesn’t work.

26.  Municipal Corporation record keeping

No personal records on free born American Citizens may be kept in a true and honest free society. This violation is a trespass of some of the most sacred higher laws of the land. Individual property titles are private and cannot be shared with the public, and no rightful Government would require it. These records are easily held privately by a title company or a personal lawyer. As the era of municipal corporations comes to an end, the public records department will be the first to be shifted to the private sector.

American Indian Activist, Poet John Trudell Passes On

John Trudell
By Derrick Broze

John Trudell, an American Indian poet, actor, spoken word artist, and political activist well-known for his involvement with the radical Red Power movement of the 1960s and 1970s, died on Tuesday. After a battle with cancer, Trudell died in Santa Clara County, located in Northern California, at the age of 69.

John Trudell’s estate released the following statement on his death:

John Trudell passed away today, December 8, 2015, at his home, surrounded by his family and friends. He entered this dimensional reality on February 15, 1946, and now he has left this dimensional reality. He is survived by his children and grandchildren.

John Trudell’s family asked people to celebrate love and life in honor of John, and to pray and celebrate in their own communities. One of Trudell’s last statements was of appreciation. “I appreciate all of your expressions of concern, and I appreciate all of your expressions of love. It has been like a fire to my heart,” he said. “Thank you all for that fire.  But please don’t worry about me.”

Many Americans are unfamiliar with the work of John Trudell and the American Indian Movement (AIM). U.S. history books rarely acknowledge the role of Natives in American history — especially the history of their resistance to colonization in the last 50 years. We should not rely on the oppressors to inform and educate us about the true history of this nation, especially when it comes to the history of Native activism. It is up to us to tell each other’s stories.

Trudell was born in Omaha, Nebraska on February 15, 1946 near the Santee Sioux Reservation. John’s father was Santee Sioux. After serving in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam war, Trudell became active with the American Indian Movement and civil rights battles for Native communities.

John Trudell was a part of the 1969 occupation of Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay by the United Indians of All Tribes. From November 1969 to June 1971, the group occupied the island, calling for the federal government to respect treaty rights and turn the former federal prison over to Native Americans. Trudell hosted a radio broadcast from the island called “Radio Free Alcatraz.”

After the occupation concluded, Trudell went on to serve as national chairman of AIM from 1973 to 1979. Trudell also participated in the nationally organized cross-country caravan, Trail of Broken Treaties, just one week before Election Day in 1972. The caravan ended with the occupation of the Bureau of Indian Affairs building in Washington, D.C.

In 1979, Trudell and other AIM activists went to Washington D.C. to protest the federal government. The activists burned an American flag on the steps of the office of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. At nearly the same time, John Trudell’s pregnant wife, Tina Manning, their three children, and her mother were killed in a mysterious fire at her parents’ home on the Duck Valley Indian Reservation in Nevada. Trudell and other activists have long suspected government involvement, but the cause of the fire was never officially determined.

“When I got sent up for sixty days, that time in Fargo, I was approached by another inmate, a guy I didn’t know, and he started talking about my public statements. You can’t go around talking that shit, he says, you better get out of the country. You don’t know these crazy bastards [the FBI] – they could kill your wife and children,” John Trudell would later remember.

Shortly after the incident, John Trudell began to make a transition from leading direct action to a focusing on writing poetry and music. “They’re called poems, but in reality they’re lines given to me to hang on to,” Trudell said in the 2005 documentary Trudell. He released more than a dozen albums of spoken word poetry and music. Trudell would also act in several movies, including 1992’s Thunderheart and 1998’s Smoke Signals. Most recently, Trudell and singer Willie Nelson co-founded Hempstead Project Heart, which promotes the legalization of hemp cultivation for industrial uses.

During his time as an activist, Trudell amassed a reported 17,000 page file from the FBI. Alternet reported:

An excerpt from his file, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act in 1986, reads:

“Trudell is an intelligent individual and eloquent speaker who has the ability to stimulate people into action. Trudell is a known hardliner who openly advocates and encourages the use of violence [i.e., armed self-defense] although he himself never becomes involved in the fighting …Trudell has the ability to meet with a group of pacifists and in a short time have them yelling and screaming ‘right-on!’ In short, he is an extremely effective agitator.

Speaking to Phoenix New Times about his file, John Trudell said, “What my FBI file reflects to me is their absurdity. Seventeen thousand pages is a lot of trees to assassinate to spy on someone.”

I have been following John Trudell’s work for the last couple of years and had been communicating with his manager for almost a year in an attempt to schedule an interview with this prolific man. Unfortunately, we were never able to connect. If I had had the opportunity to tell him directly, I would have let him know that his work and the work of Native and indigenous activists of the last 50 years will not be forgotten. More than that, I would let him know that his work has inspired me and many others not to forget the battles and struggles of Natives over the last 500 years.

I highly recommend listening to any of his speeches on YouTube. I promise you will be inspired and moved by this powerful being’s words. I leave you with a quote from one of Trudell’s talks, where he reminds us of our innate power within and that we cannot fight the oppressors on their terms. We must build the next stage of freedom and evolution if we are to have a future.

I remember in the 60’s and the 70’s I heard all this stuff about Power to the People, and I never understood because everyone was talking about Power to the People and they were talking about demonstrating, they were talking about VOTE, They were talking about DEALING ON THE TERMS OF THE OPPRESSOR.

Our power will come back to us, our sense of balance will come back to us when we go back to the natural way of protecting and honoring the Earth. If we have forgotten how to do it, and if we think it looks overwhelming and we can never accomplish it, then all we have to do – each of us as an individual can go out and find some spot on the Earth that we can relate to.

Feel that energy, feel that power. That’s where our safety will come from. The Earth will take care of us. We have to understand that the American Corporate State will not take care of us. They do not care about us.  – John Trudell

Please check here for an even more in-depth look at the life and legacy of John Trudell.


by Jon Rappoport
December 4, 2015

“Individual [Harvard law] students often ask teachers not to include the law of rape on exams for fear that the material would cause them to perform less well. One teacher I know was recently asked by a student not to use the word “violate” in class-as in “Does this conduct violate the law?”-because the word was triggering. Some students have even suggested that rape law should not be taught because of its potential to cause distress.” (Jeannie Suk, The New Yorker, 12/15/14)

“When you have medical services at colleges all over the country making psychiatric diagnoses and dispensing drugs, day in and day out, what do you suppose is going to happen to those students? They’re going to wear their mental-disorder labels like badges, and they’re going to think of themselves as vulnerable, and they’re going to look for new ways to prove how vulnerable they are. They’re going to say that hearing certain words can cause them to go into a tailspin…” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

The current official list of mental disorders hovers at 300. That’s 300—separately defined, treatable, and covered by insurance plans.

On a cultural level, this means the population is being tuned to the idea that they are vulnerable and at high risk. The right trigger at the right moment, a slight change in brain-chemical balance, and there it is: a disorder, with a title, a professional diagnosis, and the need for treatment.

This cultural programming—no surprise—has been a major factor in influencing people to believe they are victims. The obsessive focus on politically correct words that could offend and traumatize is, in reality, an extension of the psychiatric matrix.

A cascade of propaganda has been unleashed around the notion that people are helpless; they can’t rise above “triggering”; they must be attended to and given special consideration, even if their needs interfere with the interests of those who aren’t affected by “insensitive language.”

Hordes of little worker ants are busy digging out new words and expressions that could conceivably disturb the equilibrium of cherished victims. Soon, no doubt, we will learn that “a,” “an,” and “the” carry little violent packages of emotional electricity.

So let’s take a brief tour of the root: psychiatry, in all its glory.

In 2012, the Psychiatric Times reported that the latest edition of the bible of mental disorders, the DSM-V, would make grief a mental disorder.

Specifically, a parent who deeply mourns the loss of a child for more than two weeks would rate a diagnosis of clinical depression (and of course, drugging with one of the toxic SSRI antidepressants.)

This absurdity was even too much for some psychiatrists, and they rebelled. But the “experts” who were assembling the DSM-V didn’t care.

Well, of course not; there is a lot of money to be made by prescribing more drugs, in this case, to grieving parents.

The Psychiatric Times’ editorial attacking this lunatic classification of grief-as-disease was written by none other than Dr. Allen Frances.

My readers will remember my article about the good doctor. He is the man who was in charge of assembling the previous DSM-IV. His team expanded the definitions of ADHD and Bipolar, so that many more people would be dosed with toxic and destructive drugs like Valproate, Lithium, and Ritalin.

Yet Dr. Frances, in a December 2010 Wired interview (“Inside the Battle to Define Mental Illness”), stated:

“There is no definition of a mental disorder. It’s bullshit. I mean, you just can’t define it.”

He actually said it.

What lies below this psychiatric lunacy is an entire industrial complex. It’s dedicated to brainwashing the public into accepting the notion of discrete and real mental disorders.

Yes, people have problems, they become frustrated and confused, they suffer, but the act of carving up behavior and thought into diseases is a way of a) expanding business and b) extending the overall matrix.

More and more, as a result of relentless PR, the public believes there are a whole host of mental disorders that not only intrude on their lives but require pharmaceutical treatment.

The public believes they are victimized by these diseases and can alleviate them only through drugs.

The public believes it is “humane” to accept the existence of these diseases, and we must all join together to “remove the stigma of diagnosis.”

The public believes they are at the mercy of arbitrary shifts of brain chemistry that bring on these diseases.

The public believes, therefore, that life itself is limited by the potential onset of “psychiatric illness.”

The public believes we’re all, to one degree or another, disabled.

The public believes what they’re told to believe. Therefore, the fictitious existence of discrete mental disorders becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Matrix op called psychiatry provides a focal point, around which are woven many strands of propaganda. The overall objective? A future world that resembles, to a remarkable degree, a Universal Hospital, in which the population, granted “free” care, lives through dozens of diagnoses of diseases and disorders, with (toxic) treatments—from cradle to grave. The eternal patient.

Psychiatry seeks to gain control and domination over the entire area of human behavior, through classification by labels and bogus claims of diagnosis.

Here is the kicker: There are no definitive chemical or biological tests for any so-called mental disorder.

This fact is stunning to people. They automatically assume psychiatry is a science. It isn’t. It’s a shell game.

I refer now to the PBS FRONTLINE presentation, “Does ADHD Exist?” A quite revealing exchange occurs between the interviewer and Dr. Russell Barkley, professor of psychiatry and neurology at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

INTERVIEWER: Skeptics say that there’s no biological marker—that it [ADHD] is the one condition out there where there is no blood test, and that no one knows what causes it.

BARKLEY: That’s tremendously naive, and it shows a great deal of illiteracy about science and about the mental health professions. A disorder doesn’t have to have a blood test to be valid. If that were the case, all mental disorders would be invalid…There is no lab test for any mental disorder right now in our science. That doesn’t make them invalid.

Yes, that does make them invalid. All of them.

Of course, if you want to make science into guesswork and empty promises and speculation and tea-leaf reading, have at it. Privately, and preferably on a desert island.

Go to a library and pick up the DSM-V. Search through it for one defining laboratory test for any mental disorder. See for yourself. There isn’t any such test.

Yet, on this unscientific basis, psychiatry and its allies have managed to transform society. They’ve staged an extraordinarily successful revolution over the past 50 years.

And now, on several branches of that tree, we are seeing the poisonous fruition of a cultural correctness that seeks to encircle freedom.

It will lose. It has already begun to lose. This political-correctness extension of psychiatric gibberish is sowing the seeds of its own destruction because it has gone too far. It has taken its “lessons” too seriously and made a circus, a parade of buffoonery out of its mission.

People with eyes to see will also notice that carving up real human suffering into 300 fictitious mental disorders is far more preposterous.

Language is an important tool of political control, particularly in the form of labels. Five decades of assigning labels to people’s brains and minds have an effect. Feedback loops are created. People invent “information” that confirms the label that is given to them.

Now we are talking about real triggers. The names of mental disorders are a form of hypnosis, in which the patient supplies most of the trance. He defines himself as he is “supposed to.”

Combatting the psychiatric dumb-show will be a lot harder than sweeping away the political-correctness language police. Psychiatry has the official imprimatur of governments, courts, school systems, university departments, and even the military.

Big Pharma sits behind it all, financing the institution of psychiatry and selling the drugs.

However, the individual can liberate himself from the whole nexus through insight. He can discover the truth about this pseudoscience. In separating himself from it, he gains separation from one of the most formidable networks that spans a society increasingly built on mind control.

Coda: In the last five years, psychiatric care has become one of the go-to fairy tales, whenever a mass shooting (not linked to terrorism) takes place. “If only the disturbed man had been spotted earlier and treated…” Indeed, Obama, who knows as much about “mental-health” as a deer knows about piloting a space ship, issued an order, after Sandy Hook, to create psychiatric community clinics all across America. This solution will actually increase the murder rate, because it just so happens that the most popular class of antidepressants (e,g., Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft) can and does push patients over the edge into violence, including suicide and homicide. Psychiatry is a Johnny-apple-seed operation for otherwise inexplicable and random killings.



~a war of the wor(l)ds:

heart vs the head
individual vs the collective
self-govern vs external control
free will vs Slave
Cooperation vs Competition
fact vs Fiction
Government vs Corporation
Substance/value vs Debt Notes
Oath vs Bond
in the state vs in this state
California vs CA.
California state vs State of California
Humboldt County vs County of Humboldt
America vs United States
the Constitution for the united States of America vs U.S. Constitution
Contract vs Adhesion-Contract/application
Law vs Legal
Jurisdiction vs Venue
Trial vs Try All
Natural law vs Man-made Rules
Birth vs Berth
Name vs NAME
Equality vs Title of Nobility
Autograph vs Signature
Common law vs Commerce
Land patent vs Deed
Record vs Registration
Travel vs Drive
95501 vs 9998
Bondage vs freedom
Excise Tax vs Indirect Tax
Wages vs Income
Work vs Job
Awake vs eyes wide shut
Responsible for all actions vs Insurance
Outside the box vs The Matrix
Abundance vs scarcity
Nutritious food vs Man-made plastic
Appoint vs Elect
Life vs VaXcines

“They conferred as against the government the right to be left alone – the most comprehensive of rights and the most valued by civilized man.”
     Olmstead v United States 277 U.S. (1928), Washington v Harper 494 U.S.              (1990).

“We did not raise armies for conquest or glory.” Jefferson

“We have created the problems of our world; we have to recreate the world of solutions. Conventional activism separates, us (those doing right) versus them (those doing wrong). Quantum physics says that all is movement of consciousness; we are the world. There is no us versus them. There is only movement toward consciousness or away from consciousness.” Dr. Amit Guswami