By Dexter

This Government is ending as more and more people awake to the fact they have been turned into $laves and made the surety for the debt of the corporation, while those that have been spinning the Color of Law with drive-by politics are packing-up and moving away from the bonfire, the dye-in-the-wool usurpers (Clinton) try to squeeze the last remnants of a dyeing world for their benefit. They desecrated the people’s house once before and now their last ditch effort is to finish what they started. Are the people going to give them a second chance to loot what they missed, and what they had to return in their first piracy activity?

It was told in the movie Avatar what happens when a world goes searching for new life to bring back wealth to a dying society and revitalize it. In Cortez’s adventure the ship was sent out by the creditor to find new wealth, on board were the missionaries to placate the natives -if that didn’t work the more expensive military was sent in to subdue. The 21st century version is the church replaced by science and they still have force if that doesn’t work.

26.  Municipal Corporation record keeping

No personal records on free born American Citizens may be kept in a true and honest free society. This violation is a trespass of some of the most sacred higher laws of the land. Individual property titles are private and cannot be shared with the public, and no rightful Government would require it. These records are easily held privately by a title company or a personal lawyer. As the era of municipal corporations comes to an end, the public records department will be the first to be shifted to the private sector.

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