As I was just going through papers from Tuesday, there’s an unlawful (not autographed by Me) ORDER ON COURT FEE WAIVER (Superior Court) form. JOHN DOE the usurper, clothed in a court’s file clerk position, scribble-signed, stamped, and dated the GRANT FOR FEE WAIVER! All of a sudden ol John IS the Court. The revision date on this ^k*.?’{ form is 7-1-15. At the bottom of the reverse side it has:

I certify that I am not involved in this case and . . .

I handed a copy of this order to the party and (probably Attorney) -can’t read thru court stamp). This is the only paper that gets a court stamp.

Also there’s a (not autographed by Me, just JOHN DOE’S scribble) Notice of Inclusion in Delay Reduction Program<<(w/a April 15, 2016 date –too much) Notice of Case Management Conference form, in ol’ Reinholtsen’s #8 Dept. This form I ignored in the Riverside case –just a waste of paper.

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