Wednesday December 16, 2015, 3:00ish

My friend, witness, process server and chauffeur, James, just telephoned to tell me that he had served all of the summonses for my Bravada theft last November 2014. This is, of course, not your usual run-of-the-mill litigation. In that, I timely sent certified mail truth declarations, and 20 days later James handed the same persons my Specific Negative Averments (early January this year). As common law only recognizes the living, I did not sue the City of Fortuna, just the willingly uninformed thieves in their personal and official capacities.

Yesterday, December 15th, was Bill of Rights Day. What could be more fitting than granting venue per Amendments I, IV, V, and IX on Bill of Rights Day?   ~smiles.

Having been in the litigation arena since the end of May – battling all of the numb one$ who-protect-the-corporate-extortion- this case went in as a notice of summary default judgment, and demand for summary default judgment. John i-don’t-have-to-tell-you-my-last-name said, “Well, I can tell You that this is Not going to be a Summary Default Judgment!” He was about to scratch out my caption (!) –and would only stop if I would agree to sign some corporation paper. So, I did – “under duress.” After the usual push and pull of papers back and forth under the bullet-proof window, John Doe stamps a case #.

It’s past 2:00, the doors have locked from any outside entry.

Having attained a case number and not wanting to over stimulate John-the-usurper, we went outside and I put that number on an original and a copy of petition to proceed without the set-off of taxes (w/a ‘People’s Right Of Freedom To Redress’ postage stamp, autographed over by Me, on the bottom right hand corner), and supporting declaration, into the drop box.


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