Final Financial Assessment below via Alaska state judge Anna,

We have all been bamboozled by these phonies (as in Phoenicians) long

The bankers and lawyers who have acted as the foot soldiers of this
global Evil Empire have planned various scenarios for the demise of
America. First of all, we are to be blamed for all their sins. Second
of all, we are to be charged with all their crimes. Third, we are to be
stripped of whatever wealth we still have after they have stolen as much
as they can possibly steal to pay their debts.

From their standpoint, it would be expedient to foment a civil war on
our soil. There are a number of reasons.

First, it kills off their lawful Creditors, the American People. They
are now claiming in the United Nations that we no longer exist and that
the heirs of their Creditors are “absent” or “unknown”. This pathetic
excuse is being offered as a means of avoiding paying back the American
People for gold illegally confiscated in the 1930’s and labor and
resources exchanged for no payment but hot air and paper ever since.

Second, murder of the American People allows them to collect on life
insurance policies that they have gratuitously established on each and
every one of us, naming themselves and their corporations as the

Third, murder of the American People leaves an opportunity for them and
their buddies to claim the “abandoned property” just as they did in
Germany after the War.

They call this “plowing the field”—- emptying the land of its people
and decrepit buildings and infrastructure so that it can be rebuilt
under new ownership: theirs.

However, they have to have a plausible reason for attacking the American
People, because after all they are under public contract to protect us
and are continuing to siphon off large payments from our public
treasuries for the service. They therefore have to find some sneaky,
backdoor means to excuse their actions — and their continuing crimes
against us.

It is time to recognize these criminals for who and what they are and to
bring a stop to them and their predations upon the entire world. The
most expedient way to do this is for everyone worldwide to cease
operating as any form of corporation—simply dissolve them all,
nationalize their assets in the case of “government” corporations,
demand that the Pope acting as CEO liquidate those corporations that
have acted as criminal syndicates—-including the major banks. Apply
the Icelandic Answer.

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