Jennifer Green’s letter of today, Sunday January 24th, is close . . .if ‘conflict of interest’ were the Only prob.

How about a respect for words?

Medical marijuana goes together like military intelligence or jumbo shrimp.  The ‘Supes.’ and We, the People, must have an agreed upon value to the words that make up our every day language.

Example:  the word marijuana is a mongrel word.  Jack Herer pointed this out to us in his book The Emperor Wears No Clothes.  We all know, or should know by now, where this mongrel word originated.  At the end of the Mexican American War the chained “enemies” were smoking and saying the word marijuana.  Perhaps they were describing ‘prisoner.’  Nevertheless, for those who have a dictionary, you can read Webster’s definition of marijuana to be “flowers and leaves.’  (Buds and nugs in today’s lingo).

How many of the villagers beLIEve that the medicinal part of the hemp plant is in the flowers and leaves?  Seeds and roots?  Stems and leaves?  Stems and seeds?  Roots and leaves?

How can we go forward if we don’t know where we’re Standing?  If we don’t know how to Stand?  How can we have Standing if we aren’t communicating on a level of fact?

Their realm is fictional.  It resides in legalities –as in, based on colorful fraud.

Every court order, every piece of paper is based on opinion, that’s why they call it practicing LAW, but they are not practicing law, they are manipulating codes and basing opinions on those so called codes.  Codes (secret).

If an opinion (order) is not backed by a sworn affidavit of the signatory on any court order or legal opinion, then it means nothing and holds no power, unless you let it. Someone has to take the liability for restricting your personal rights and liberty, or at the very least compensate one for their performance under a legal realm.

They are at arms length and people have been letting these opinionated morons run their counties into the ground so the @System@ has to resort to throwing people into jail, enslaving them further with debt just to keep their sorry asses above water.

If We, the People, are wanting a piece of paper to hold any power then let it be so, but if we question the paper and the Man behind it, we will see who runs and hides.

Note – Nezzi Wade is in need of a dictionary.  How many of the people beLIEve they “reside?”  How many know that when someone makes a “resolution” (New Years perhaps), that the resolution only applies to the one who makes it?  How many claim the slave position of “U.S. Inc. Citizen?”  Think!

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