Posted: 28 Jan 2016
By Jim Kirwan

The FBI held a supposed Press Conference today, except that the term ‘press conference’ implies that there would be explanations for actions taken by those who called the press conference. But in this case, no questions were allowed, despite the fact that the FBI had murdered one of the activists, who was on their way to supposedly meet with the FBI and others to talk about ways to end this impasse peacefully. This event produced the first shots from the Corporate Government, six of which entered the body of the man they murdered on the road. That ‘murder’ by the GOV. will start this war with the U.S. INC. Government followers, that will only intensify-–given their continuing fascist attitude toward the American people.

There were supposed to be only three speakers at today’s meeting, but the stage was flooded with uniformed mutes, who were there to show thuggery at its finest. The FBI director for the State of Oregon, the U.S. Attorney for Oregon and the Sheriff of Burns were supposed to speak. But when the Sheriff took the microphone he was accompanied, at his left hand elbow, by his partner in crime “The Judge,” better-known as Judge Grasty.

All three speakers should be behind bars, for giving their bogus comments to the people of Burns and to the people of America. FBI Press Conference on Oregon Standoff and Shooting (TRUNEWS VIDEO)

The FBI director made sounds but actually said nothing. The U.S. Attorney for Oregon, said the ‘documents’ they were developing would speak for themselves-–but I cannot recall a time when pieces of paper were ever used to ‘speak’ to the public or ‘for’ any politician. The reason we have press conferences is to get answers as to why events have occurred, especially when those who created a crime, something as callous as cold-blooded murder-–are needed to explain themselves.

If you or I had just publicly murdered someone we would be expected to explain our actions, ASAP.

But when uniformed thugs do this the need for action should have been mandatory, given that the people on the stage were the same people who were and still are directly responsible for “keeping order” and cold bloodily killing a human being, in a situation which the State created, by first inviting the victim and the others to another town to meet with them to discuss ways to supposedly resolve the continuing conflict-–only to run them off the road and then proceed to fire dozens of shots into their car full of people, and to shoot down LaVoy Finicum who had left the vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene: Despite the fact that all those agents were present on the road, the Corporate Government, the Corporate State and the Corporate County could not determine the cause of his death—some say he was shot three times, others say six times-–but all agreed that he was indeed DEAD, but they have still refused to identify who they killed.

Dave Ward, the pathetic Sheriff with a deficient IQ for the position he was appointed to fill, was having one of his continuing tear-filled breakdowns, which was why “The Judge” was intently at his side, in case the Sheriff might break with protocol and let anything untoward slip out. These three creatures all need to be immediately arrested if the precious town of Burns is to ever get back to what they call “normal.”

Listen Up America

The reality is that it was the criminal GOVERNMENT–CITY, COUNTY, STATE and FEDERAL that caused the problems yesterday along with the MURDER of one of the protesting occupiers. The Stress which the state supposedly came to remove, was put into Burns Oregon by the Feds and the State, as well as the County, because of what they did to the townspeople of Burns. The “outsiders” did not invade their town or cordon off their streets, or shut down their schools–that was all on the terrified GubberNut agents-–not the outsiders.

The useless appointed Sheriff, claimed that THE GOV. didn’t “Arm-Up” in this situation, yet it was the GOV. side of this that murdered one of those outsiders, and not the other way around–not to mention the fact that the cops and company are always armed to the teeth.

All of the speakers today missed the point: It was not the “outsiders” that were tearing the town apart, but the reality that was being injected by questions and answers provided and being discussed around the existence of the Constitution that was behind the revitalized people still living in Burns.

The people who need to be prosecuted, to the fullest extent of all the laws they have each repeatedly broken, can be found in the Corporation posing as ‘Government,’ at all levels. See the Constitution for the particulars.

And as for being “outsiders”– the uniformed morons seem to forget that this is America and we are ALLOWED TO GO WHEREVER THE HELL WE CHOOSE TO GO, and no political hack on the take has any right to interfere with any one of the law-abiding people, anywhere in this country: Unless of course, America is actually now totally law-less-–in which case these baseless creatures can declare any of us as “illegal” or in violation of their miniature version of Martial Law-–which is what is governing Harney County and all those who might still live therein.

Let no one ever forget that it was the FBI and the State and County that took the first unlawful step in this war upon the people of this country–when they murdered LaVoy Finicum in cold-blood.

But today instead of being behind bars, where they all belong, these three criminal-representatives congratulated themselves along with the AG and the Gov. of Oregon, both equally inept as public officials and totally incompetent to represent the people of Oregon – in any way whatsoever.

But instead of that–the whole world got to watch while all these fake Public Servants got to congratulate themselves on the murder of an American who was guilty only of “being an Outsider in the now failed state of Oregon.”

People across this country are all ‘Americans.’ And as Americans we each have the right to go wherever we choose in the union states of America, any time we wish to make that trip, anywhere in this country where the Constitution is not being used for toilet paper, as has been the case in Burns Oregon for decades!


2 thoughts on “IN OREGON

  1. I am sending this info re. Amerika’s jack-booted thugs to all my English speaking,-especially all my American- contacts to help expose the OBOMINATIONS “change” he promised. It is mathematically proven that if 13 persons contact or e-mail- 13 others, and they each send the info to 13 others,- by the time 13 generations of contacts have gone out,- then we will have sent these facts re. the new world order and it’s puppet,- The non-american, anti-christian, muslim traitor that the stupid people of the U.S. voted in as their leader. Hope they are enjoying his promised ‘change’ !!! I am now living in the Philippines where i fled to after I pushed my Sovereignty VS. corporate slave status in Arkansas,where i was on the verge of being arrested on a bogus warrant,- whereupon i would be executed while ‘attempting to escape’, as i was on the verge of getting three corporate officials masquerading as Judges to Federal Prison via my Sovereignty law paperwork,- i.e.- TRUTH AFFIDAVITS and NEGATIVE AVEREMENTS . -MR> BILL

  2. Mr. Bill,

    As you know, I have followed along in your footsteps with Declarations and Negative Averments. The ‘Court’ date for the theft of my Bravada is scheduled for Tuesday, February 16 @ 1:45 in Department 8 – this is Reinholtsen’s department. He recused himself on my last court case. This time, I’m demanding a real flag in the room –Not a red, white, blue AND Gold military tribunal one. I’ll take my own flag– California Republic, a Bible, and be dressed in white. Also, I’ve demanded a certified copy of his Bond – otherwise, his pretend oath isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

    Coincidentally – I did email 13 people.

    There is more fiction with no authority backing preached and practiced in America than any other place on this ROCK.

    ~the Philippines is sounding better and better to me!

    Thank you for your support and guidance.

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