Kurt Kallenbach Season of Treason III

This is Kurt Kallenbach giving his latest and possibly very last video ever.

If you want to understand the Birth Certificate, Jurisdiction, and who’s house we live in watch this.

Found here:








2 thoughts on “Kurt Kallenbach Season of Treason III

  1. Where can the tags be purchased at? Do I need two sets if I have 2 vehicles?.

  2. Renee Trice,

    On the Kurt Kallenbach Season of Treason III – I’ve watched it several
    times –I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you ask about ‘tags’
    for cars (Not vehicles!).

    Allow me to repeat – there are no magic documents or “tags.” We’re
    living in a Police State. When it comes down to it there’s you and your
    creator and how you interact with Order Followers. There’s no such thing
    as a sovereign in commerce –you know that. I’ve been motioned roadside
    with my own plates (SUI JURIS) on my truck and was able to talk to the
    officers –about 30 minutes- and traveled on my way. Before anything can
    come into existence it has to have a thought. That thought has to be
    maintained and nurtured unwaveringly to be realized into the physical
    material world . . . congratulations you’re a creator of your dreams. If
    there is power in the present to change our condition with our minds
    then there is hope in the future for a better tomorrow.

    Rather than the ‘defense’ approach – keep in mind that the Order
    Followers are not ‘Peace’ Officers performing their jobs in the
    republic. They literally have no right what so ever, no authority, or
    business, to engage in conversation, or motion us roadside, or evict us
    – nothing. Zip, zero, nada.

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