* Posted by Jaro on March 29, 2016 at 2:00am

Winston Shrout was indicted in federal DISTRICT OF OREGON Court. I hope everybody realizes that DISTRICT OF OREGON is a district of District of Columbia, since the term “United States” means District of Columbia. And that obviously is a FEDERAL REGION, since federal courts DO NOT have jurisdiction over states of the Union, UNLESS they specify that it is a matter involving INTERSTATE COMMERCE.

He’s scheduled to be on Tad’s talkshoe today, March 29th at 6PM Pacific. See a link at the bottom.

He’s accused of making and issuing more than 300 fake “International Bills of Exchange” on his own behalf and for credit to third parties. The government contends Shrout falsely claimed the bills had value and purported them to be worth more than $100 trillion.

The grand jury returned an indictment charging Shrout with 13 counts of making, presenting and transmitting fictitious financial instruments and six counts of willfully failing to file income tax returns.

The indictment also alleges Shrout promoted and marketed the fake financial documents to pay off debts.

He’s also accused of failing to file income tax returns from 2009 through 2014 after receiving income for presentations at seminars and licensing fees for the sale of DVD recordings and private client consultations through his business Winston Shrout Solutions in Commerce.

Here’s the indictment:

Shrout was previously indicted in December on charges of failure to file tax returns. On that indictment, he told the court in February that he didn’t want to be represented by a court-appointed attorney, and a judge allowed him to represent himself but named an assistant federal public defender to advise him. The court entered a not guilty plea on his behalf, according to court records.

Shrout is scheduled to return to court on this new indictment March 31.

If convicted, Shrout faces a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison on each count of making, presenting and transmitting fake financial documents and one year for each count of failure to file income tax returns.

First of all, despite the news stories going around, Winston was NOT arrested. He said that he was simply served a summons and he is in high confidence that the issue will be resolved in his favor before ever going to trial. He will be available to discuss this whole issue as well as other topics on our upcoming call.

Please join us Tuesday, March 29th at 6PM Pacific for this special call. Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 For Non Talkshoe members, please dial 1# and then, Call ID: 46256


And here’s Winston’s answer that someone posted:

Here is Shrout’s answer: (available on PACER)

Case 3:15-cr-00438-JO Document 9 Filed 01/20/16 Page 1 of 7


* ) Case No. 3:15-cr-00438-JO v. )

By: Winston Shrout, as Real Party in Interest, 3rd Party Interest Intervenor under Injury, Sole Shareholder in WINSTON SHROUT, Settlor/Beneficiary of WINSTON SHROUT 401643573

COMES NOW Winston Shrout, a Real Party in Interest, 3rd Party Interest Intervenor under Injury, Sole Shareholder in WINSTON SHROUT, Settlor and Beneficiary of WINSTON SHROUT 401643573, who is neutral in the public, who is unschooled in law, and making a special appearance before this court under the supplemental rules of Admiralty, Rule E(8), a restricted appearance, without granting jurisdiction, and notices the court of enunciation of principles as stated in Haines v. Kerner, 404 U.S. 519, wherein the court has directed that those who are unschooled in law making pleadings and/or complaints shall have the court look to the substance of the pleadings rather in than the form, and hereby makes the following pleadings/notices in the above referenced matter without waiver of any other defenses.


I, Winston Shrout, “Third Party Interest Intervenor under Injury,” having terminated the previous fiduciary to the corporate entity (ens legis), a documented vessel under United States registry, otherwise described as WINSTON SHROUT or any alphabetical or numerical variation thereof, a.k.a. (Defendant), nunc pro tune the fourth month, twenty-seventh day, nineteen hundred and forty-eight C.E., said entity having as it’s trustee the Secretary of Transportation of the United States pursuant to and in accordance with [Title 46 App. U.S.C. § 1247] and there being no living sentient being responsible to accept serviceofprocess or other documents, and cannot appear in a court of the United States or act as a duly appointed transfer agent, and cannot achieve parity with real people. Therefore I, Winston Shrout, “Settler/Beneficiary,” hereby

Case 3:15-cr-00438-JO Document 9 Filed 01/20/16 Page 2 of 7

nominate and do appoint Robert E. Jones, dba ROBERT E. JONES U.S. DISTRICT COURT JUDGE, as being qualified to fulfill the position of “Public Officer Fiduciary/ Trustee” for the corporate entity described above in all-capital-letter-assemblages, the same to be effective immediately as of the date set forth below, and shall continue until further notice or reappointment, substitution or cancellation, within the venue as ordained and established by the People of the Territory of Oregon, through their original Organic Constitution of Oregon state.

Whereas, said fiduciary responsibilities are to exercise scrupulous good faith and candor towards, and for the benefit and on behalf of Winston Shrout, “Settler/Beneficiary,” the exclusive and limited purpose of accepting and receiving all liabilities, accepting and receiving all service of process and other documents, instruments, bonds or other important papers, to appear and discharge, settle and close all matters material to above referred (Debtor) in all- capital-letter-assemblages, the same shall be by order of Winston Shrout, “Settler/Beneficiary” or other delegated or appointee of Winston Shrout, “Settler/Beneficiary,” including assignments for or on behalf of the principal (Defendant), WINSTON SHROUT, including any alphabetical or numerical variation thereof as described above, and to do all other acts requisite to faithfully execute said appointment, fully, faithfully, specially under this appointment.

Said fiduciary shall investigate and report to the US Attorney General any and all acts which may be evidence of felonious acts committed to include but not limited to: any and all GSA bonds issued against the estate of WINSTON SHROUT by parties known or unknown as “qualified heirs” and fill out the requisite IRS Form 706 and 709, any and all ‘vouchers’ charged against WINSTON SHROUT 401643573 and return the value of said vouchers to the estate of WINSTON SHROUT, and any other felonies or civil torts committed by parties known or unknown.

Public Officer Fiduciary/ Trustee, Robert E. Jones, dba ROBERT E. JONES US DISTRICT COURT JUDGE is hereby authorized to use the private exemption of Winston Shrout, i.e. WINSTON SHROUT 401643573, for the adjustment and set-off of this instant matter, Case No. 3:15-cr-00438 JO, which is Accepted For Value, and Returned for Settlement (see Exhibit A). Fiduciary Trustee is to issue the appropriate IRS 1099 forms and to be in compliance with all revenue requirements in this matter timely. Winston Shrout reserves the right to audit all records and activities of Public Officer Fiduciary/Trustee to maintain good faith.


As expressed otherwise, the powers delegated to a public officer are held in trust for the people and are to be exercised in behalf of the government or of all citizens who may need the intervention of the officer. Furthermore, the view has been expressed that all public officers, within whatever branch and whatever level of government and whatever be their private Case 3:15-cr-00438-JO Document 9 Filed 01/20/16 Page 3 of 7 vocations, are trustees of the people, and accordingly labor under every disability and prohibition imposed by the law on trustees relative to the making of personal financial gain from a discharge of their trusts. That is, a public officer occupies a fiduciary relationship to the political entity on whose behalf he or she serves, and owes a fiduciary duty to the public. It has been said that the fiduciary responsibilities of a public officer cannot be less than those of a private individual. Furthermore, it has been stated that any enterprise undertaken by the public official which tends to weaken the public confidence and undermine the sense o f security for individual rights is against public policy. (63C Am. Jur. 2d, Public Officers and Employees, 247).

Fraud in its common law sense of deceit – and this is one of the meanings that fraud bears in the statute, see United States vs. Dial,757 F 2d,163, 168 (7th Cir. 1985) – includes the concealment of material information in a setting of fiduciary obligation. A public official is a fiduciary toward the public, including, in the case of a judge, the litigants who appear before him, and if he deliberately conceals material information from them, he is guilty of fraud. McNally vs. United States, 483 U.S., 350 (1987)


Notice is hereby given that Winston Shrout has a valid lien recorded in the Fayette County Recorder’s Office in Lexington, Kentucky against SHROUT, WINSTON (or any derivative thereof).

All parties are given notice of the maxim: whoever does business with my debtor becomes my debtor. Fairwarning. SeeExhibitB.


In as much as the Hon. Winston Shrout (UN Charter Control Number 10-60847. Immunity and Authority Guaranteed under Great Seal No. 632258894) has been threatened in this matter under duress and coercion, that time spent dealing with this instant matter is now invoiced against the USDC DISTRICT OF OREGON PORTLAND DIVISION in the amount of One-billion USD B:•ft q/1b

Hon. Winston Shrout date UN Charter Control Number 1o._,..,,,.,,_ Immunity and Authority Guarant~r~~~~~ljf1’io. 632258894 Case 3:15-cr-00438-JO Document 9 Filed 01/20/16 Page 4 of 7


I, Winston Shrout, do state that on the date of {/.:(C)/ l(, I caused a copy of the above to be mailed postage prepaid to the following:

Stuart A. Wexler 601 D Street NW Room 7907 Washington, D.C.


Oh, and State courts charge you for violations of State law. Problem is that most of those violations are against State’s PRIVATE LAW, not PUBLIC law. The difference is that private law is Non-constitutional. You CONTRACT privately with the State, either by application for benefits, or by being a State RESIDENT.

BTW, the federal and State PRIVATE law, where you contract by application or residency, is called PUBLIC POLICY, while the real Constitutional Law is called Public Law. And it’s been since 1933 that Public Law was replaced BY DEFAULT with PUBLIC POLICY.


28 thoughts on “WINSTON SHROUT 2016 INDICTMENT

  1. Comment by William donald Nilsson Jr., ,
    I left the Obominations nation of sheeples in 2013 when the Obomination was re-elected for a second term! I had been fighting the Fraud of the District Courts of Arkansas, with the Sovereignty Issues, and with my TRUTH AFFIDAVITS and NEGATIVE AVERMENTS {unanswered by the corporate ‘judges’ and their jack booted thugs}, and was getting ready to file in Federal Court to send 3 ‘judges’ and many officials to federal pen, – when they issued a baseless ‘warrant’ for my arrest, – and the Lord Jesus Christ warned me to get out of Arkansas and the U.S., as ‘they’ were coming to get me Wednesday night after i got home from church, and that I would be killed on the way to jail- ‘trying to escape’!

    I spent the next two days selling and giving away my properties and ‘stuff’, and sent a friend to California with my ‘beamer’ to send the golems off on the wrong trail. I am now living in real freedom in the Philippines building anti-pollution and free energy devices. Anyone wishing to receive copies of my sovereignty paperwork can request via my e-mail. My prayers are with Winston that the ‘courts’ do not try to
    settle the issue with a ‘warrant’ against him also! William

  2. William can you also email Aidan those documents mentioned here: mraidangwalshAT google govt maildotcom thanks blesses p.s.Winston is too clever for these 9 to 5 Pirates he may just wake them up as well…I hope he rattles their Brains good…

  3. i think he has merit case law and a big hill to climb there rules there private law

  4. Winston is nothing to play with. Another David on Goliath. Humility personified.

  5. I see the last comment being over 2 months ago. Last time I had heard that the charges weren’t going anywhere. Has anyone heard of any updates as to whether all is okay for Winston and or what is going on with his case. Would someone in-the-know please post the info here.
    Thank You and Good Luck Winston. 😉

  6. has an executor letter that Winston Shrout could send to the judge that, according to their explanations of the estate, could end the case immediately.

  7. Hello Brenda:
    I went to and there appears to be lots of good information there…but, I did not see any ‘executor letter’. Would you please show that website in a reply to this website so that I (and others) can look it over as well?
    Thank You.

    God Bless / Odell Hobbs

  8. He is now being represented by his public defender Ruben L. Iniguez and is scheduled to go to trial on Oct. 11. He faces 25 years in prison.

  9. A few months ago I emailed Winston and he emailed me back, in reply to his
    court case, stating that it wasn’t going anywhere.
    I have emailed him a few times since then but never received any reply.

    I see from one of these above posts that he now has a public defender and
    is looking at 25 years. Winston is a senior citizen like myself and a 25 year
    sentence might as well be LIFE.
    Is there anyone out there who can help Winston?

  10. It is actually up to 25 years per charge. I believe there are at least 300 counts.
    As to your other question. No. He is going to jail just like all the others before him who tried the exact same nonsense. Unfortunately, Mr. Shrout likes to mix a little bit of truth with a lot of fantasy. Maybe the aliens from Orion can help him. IDK. They don’t talk to me. And you figure, if they wanted to help him, they would have kept him from such foolishness.

  11. Im aware of the corruption In and outside of court. I studied law, codes, statutes, rules, regulations, definition, origins, legalese, admiralty and what it means to “understand” anything in court. As mind blowing and outrageous it all is. Im disappointed and in disbelief how blind people are. I know it can’t be ignorance alone, and I’m sure most of the population suspects foul play but refuses to acknowledge anything not written with crayons. This leaves 2 questions I’m seeking answers at the moment.
    1. Has any of the bullshit the u.s.(corporation) has been pulling on Winston shrout been covered by any of our bullshit news stations? I’ve heard of but only just recently watched one of shrouts teachings. I didn’t trust anything but what written directly from the source law, codes, ect. Until I’m knew without influe nce what was up.
    2. When did the people of this country become the world’s biggest pussies(not talking about our soldiers)? Oblivouse but not unaware of the amount of sacrifice and lives lost for the greater good who’s integrity comprised but proud to be a u.s. citizen and not know what it means.
    Seriously, is his trial bein reported? Hundred trillion, I think I would of heard moreally but then again don’t watch much tv.
    Very truly a man
    Jay robins,
    tell me some truth at UNDER_@OATH.COM

  12. The Case is still in limbo… Wintson is not concerned about it, as he feels confident towards the out come….But I feel once you start this journey, you become a enemy of the state…. And it’s not like any of your fellow man is going to help you… Also we were born into the state,(Bondage) it’s like a 10yr old kid trying to gain independence from his parents. We just dont know what to do, and with people like Winston trying to guide us, were still not to sure… Im sure everyone is like me and waiting to see undeniable proof of these Teachings…
    I’m pretty sure not much people are going to do the same thing Winston is being charged and threaten with a 100 yr for , with out seeing the out come of this case, or they’ll be next….
    I’m still on the fence with this one you guys,,, Need to see it successfully being done… So far just Hear Say….

  13. “I’m still on the fence with this one you guys,,, Need to see it successfully being done… So far just Hear Say….”

    Actually, many people have done what Winston has done. They all have been successfully convicted. No hearsay.

    We are children born into bondage. That’s a great point that Winston and his followers seem to miss. Your bonds are self laid. A good illustration of how this can come about is written in Genesis 47:13-26

  14. Winston, through his advisory counsel, had at first successfully postponed the trial till mid December. Then, the government submitted a motion to seal an unopposed motion for deposition and a joint motion for continuance. The request for the seal was due to the personal nature of the deposition. The motions were granted. The deposition is set for Oct, 26th and the new trial date is April 18th, 2017.

  15. Did Europe forgive our dept ? As we forgive our debtors. Was there a verbal binding agreement which needs to be broken. One can only conclude these powers conceived a crafty plot for NWO. But Lord G-D is more powerfull and all will be brought into his judgement.
    Peace in christ. Pat

  16. Well that was a good reply Winston good luck… does anybody have any new information about his case and how it went?


  18. I pray Mr. Shrout beg the Courts forgiveness that he might receive a smaller sentence. Fact of the matter is, this world fell from grace and is still under the authority of the devil. He’s been dethroned and defeated, but he’s a DEAD MAN WALKING! Just serving his time until Christ returns to set up His government and Authority!; but in the meantime trying to trip up and ensnare as many as he can. Try to make us renounce our faith in our CREATOR GOD AND SON AND HOLY SPIRIT. Doesn’t matter what the Constitution or the Courts said for the first 150 years, we weren’t vigilant and they secretly changed all that. It’s supposedly all legal, circumventing the citizens constitutional right through rules and regulations. They just laugh at us when we bring these defenses to them!! New World Order has been laying foundation for a while, and now that the monster is arising, people are mortified. As Christ answered the authorities from his time, who tried to trick Him with cunning questions, ‘Whose image is on the coin? Therefore render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto GOD what is GOD’S.’ and Fear not him who can take your life, but he who can destroy your body and soul. So don’t cast your pearls amongst swine, they’re not going to listen, even if they’re aware. Cost me a year of my time in neon city, so CAVEAT EMPTOR brothers!

  19. The key to stopping this madness . Listen Fathers & Mothers . When you have your new born baby stop signing your baby’s birth certificate . Stop giving them authority over your life . Stop getting marriage licensing , stop applying your children’s from the social Sucurity numbers . All these things is what takes away your God Giving Rights to do what the state is doing for you . I mean look at it they treat you like they’re raising you . For those who have already had their generation rights whipped out . I mean just born into poverty . Were you start out with their assistant from the moment you walk out the hospital . They gave a clinic for you they have WIC Program for you they provide housing for you they give you food stamps . They provide a rail system to get you around town . They basically give you everything for free . But it far from what it appears and people have been mislead so long . Until THE LIE HAS BECAME THE TRUTH, AND THE TRUTH HAS BECAME THE LIE . We been doing what they trained us to do for Sooooo LONG , you see the reality of it is Winston Shrout Now’s Who He Is . And he’s not afraid to stand for his liberty, for his God Given Right To Be Free To Be Sovereign . People if you only knew the truth and once you heard the truth . Would you even recognize the truth? Would we even except the truth ? What gives another human being the right to dictate to you how you make or spend your money . When they’re sitting doing the exact Same Thing . They they want to throw him in prison for . This’d very same documents that they created to use for their wealth and Empiwerment . To jeep the poor in oppression . But What Wibston is showing us . This us very legal to do . They accuse him of a one hundred Trillion . But in that same breath how many trillions do they write up when ever they feel a need . People you need to you tube Dr. Ray Hagins . Let me share this with the world there’s a few Bad People That Run This World , And they’re not very good people in my opinion . These are the people that make Winston look like a aminture at this Money Game . These are the people that can start wars that can End War . These are the people that created the HIV virus and all the other diseases that gas just come outta nowhere . These are the people that had Kenndy killed . Or even in most recent history David Caressed Branch Dividean ( Excuse my spelling) he didn’t gave a cult . He and his group decided they didn’t want to live up under this , CULT. And they went out and purchased land to grow their own veggies raise their own animals to slaughter . On and on . And like anyone else your government and its armed military . They bought wapons to protect themselves from trespassers and folk that wanted to come in and invade their privacy . Well the short story long . They ATF WENT IN TO RAJE OVER THESE PEOPKE Mand to stop them from firming there own way of life . They lied to the public to make you believe that this man and His followers were breaking the Law . No they were not going to be up under this corporation call the United States Government . So just like Kenndy just like Martin , just like Malcolm , just like anyone that has tried to change from the way things are they create the conditions that we live that we struggle that we in essence are just been elevated to a new mirdern way of slavery . Starting with your babies when you sign your babies birth certificate . You’re basicallyy selling your babies into skavery . When were born the way God meant it to be for us is what they do when you sign the birth certificate document if you new born baby . The state then take your babies birth certificate and use it as a Sucurity document to firm a corporation in your child’s name were that it’s sold to the federal reserve for the debt that the United States corporations in debt to . So all that I’m saying is that God intended for you to enjoy all that he created . And we are the masses . But you know in order for us to take control & support and back Winston’s Efforts . We would have to go against the few that are so call in power to over throw their devises they’ve put in place . Winston should beat this but I over heard someone say it’s not being talked about in the media this mans written one hundred trillion dollars and literally gotten away with it doing the same thing they do to us everyday . You that’s really I freedom ticket is to support Winston in Great Numbers . It’s like when they the banks so call grant you a loan . And the rules clearly states that thus us a contract between two party’s and that everything that gas to happen with this loan approval gas to be all laid out . Well that’s not the way they play the game . They don’t disclosed to you most importantly that they don’t have any money to personally loan from their banks . The money’s that’s in those accts belong to individual people and individual business . Which they can’t loan those folk money to you . So the question becomes were do this money come from that they end up giving you for the loan ? It comes from your signature on a promissory note that gas no value until you sign your signature . Then they go to the walls streets market and sell your signature up to nine times on the same loan . Then they come back after using your signiture to monitorize the promissory note with your signature and make you a loan that’s already paid in full . Then they make you pay them back on something that had you known like Winston Knows . Then you could have did these things for yourself . Now here the part I didn’t tell you yet . Because who should be on trail right now and keys tried away us the people trying to put Winston away Because he’s a threat to their deceitful program . That they’ve mastered minded . How can these type case not BMW wide speeded not be discussed over the breakfast lunch and dinner table . How can these oreacher not teach these things to their members . For lack of knowledge they shall Parrish . How do these so call preachers drive through the neighborhoods and look at the destruction of my people . Yall either some lazy misinformed or well Psid off to close your eyes to the reality of what’s really happening . Around you . I’m going to share something else with you . Beware of the foods and water you drink in the days, weeks, months, years to come . It’s few of them and many of us and once the Winston Shrout’s and the Dr. Ray Hagins get out get together and once my people open their eye and look at Man & What Man s getting ready to do . Because in order to jeep control they know they can’t over throw us all at once so they will unannounced posing you good and water supplies . I pray that this message reach the masses . My prayer is that all this that you’re going thru in your life . If you believe in God . Would God allow you to suffer as you do ? Well they will have to kill iff the masses of us to get us under control once folk like Wibston Get through to us That don’t have any concerns us to what’s to come . It’s not God & it’s evil and of the devil . It’s . See in the bible Man presents himself as god with a little g he’s talking about destroying the world with fire, mass destruction . Because people are starting to wakeup . And when they do this us what they have in store for you DEATH . Chemical war heads released in the air . All the with that’s being done up in space they’re trying to preserve life in another planet that they call heaven . Not the heaven we think of as heaven . If you just take the time to start to pay attention on what’s going on around you and who are these people and why are they so powerful . Why can’t they be stopped . Because they control the media that’s why it’s not world wide it’s concealed to an area . To keep this kinda thing from the masses they control who goes to the White House . They control everything . So Winston should win these things . That paper work he put on them . Is the winning recipe to his Finacial and human rights freedom . But if we just sit back and don’t speak up because we’re afraid that a few of them can take on all of us . Its possible even with their military bye their side if we come together in massive numbers . They gave sit Great Britain’s laws in place and they have stolen you babies at birth because you don’t understand that you’re signing your children over to the United States corp. To sell you’re children’s in the mist sufisticated fictitious scheme in the world to continue slavary and the selling of your kids and even yourself you belong to the Slavs master until you free yourself as Winston has attempted to free himself. It’s not easy but we gave to stand in great numbers to shut these people down . They are the ones that belong on the witness stand . They don’t have to be question bye anyone because they all benefit together in this . It’s time for a real change people . It’s time we open our eye it’s time we accept the truth for what it is . It’s time for these preacher to stop working with all these different doctorines that are programs for us to stay in the dark to what’s really going on out here that would set our minds body’s and souls free . Instead of teaching your members how to get money from the ditches that they use you teach us Togo borrow from them . So they can take us through the vicious cycle . Of not disclosing very important information to us when we step into their kendo ding institutions which have no money to loan us period . It against is derived outta your own signiture . They just know how to present the paper work . But in presenting the paper work they commute several crimes against you that should land them into prison . But look who they tring to send to prison . And as they say many others before them have went to prison doing their God given Right To use the same applications that these people are trying to send Winston up the creek .. Yall wake up these people are doing these things in your face and it’s not a problem for them to do things with your information then turn around and charge you for the sane information . And if you do it for yourself they want to through you in prison . Because they can’t get paid off the sweat off your back. My People Waje Up . These leaders are all sell outs mostly they don’t care about you or your family . So you must take a stand and go to your churches asked the pastor in front of the rest of the congregation asked him to start teaching you how to write A4V . The ssme thing Winston done the same way most of them pay for their liestyle bills ect . It’s so much to know but you just have to seek the truth . Be Blessed

  20. The challenge is always to the jurisdiction of the court, never the merits of the case. There is no territorial jurisdiction (the federal government has no jurisdiction outside of the District of Colombia to prosecute civil or criminal charges on any man (Constitution). There is no subject matter jurisdiction because if its fraud to issue valueless paper then the Government is guilty at a much higher level than any man, as all men are equal and the Government is a fiction, only men issue valueless paper, and the government is under the same laws when issuing commercial paper as everyone else. (SC case). And finally there is no personam jurisdiction as the Fictional USA has no authority to order any man to do anything, there would have to be a real party in interest (FRCP 17) claiming an personal injury or loss (standing to sue-SC) to make any claim against a man and that did not exist. Without jurisdiction, to proceed is treason and rebellion (18 uSC 2383).

  21. Shrout should do a Habeas on the jurisdiction issues, and from his answer he did not challenge any of the jurisdiction of the Court. The indictment is fraud as none of the GJ members lived on Federal land, and the Court is a territorial court created by Congress (not a Art.III Court) and rules over US citizens only (SC case).

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