Exit the Corporate Matrix NOW!!!

Posted by Jaro on April 14, 2016 at 7:30pm

As you now can buy pretty much ANYTHING with Bitcoin, you really have no excuse to still use FIAT currency (and bitch about the Federal Reserve), which, among other things, makes you TAX LIABLE. As long as you can get PAID for your labor/products with Bitcoin.

Here are a few examples. There’s now a Bitcoin search engine, where you can find merchants accepting Bitcoin. It’s https://spendabit.co

And this link will show you all the GIFT CARDS you can buy with Bitcoin:

Cryfter website specializes in selling gift cards for BTC, and has various store cards, including Amazon ones, although they’re not always in stock. The benefit of shopping there, is that they have low or no fees, and deliver the cards by email, so you can use them online, or print them out, or use some of them via an app.  http://cryfter.com/

Another great place is Newegg. They accept BTC, and sell VANILLA VISA gift cards. I reviewed those earlier; they require no online registration, except when you want to use them online, and even there, they only want your ZIP code.

So getting those Vanilla cards at Newegg, is not only a great way to spend your crypto currency, it also makes your store purchases completely anonymous. And even your online purchases can be anonymous, if you use an ALIAS.

For example to buy there a $100 gift card, costs the usual $5.95 fee plus $2.99 shipping:

Also, there’s a special on AmEx gift cards. If you buy them before May 8, there’s no fee. At least when you get them at the Post Office. They’re anonymous (no registration required).

And of course, once you GET PAID with REAL MONEY, such as Bitcoin, AND you can buy with that money whatever you need, why would you want to hang out in the federal Democracy that DOES NOT recognize your REAL RIGHTS, such as a right to TRAVEL on public roads, and RIGHT TO PROPERTY?

In other words, ALL you need to do now in order to return to the dejure Republic, is to find a way to get paid with BTC, and you can say Good Bye to the corporate MATRIX, by dropping the SSN and the Birth Certificate.

And as I’ve mentioned before, you don’t need either of those to get a passport, if you were born in America.

Just remember that you “can’t serve two masters”. That is, if you do NOT quit your membership in the federal Democracy, they will still consider your Bitcoin wages or profit as INCOME, and enforce taxing that.

Like the guy said, “Bitcoin is the most subversive technology on the face of the planet”. If you’re not using it to the max, you’re just being a good subject.


Now, Bitcoin is the TOP crypto currency, but not for long. Onecoin will soon surpass it, so it’s a good idea to get involved with it NOW, especially since Bitcoin is no longer in RAPID RISE phase, while Onecoin IS. This video shows the benefits of getting involved with new technologies, such as digital currency, EARLY ON. For example if you bought a $5k Onecoin package a year ago, it’d now be worth $75k. And that’s just by Onecoin growing from $.50 to about $5 during that period of time.


BTW, Onecoin is the fastest growing company in history, operates in over 200 countries and is still a great opportunity to get involved with.

Crypto Currency today, is like computers were in 1980. Back then Steve Jobs FORESAW the future where every home would have a computer, which seemed laughable at the time, but BECAME REALITY.

Today, Dr Ruta Ignatova has the same vision for Crypto currency; that EVERYONE with a cellphone or access to internet, will be HIS OWN BANK, able to buy and sell from anyone in the world, WITHOUT any BANKS or CREDIT CARDS, in milliseconds.

And like those who invested early in Steve Job’s Apple Co., people who invest in ONECOIN now, stand to REAP HUGE PROFITS in the coming years.

Here’s how investing in Onecoin works:
1) You SIGN UP, and then buy a package. Most people get the Pro Trader (€1,100). You get 10,000 tokens with it.
2) Wait for a Split (that will double your tokens)
3) Submit your 20,000 tokens to mining
4) After a few weeks, mining is finished and you have Onecoins in your account
5) If you’re smart, you sit on those Onecoins for a year or two, watching them GROW in value, perhaps 5-10 times or more. Just like Bitcoin rapidly grew in the early years.

Here’s a link to join. If you’re in America, you’ll have to choose either a US Virgin Islands or Jamaica as your country, since US is NOT officially included, because the FedRes banksters DO NOT recognize crypto currency as currency, but only as commodity, which is subject to capital gains tax, while the REST of the WORLD recognizes it as currency.


BTW, AFTER you join, let me know your username and email so that we can stay in touch, since this can take a while to learn. It’s a lot more complex than Bitcoin, since in addition to just buying a package, you can get paid commissions by enrolling others, and there’s mining, trading and exchanges.

And the next big Onecoin event will be on June 11 in London, where, I believe, they’ll announce opening the Merchant phase, allowing 1000’s of merchants to sell stuff for Onecoins.

1 thought on “Exit the Corporate Matrix NOW!!!

  1. A friend told me about onecoin recently, his information was rather scanty.
    Please help, I need a Deep understanding of how this works and how safe it is. Kindly highlight the steps a beginner can take to grow their worth.

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