Neil Keenan, the Chinese, the “All of It” — by Judge Anna

Sunday, April 17, 2016dismantlethemachine

by Judge Anna

What I know for sure is that the Nationalist Chinese government placed a LARGE sum of gold on deposit with the New York Fed in 1928 just before the fall of the Nationalist Chinese government.  The Fed used that gold for years and were supposed to pay interest on the use of it, and didn’t.  They didn’t like the Communist Chinese government, so they just wrote off their own fiduciary responsibility to the Chinese people — the lawful heirs of the gold horde—and proposed to keep it for themselves.

Neil Keenan brought suit against the New York Fed in 2011 to correct this.  But they had already bankrupted the old Federal Reserve System in 2009, so they pleaded bankruptcy protection.  Technically, the gold had been held by member banks in the old bankrupt system, so it was argued that all those assets were part of the holdings of the bankrupt banks and blah, blah, blah.  It was only after the discovery of prior known bankruptcy fraud and willful disregard of fiduciary management on the part of the Federal Reserve that the perps were eventually cornered and forced to cough up.

Now, I have no reason to like the Communist Chinese government, but like it or not, they are representing the Chinese People and the gold belongs to the Chinese People.  It does not belong to us.  It does not belong to the New York Fed.  It needed to go back to China and the interest on it needed to be paid.

Neil Keenan fought hard for that. Any right thinking human being on this planet who would want their property returned in a similar situation has to agree with him and with the Chinese government. It was a lawful debt, fair and square, no question about it.

Unfortunately, when the bankers got to thinking about their options, they decided to turn their lemons into lemonade.  Having been forced to pay the Chinese off they said—-what the Hell?  If you can’t beat them, join them….. and they moved their focus of operations to China.

And suddenly, the Chinese Elders appeared.

I don’t know why the Powers That Be treat us like little children and invent fairytales for us, but they do.

The Fed banks stole us and our parents and grandparents and virtually everyone else on the planet blind for over a hundred years—–not just the Chinese.

The banks are like Pawn Shop owners caught with stolen loot they need to offload. So the Chinese who had finally gotten their own back, took delivery “in behalf” of everyone else, and “unofficially” have been trying to return the world’s wealth to the actual heirs.  Of course, those participating in this whole hand-washing effort become accomplices-after-the-fact, but so long as they carry through on a fair distribution of the wealth and pay back the debts everyone else is owed, I think we can thank Neil Keenan and those who have fought the fight to this point.

Somebody had to do the job.  It might as well be Neil Keenan and his group and the Chinese.  The one real beef I have so far is that a clean breast of it is not being made.  People are once again being told fairy tales and given excuses, which leaves everyone building on lies and sand.  Better that the Whole Truth come out and that the banker’s games come to a permanent end.

The danger now is that certain elements in the Chinese Government might have short memories, especially under the goading of the Federal Reserve bank criminals who are obviously trying to convince them that they can get away with doing unto us and everyone else what the Fed so recently tried to do to them—- ignore their fiduciary responsibility to return other people’s property,  claim that all the assets “recovered” rightfully belong to the Chinese—-when they don’t all belong to the Chinese any more than the Chinese gold belonged to the Federal Reserve Banks.

This is why there is a danger of WWIII and that is what the “Federal Reserve” Banks are trying to foment anyway, because they make out like bandits whenever there is a war.

Now, again, if the Chinese officials are thinking things through, they know that the records are the records and that the whole world will consider them criminals if they don’t return the property of the other nations, but now the political shoe is on the other foot—- they, quite rightly, don’t want to give our money back to the criminals in DC who are responsible for stealing it from us in the first place.  And just as the Federal Reserve banks tried to justify keeping the Chinese gold and not paying the interest to the current Chinese government on the basis that that government is Communist, the Chinese government is loathe to give back American gold to the rats in DC, because they know DC is a criminal empire and the gold will not go to the American People and will instead go to evil purposes.

Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

This has resulted in many desperate efforts to give the gold to any responsible American organization willing to represent the actual American People in this matter. I have had at least two dozen organizations approach me wanting to give me gold for the American People— but here is the problem as cited above, it’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t proposition. This is profoundly dirty money—money derived from embezzlement, identity theft, credit theft, enslavement, bankruptcy fraud, unlawful conversion of titles and asset ownerships—-filthy money.  The bankers and politicians want to pretend that “it never happened”— just empty the vaults of the loot, give it back to the owners— and no admissions are made, nobody held accountable. Total black out and immunity.  Everyone has a big party with the “pennies from Heaven” or the “Chinese Elders” or “SWISSINDO” or  Neil Keenan  or whoever takes on the responsibility of distribution.

People all over the world have accused me of being a Girl Scout and a prissy little prig who doesn’t want to get her hands dirty, a moralist who denies the practical good of distributing the wealth back to the actual people who own it, or an even nastier kind of moralist who wants to see heads roll and bankers and politicians hung by the neck until dead, etc., etc., etc., —– but the plain fact of it is that I don’t believe that such a snow job can succeed in the modern world and I don’t think that the world should be rebuilt on lies and fairytales. I think we all have to take a share of the blame, hang our heads, and admit what has happened here.

America has been one of the most enslaved nations on the planet.  That’s the fact.  Most of the world has been enslaved for generations by corrupt mostly western governments and banks and lawyers used as the attack dogs of banks.  That’s what has happened here.  All this new-found wealth is built on the blood of soldiers who have been lied to, on the blood of innocent women and helpless children, on gold teeth extracted from Jewish corpses, on slave labor in India and Bangladesh, on farmland laid waste, on water defiled, on innocent animals being abused, on every kind of evil you can think of.  We have to admit that. We have to stare it in the eye, and if only for a brief time, we have to own the facts and remember how we got here.

It is not just a petty sense of morality that requires it.  It’s the danger of going forward into a New World without such a reckoning.  I am not going to ally myself with the fraud or try to protect it, and I certainly won’t try to prolong any continuance of it.   I am not going to stretch out my hand without a clear recognition that what I receive is only what is rightfully mine, a stolen inheritance being returned.

The men who knowingly created this monstrous “system” are long dead and gone.  All that remains are their heirs and second and third generation cappos who “did what we are told” and for the most part they never stopped to question anything.  As one judge in Alaska told me, “that’s the way we do things….that’s the way we’ve always done things….”  It didn’t occur to him that what he was doing was wrong, much less that it was criminal.  The fraud had been set in motion so long ago that nobody even recognized it as crime.  It’s time that we did— not out of vengeance or any need to cause further harm, but simply to recognize the truth and avoid ever going through such a debacle again.

Men are by nature creatures of habit.  We become easily indoctrinated.  We function on assumptions.  We label things and try to shove reality into boxes. We even try to shove each other into neat little thought containers— “black” and “white”, “Jew” and “Muslim”, and so on.  Knowing this about ourselves gives us an opportunity to rise above our current condition and these known weaknesses. We can learn to entertain a healthy degree of skepticism.  We can learn to laugh at ourselves.  We can learn to forgive.

The one thing we can’t do is hide our heads in the sand and leave our butts in the air anymore.

So how do the Americans get their share without feeding the Beast in Washington?  We establish a National Depository on neutral Native Tribal land and use the Post Offices as distribution and service centers to deliver banking services. We use Money Orders instead of checks.

We do what people all over this country have done and are doing.  We rebuild the lawful government we are heir to, establishing Jural Assemblies, county by county. We mint our American Silver Dollars and issue certificates based on them, until such time as block chain technology renders the old banking system and its limitations archaic. It shouldn’t be long. We organize our states on the land again and call for a Continental Congress. We send our delegations of elected state deputies (fiduciary officers, not “representatives”).  We do all the housecleaning and housekeeping that has been neglected for 150 years.

We explain to the rest of the world that our proper governmental system was usurped by banks and self-interested corporations and that the “United States” is not “America” so please stop using these names in the same breath as if they ever were one-in-the-same.  They are not and haven’t been since the foundation of this country—they’ve just been deliberately confused by venal men engaged in semantic deceit, seeking to defraud other people and other nations.

The American People are not alone in this condition. More than half the world is in the same boat. If we feel stupid, we’ve got plenty of company.

Please understand that Americans were victimized and duped as bad or worse than everyone else. Understand that 98% of the foreign aid we gave in good faith was stolen by criminals who were merely under contract to provide us with governmental services. Over 80% of the money we gave to help the poor in this country never reached its intended destination, either.  Understand that we were lied to and robbed blind.  Understand that we were conscripted into all sorts of “federal programs” against our will and have suffered under armed racketeering that was protected under color of law for many years.

Instead of being afraid of the “Apocalypse”—- which merely means the drawing back of a curtain or revelation— be glad.  Like popping a boil or draining a wound, it may hurt a bit, but it is the only way we can heal the past.

7 thoughts on “Neil Keenan, the Chinese, the “All of It” — by Judge Anna

  1. more anna non-sense…we should follow iceland’s example and jail the fraudsters and take the country back..the last time the City of London, D.C. & Vatican usurpers invaded we didn’t offer forgiveness, we offered a wooden stock and a short drop or the business end of a gun barrel and thats all these crooks seem to recognize before they stop their shenanigans. As for Neil Kenan he is full of shit…so is swissindo. these are all cointelpro controlled opposition. This certainly exposes that anna is either easily deceived or one of the controlled opposition cells! All that talk about hordes of gold is horseshit if you ask me….if it was true NESARA would have been implemented long ago! The whole thing is a load of bullshit if you ask me and the only way to get the frikkin country back is by standing up for the constitution using the provisions of the second amendment and the authority mentioned in the Bill of Rights! This is exactly what these documents were created for by the founding fathers…they knew it would come to this and we needed a reminder and a solid moral foundation to guide our actions!

  2. Reblogged this on UZA – people's courts, forums, & tribunals and commented:
    Judge Anna makes a lot of sense:
    establish a National Depository on neutral Native Tribal land;
    Use the Post Offices to deliver banking services;
    Use Money Orders instead of checks;
    Rebuild lawful government;
    Establish Jural Assemblies;
    Mint Silver and issue certificates based on them;
    Develop block chain technology;
    Organize our states on the land again;
    Call for a Continental Congress;
    Elect state deputies (fiduciary officers, not “representatives”).
    Do housecleaning and housekeeping neglected for 150 years.
    We would add people’s referendums on the above;
    in peace

  3. Thesovereign1, without prejudice, the entire system has been hijacked as well as the constitutions of countries; as Bucky said, we must build new model which makes the old one obsolete; otherwise our house is built on sand; start with a people’s referendum; in peace

  4. Happened to catch the last words in the article posted.”Apocalypse”
    I been thinking myself, the Apocalypse may be a good thing.
    Started on a Animation Video with this very theme.
    Trumpocalypse! Destruction of the Establishment

    Thought this is kind of uncanny..the things I think and try to express,
    in a creative way to express my thoughts.
    I sense great things to come.I sense an end to the evil.

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