When more people get to understand the depth of betrayal, and the truth about their slavery and hope of remedy, then we can restore the republic. My god, the entire court system outside the supreme court are nothing more than private corporations with one purpose; to extract tribute from the enslaved American idiots. They dumbed us down, taught us to embrace and thrive in our slavery all without too many knowing, that is until the Internet allowed extreme speed of information sharing.

If some one had no money but they had tons of debt, and you know how to discharge it for them, just phukking do it. As you teach them, every dollar discharged comes off the ‘debt.’ It cost nothing but your time, and brings you and your family and everyone closer to redemption from debt, and the more who They see awakened, makes them panic, get exposed in their fraud and dragged down and put a stop to this evolution to a socialist communist fascist Nazi dictatorship, run by the new council of 13 supercongress bullsh!t.

Municipalities and lower courts are criminal mafias leaching billions from us everyday. Did you know 99% of those paying property taxes have no legitimate obligation? It’s all racketeering! How about 99% of the people on the road are not in commerce and therefore not lawfully required to have a license registration or insurance -it’s all fraud and racketeering under color of law. Then there are the millions who pay an income tax, and no law exists to require them. Ordinances are not even LAWS. How about the poison fluoride in our water, the chemtrails dropping toxic nasty chemicals and metal waste into our air, or the food additives like aspartame that is like consuming formaldehyde. Don’t forget all the loyal American troops killed in banker’s wars based on lies, leaving so many of them damaged, or committing suicide at the rate of 22 per day, and some turned into psychotic murdering or abusive cops.

The private federal reserve frauds, the inside job of 9-11. There is an invisible war upon the American people by a private corporation called UNITED STATES, who sold us to the WTO/IMF/so-called FEDERAL RESERVE to float loans. If you are registered to them, you are their property, and it is in their best interest to keep you under control and believing you are free long enough to make it impossible for you to resist -your species forever being enslaved. We are close to that point now, with smart meters, cell towers, surveillance cameras, and “look for suspicious activity” Report your neighbor” rhetoric.

Every public official sued in anyway for violating someone’s rights, is a victorious battle in a war without violence. A war for freedom and true justice, and a move towards a restoration of a constitutional republic, as our government’s instructions laid out.

If you can write a good cause of action, and know how to sue, SUE EVERY COP EVERY JUDGE EVERY MUNICIPALITY THAT YOU CAN IF THEY VIOLATE YOUR RIGHTS like ordinance abuse, traffic tickets, property tax fraud, anything you can.

They killed Jerry Kane and his son
They grabbed Dave Myrland
They put away Lynn Meredith
They made an example of Irwin Schiff
and Michael Bieterand and many others
They murdered La Voy Finicum, then caged 25
of those patriots from the Bundy stand-offs,
dangerous for exposing the frauds of the Globally insane.
They convicted Bernard von NotHaus for measuring his silver in the
increment of a Dollar and called it counterfeiting – ridiculous.
They murdered 14 homeopathic doctors within the last 12 months.

This is it. There is no call not to be selfless in the cause of this Revolution.

Give me liberty or give me death!








12 thoughts on “THE APOCALYPSE IS NOW

  1. wrong again…
    Company Information
    1 1st St Ne
    Washington, DC, 20543 United States
    (202) 479-3000
    Market Value 0.0
    Sales (mil) 0
    Employees 11,634

    SIC Codes: 9229 9311 9411 9431 9441 9451 9511 9512 9531 9532 9611 9621 9631 9641 9651 9661 9711 9721 9111 9121 9131 9199 9211 9221 9222 9223 9224

    NAICS Codes: 921110 928120 921130 921140 921150 921190 922110 922120 922130 922140 922150 922160 922190 923110 923120 923130 923140 924110 924120 925110 925120 926110 926120 926130 926140 926150 927110 928110 921120

  2. hard to imagine, a supreme court, and to be able to accurately identify it as a true kangaroo court.

    gut wrenching isn’t it.

    disgusting thought

  3. thesovereign 1 and Net,

    You guys are right. Every now and then I have a momentary lapse of reason (or futile hope).

    When we again watch Mark Passio’s ‘The Cult of Ultimate Evil’ -Order Followers I think we’ll have to agree on narrowing it down to – (1) ‘Order Followers’ and (2) those who support Order Followers (the masses).

    You either support evil or you’re a part of the solution.

  4. I agree with you ForestQueen. There is no in between. That is where the balancing act begins. There are those who unknowingly support evil i.e. the innocents as well as the inexperienced.

    What patience it takes to reshape ones own world, not to mention influencing those of our loved ones, who often at best put up with those of us further down the path of perceptive insights thinking we are total fruit cakes, as in ‘who could be so evil to do something like that to the human race’.

    I happen to believe the personal price will be high for those of us who now comprehend the process of captivation as opposed to those just experiencing the sense that something is wrong with our world.

    My spouse and my three children all think of me in terms of a conspiracy theorist. As far along in the revealing process as some of us are, and some much further, it is our task to bear up under the weight of the responsibility that is ours to see this thing through to the desired finished end.

    A loving and persistent correct approach on our part will plant the seeds of acceptance toward those who follow behind us to carry on our life taking work.

    What happens to others thought processes can only come about the same as ours did. I am frustrated by this somewhat but then I realize I came to life changing conclusions very early in life.
    How? For a long time I did not know other than to say it was something on the inside leading me to apply strong due diligence regarding politics, religion and economics.

    I have since learned my higher self, who having lived so many previous lives, an old and wise fragment of Source, is responsible for my awakening. Apparently it happens when timing is appropriate.

    There will be rough roads ahead. Likely many. The transhumanist agenda is as unsettling as any I have learned of since through that process human robotoids, without a stitch of compassion, will be the strong arm of the opposition. Look what they did in Oregon, Nevada, Montana, Waco, etc.

    Much love and purpose.


  5. pylongroupcal/Net,

    You ain’t wrong. My whole family thinks I’m ‘out there,’ as a “total fruit cake.”

    Those of us who have been awake may very well pay a “personal high price.” Makes me think of a Henry Ford quote, “We all could be doing more.”

    “See the thing through to the desired finished end.” Whew! I’ve been procrastinating (labeled lazy American), about filing docs on the Eureka City Council. Next Monday, May 2nd, they somehow beLIEve they have been delegated the authority of We, the People, to send in the attack dawgs (EPD) to ‘remove’ about 300 homeless people from an encampment area, that all-of-a-sudden the City of Eureka plans on cleaning up and spending oodles for trails and such.

    At least the file clerks have stopped expecting me to sign their idiot corporate forms and/or pay Any $ to file.

    Thank you for your words of wisdom.

    As Andy says in a previous comment – “We trudge onward . . .”

  6. – the apocalypse is always now. Every day is the last judgment day if you know Christ.

    For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always

    I judge no man. And yet if I judge, my judgment is true

  7. There is no such thing as christ. religion is all a satanic lie and you have bought into it hook line and sinker. through the use of it mankind has been easily held in captivity and because of it every atrocity committed by the enemies of our planet has succeeded because of those gullible enough to believe religious jargon such as what you errantly try to pour into others.

    god is not in control in the sense you likely believe. Source gave that control to us and we are screwing it up very badly. get your head out of the bible. you will learn far more truth as a result instead of the senseless crap that goofy extremely flawed history (intentionally misleading) book puts out.

    if your wimp of a god is in control why is it that the goofball allows the ruling elite to commit their folly against the rest of the human race. if you want to serve a fake tyrant like that please keep it to yourself as it is the cause of all evil in the world.

    claiming one religious view point over another leads only to additional separation, therefore it has to be eliminated from influence of any kind on the human species.

  8. ~hey suzy, HI!

    Things are spinin’ I tell ya. You’d never know it with the Nazi newspapers, KMUD and the Point, all slurping with the devildoers at the same propaganda trough. I MEAN, Estelle is being sued by yours truly for Breach of Trust = treason, and she had big signs put up all over Fortuna that says; “Proven Leadership” then gads about to 3 town hall meetings. Last Tues. Supes. agenda was all about (I hate this word)-Budget, that went on for hours. No public speaking. I left- displaying a noose over my shoulder. Seriously, they deserve Oscars for that show.

    The ——– are so smug wallowing in the millions of measure z tax extortion. Too busy passing the KY to even notice the collapse signaling @System@ Failure last week. Instead, the all offices are vacant, public servant imposters put us in the cross-hairs my suzy, and they’re squeezing the trigger. They ‘authorized’ Sheriff D. to sign/suck with the DEA of the DOInjustice (unlawfully enlarging FED juris in state territory), then ‘authorized’ him to sign (4 originals ?) with CalTrans (STATE), and – even the Nat’l Guard! The trading of parts and pieces of Humboldt for worthless BONDS -and run around filling-out GRANT applications, sickens and embarrasses me. The Headwaters Fund has been supporting the ever failing ‘Aviation Dept’ for I don’t know how many years -(just put ‘mitigation’ in the middle of headwaters and fund –ya, that’ll do it). Tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend, election, election, election.

    Apocalypse now – because commerce is stopped –globally. First time ever. Empty ships setting in the Atlantic, empty box cars/trains in Arizona and SoCal. Funny money shows a ‘negative interest’ –whatever that is. And you and me? The ‘leaders’ signed us up for a Swiss company’s “Track & Trace” (marihunie) drones! Jesus God! How dumbed-down is our community? June 1 is the marihunie hearing. Meanwhile, the whole county administration has gone into a feeding frenzy. Everybody is writing an Ordinance. Even Eureka’s Fire Chief! Fortuna, Arcata, Eureka and County –ACTING their parts. Passing a “Panhandler Ordinance” off as ‘law’ to control the people. Man, all it takes is mention of ‘Ordinance’ in a litigation –and they all go down the hole they’re digging themselves into –deeper and deeper, faster and faster.

  9. pylongroupcal,

    ~ settle. settle. Freedom of religion –rember? I’ve come to view the Gospels as a law book. There’s so many excellent right-on quotes that fit to-a-tea in this place of despair we find ourselves in. Not too hard to get a glimpse of what’s in store since history repeats and repeats and repeats. Mass murder and genocide. Long-ass, deep graves to throw the bodies in. The in-bred psychopaths controlling the world’s war machine, weather, food, water, man-made toxic solutions to inject –or disperse via chemtrails (Washington state is getting their dose now) – and the masses? Nope, they don’t ‘get it.’ Won’t ‘get it.’ And will die for the lie defending it. Same as it ever was.

    On the right action of motion, movement, idea – an uprising, or protest, or sit-in, or occupy –none of those. Something is on it’s way, taking shape – it only takes a spark and it’ll spread in the Internet twinkling of an eye –the rapture. Can’t really plan it. A ‘sign’ a ‘something’ from the ethers of time/space that all of life shares in -current/energy connection. Christ, Gandhi, Jefferson type. Whatever the label. Gatekeepers, torch-bearers, watchmen, patriots, freeman on the land, truth seekers, freedom community, sovereigns, witnesses, healers, singers, dancers, stars, angels, orbs . . .

    Some will watch it happen.
    Some will make it happen – the merry band of three per-centers.
    Some will wonder what happened?

  10. – i’m baaaaack; suzy didn’t rapture yet, or did i? What will happen next? It’s raining in late may, sweet, and my cat’s asleep. I wonder what his dreams are? He’s seen cars, and people, he’s seen the vet’s office parking lot. He knows it ain’t gonna be good. Now he’s purring, i think he knows we’re talking about him. He said, ‘i’m in bliss, unlike you, i don’t worry about the future, this is now, it always has been now, and it always will be now.’

    Love you Forrest. Hippie hill empty of soul now. Where did the residents go. Merci is lost in the rain. Dignity is getting hassled for panhandling. I don’t know what happened to the other refugees, i imagine they are under a bridge somewhere, or maybe on top of the bridge, thinking about jumping. bless up and follow your bless

    s ❤

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