Packing Heat: Missouri Lawmakers Expand Gun Rights, OK “Concealed Carry Without Permit”

MAY 16, 2016
By Mac Slavo

While so much of propaganda about gun control has been inundating the country and clouding the debate about the 2nd Amendment in effort to restrict firearms, the state of Missouri just surprised everyone by actually expanding gun rights!

The heavily Republican legislature just passed a bill in both the Senate and House allowing people to carry concealed without needing a permit, and without requiring training. Moreover, it reinforced the state’s Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground statutes.

via the NY Times:

Missouri lawmakers have passed a sweeping expansion of gun rights in the state, one that would allow people to carry concealed guns without requiring permits and widen their right to stand and fight against perceived threats.

Under the measure, most people would be able to carry concealed guns, even if they have not completed the training currently required to obtain a permit.

The legislation would also expand the state’s “castle doctrine” by allowing invited guests, such as babysitters, to use deadly force against intruders. It would also create a “stand your ground” right, meaning people would not have to retreat from danger in any place they are legally entitled to be present.

Symbolically, Missouri essentially put up a giant “Come and Take It” in defiance of all those who would disarm Americans and usher in a crime-ridden, heavily bureaucratic and debased police state.

Of course, it has gun control advocates steaming, and attempting to argue that the bill will create more violence.

While many Democrats denounced it, Republican supporters of the bill described the measures as reasonable approaches to personal safety.


“To me, this is modern-day lynching,” said another Democrat, State Representative Kimberly Gardner of St. Louis. “This bill would allow open season for vigilante-style behavior and put all of us at risk.”

As of now, it is unclear if Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon will sign the bill, or veto it and force a legislative fight. But a message has been signaled, loud and clear.

Americans do NOT want to give up their guns, and will do everything they can to protect themselves in self-defense from anyone who would attempt to disarm them.

With so much of the country eroding into liberal la-la land, this is one state that understands and honors the intent of the founders in framing the Constitution to empower ordinary citizens against criminals, both within and without government.

As the NY Times notes, the trend is swinging back towards free and open gun rights… a possible sign that gun control efforts, despite deep pockets and incessant appeals to emotion involving children and other victims of gun violence, have fallen on deaf ears.

Ten other states already have what supporters describe as “constitutional carry” laws allowing concealed guns without permits, including ones enacted this year in Idaho, Mississippi and West Virginia, according to the National Rifle Association.

No doubt that is why President Obama has resorted to using executive actions to impose gun control, and why Hillary Clinton is talking openly about using the executive pen to restrict rights, rather than even attempt to jam rights-restricting legislation through the Congress at the federal level.

Do you think this is a big win for the 2nd Amendment?

2 thoughts on “Packing Heat: Missouri Lawmakers Expand Gun Rights, OK “Concealed Carry Without Permit”

  1. When are we going to stop arguing with a federal corporation with NO authority over any of the fifty organic states of the union. The constitution declares simply that the government of the District of Columbia is not the government of the fifty organic states of the union. It is clearly stated in the our constitution that the geographic area of D.C.’s jurisdiction is a ten mile square area.

    The federal bastards have no say whatsoever in gun control within the exterior limits of the fifty organic states of the union. Their fear is our guns will be used on them in our defiance of their fraudulent actions to destroy our nation. And so we will if it comes to that! We are authorized by our constitution, no check that, required by our constitution to put presidents like we have had for the last 100 years or so down for the count!

    Who will joint tenants in the sovereignty obey, the illegitimate lackey president inc. or our original Constitution? They can decide for themselves. WE are ready for them.

    I thank the states that have taken their stand against Obuckwheat. I hope sincerely all original states of the union do the same.

    My guess is there are millions of God fearing Americans contemplating exactly that as we speak.
    The feds have a GREAT BIG surprise awaiting them if their foolduggary slips a bit too far.

    Obama’s use of executive action to take away rights of any kind will spell his physical end. He must really be looking forward to those 72 virgins awaiting him on the other side. Oh that’s right he is gay, so what value could there possibly be for him in serving the violent muslim god.

  2. pylongroupcal,

    I typed a long comment/reply to you late last night – and didn’t save it is all I can think. Dang!

    I don’t think ‘we’ as in those of us who are awake, spend much time arguing with a federal corp. It’s the local brain dead dictators and the phukkin media that has the Supes., City Council, and commissioners plastered all over the front page, continuing onto pages and pages of what they say in their Nazi meetings. Things like, “and the mayor instructed staph to sign for . . .” Or Counsel told the planning commission that after a vote was taken that it couldn’t be reconsidered. Clearly they do not know what they’re doing. The local radio station interviews fiction -Sheriff, D.A., two who are up for a Supes. position. Idiot Eric the BAR was just on this evening with an “election talk.” They are operating in a realm of dither and blather.

    June 1st both of my cases Measure Z (an unlawful And illegal ½% tax), and marihunie will be in the same venue at the same time. Since I filed, a countywide feeding frenzy at the trough of the people’s public treasury is without shame. Measure Z’s extortion of $11 million (in less than a year), plus the 50 insignificant number of growers (out of 8000) who have forked over thousands of something for nothing, is ‘reason’ to increase the number of corporate governmental services. The population has decreased. Sheriff D. is getting an armored vehicle, signing up with the DEA/Dept. of Injustice and the national guard. Talk of combining the Assessor, Tax Collector, and Auditor into one position –not even a vote is on the table. AND, the Agriculture Commissioner is shirking his duty of weights and measures (MJ), to Del Norte County. There’s new deputy and Sheriff-Coroner trucks all over the place. Humboldt County has the most depressed economy with the highest cost of gasoline in the country. 200 homeless people were shuffled out of an area that has been in place and known of for 10 years. The police burned their belongings that the people couldn’t carry away.

    72 virgins for a gay guy –you’re funny. I keep having thoughts of lethal injection, firing squad, or noose –just to give them a choice.

    I was checking about my Measure Z tax case and came across more of the tyrannical show. A county can only collect taxes in the unincorporated part of the county. The tax they like to label ‘fee’ for a permit or license for COMMERCIAL Medical Marijuana LAND “Ordinance” can’t be more than the services provided costs. It’s all bread and circuses. Interesting too is that Humboldt is not chartered (Eureka is) – doesn’t matter either way cause no one is paying attention. Out of 58 counties in California only 13 are chartered. The rest are –get this – “law counties.” Translation – they embrace all three branches –Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Quite a trick!

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