From The Heart Of Humboldt, Highway 36

Friday June 3, 2016

As long as the people are taking part in the distraction: No consequences, no problem, and you see due to the massive money involved, today’s terrorists have made sure to place other terrorists into every position that oversees the conduct of the terrorists. So forget just taking the plants, they have leveraged and finagled to take over the plant’s factory; transportation to the market place; the cost of the product of which now will triple, and have passed requirements that require all who comply to bend over and pay for further inspections, or face alleged Public Federal authority in bed with the local alleged Public authority –trespassing onto private land. The only reason they are there is for theft [plants], and extermination of land rights. No arrest or charges will be made. They do not want a paper trail of their terrorist actions of fraud, deceit, and illusion. The people’s una-lien-able rights, wealth, liberty, and pursuit of happiness will become a thing of the past.

~Authority does not exist in nature. That man should not be equal is the primitive belief of primitive men.

The public will continue to be masterfully entertained in distraction, the terrorists will continue to chuckle behind closed doors as they divide their share of the booty, and it will continue until the terrorists are physically picked up by force and removed or in the extreme case executed.

History has clearly written that reality over and over again across the globe over the centuries. The names, circumstance, and tactics may change but the end game always remains the same. When dealing with thieves and criminals from within any political body, they breed and multiply as their theft goes on unabated and the general population will always acquiesce to avoid confrontation out of fear of harm implied by stronger forces.

The thievery intensifies, the number of thieves increases, the tactics used by the thieves intensifies, until one day the population has had enough and revolt. Individuals and small groups that revolt are usually destroyed by the thieves. Also, thieves being thieves, if they see their looting being jeopardized by public revolt, where they think the public just may revolt and successfully eliminate them, they themselves having the finances of the decades of looting accomplished, then organize and promote themselves as the revolution to eliminate the ‘criminals’ of the ‘black market.” The public then unwittingly being in a state of blind hostility from the decades of being stolen from, follows the instructions of the thieves themselves.

Governments (posing as), over the globe for at least the last 5000 years have focused on appeasing the public to thus give the government control over the wealth. From time to time a gang organized as government will use lethal force to take whatever it wants. Well that may work out okay for them in the short run but inevitably the people organize into a very hostile swarm and eliminate the aggressive usurpers acting from within the organized entity calling itself government.

The more money and wealth involved the more ruthless the tactics from both sides become.

Top-heavy corporate governmental services today, having access to trillions of dollars and a propaganda machine funded with the same, will stay mostly two steps ahead of everyone else.
Walter Burien, friend and expert of; Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

We can continue to document our demise or we can mount a resistance to it

March 15, 2016 The unlawful ½% TAX/Measure Z was filed as a claim at law, CASE # DR 160135 in a court of record, for Warring Against the Constitution.

March 25, 2016 The unlawful Ordinance (that can only apply to property owned by a county and/or city) was filed as a claim at law, CASE # DR 160161 in a court of record, for a Declaratory Judgment in an Action of Trespass.

April 26, 2016 in the People’s Chamber, I said; On and for the record, I accept your oaths and bind them to you. Even said it twice, as I was asked to repeat it.  I read the title of an article, and left copies for each Supervisor –B.A.R. ATTORNEYS – NO LEGISLATIVE AUTHORITY IN COURTROOMS and told the Supes. – hence, I do not want any mail in my mailbox from YOUR County Counsel, and no telephone calls from them either.

Then I read the following:

“Accept responsibility for yourself and your actions, thoughts and words. You alone make choices. You alone are answerable to the consequences of your actions.

The feeble excuse that your boss required it, the establishment expected it, holds no truth or justification. What is the point of having Principles if you allow others to dictate your behavior?

At the end of the day, you will judge your performance and the contribution you have made to Creation. It will not be based on what another expected of you, or what you did because you “felt trapped.” (or as Estelle once told me, “Linda, my hands are tied”).
David Icke 

And finally, I read the title of, and left copies of:

Legal, Permitted, and Arrested. Entrapment by Estoppel 

May, 2016   Aggressive solicitation: “The black market being fueled extensively . . . organized crime is alive and well. And with that, they don’t call us, they regulate their own form of justice. It has become a very, very, violent world out there.”
Billy Honsel, acting as Under Sheriff for the COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT.

Note: Humboldt County and all [vacant] government offices are listed on as a “privately held company” This is ‘over the rainbow’ insanity.

$12.7 million of the [unlawful from the get-go] ½% TAX -Measure Z, for the second time this year, was up for grabs by despots who are impersonating public servants. The (over 45 y.o.a.) alleged Sheriff, serving the collapsed system, asked for $1.2 million (minus $300,000 for an armored vehicle), for 7 MORE deputies & overtime, 4 ‘patrol’ vehicles, and an armored vehicle –to “protect his deputies from high-powered gun fire.” ~The “other sources of funding” [for the armored vehicle], is the how unlawfully enlarging Federal jurisdiction in State territory happens i.e., HazMat, Fish & Game, FBI, IRS, ABC etc. They ‘fund’ whatever it is the local “Order Followers” put on their agenda. The trespassing Feds. set-up office, (lease from the COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT), and assume a position of authority without evidence for their claim.

The Fire Chief’s Association got $1.8 million (includes the continuing defunct airport).

Public Pretenders Office got $161,000

County roads $1.5 million. Whoo hoo – the only [possible] semi-lawful amount.

Total: (according to local Lamestream media), $11.75 million, includes the $5.2 million ‘previously approved’ in the first up-for-grabs go round.

June 1, 2016 @ 1:45 in Department 8 at 825 Fifth Street in Eureka, California, the unlawful ½% Tax (Measure Z), and the unlawful Commercial ‘Medical’ ‘Marijuana’ LAND Ordinance were scheduled for litigation. Not one of the persons masquerading as public servants managed to be present at their own trial:

Estelle Fennell                 John Bartholomew         Michael Downey

Mark Lovelace                  Carolyn Crinch                 David Edmonds

Virginia Bass                     Jeffrey Blanck                   Noah Levy

Rex Bohn                            Paul Gallegos                    Kevin McKenney

Ryan Sundberg                  Jeffrey Dolf                       Robert Morris

Phillip Smith-Hanes       Robert Wall                      Ben Shepherd

Lee Ulansey

There were maybe five other people in the room besides myself, my witness, the court clerk, court reporter, Reinholtsen, and Joseph Wells Ellinwood <one of the 18 County Counsel BARbarian members. Note: Jeffrey Blanck is the so-called Director of the County Counsel.

Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge:
ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in, ye hindered. Luke 11.52

Very clearly this tells you that if you look to things written by lawyers for salvation, you will not find the key of knowledge. You will remain in Babylon following Babylon’s rules.

I objected to Joseph Wells Ellinwood trespassing on a common law proceeding with his foreign jurisdiction – I do Not want him in this room. There are no Real parties of interest now here today. This is not Due Process. — Reinholtsen told him to continue. Could I have thrown a fit right then and there? Yep. But not without the support of the people.

Ellenwood was extra nervous. He kept his hand in his pocket jangling whatever was in there. The whole proceeding was ‘whispered.’ Ellenwood repeated verbatim the same ol, same ol, – rules of procedure (Code), something about not filed in time according to more Code rules, Trespass isn’t the correct action, there’s no monetary amount included for remedy, she failed to state a claim . . .blah, blah, blah.

ON and for the record, you (Reinholtsen) are under oath. I am not here to attack, I am here to correct. There is no statute of limitations on fraud. Measure Z was presented to the people as Safety for Humboldt –specifically to place Deputies in the sub-station of Southern Humboldt. By adding “Other Essential Necessities” on the ballot, it unlawfully passed with a majority vote required for a General Tax, instead of the required 2/3 for a Special Tax. Deceptive semantics. And, a “lawful” county Tax can Only be applied in unincorporated areas of a county. The titled Supervisors, Commissioners, County Administration Officer, Planning Dept., and Agriculture Dept., were Noticed about this on December 31, 2014.

As for the unlawful Ordinance regarding plants – it is a Trespass on unalienable rights, property rights. I did not list a monetary amount because I am not directly an injured party. An Ordinance Only applies to property OWNED by a City or County.

The black robed Pirate thanked me and the poser, saying that he will take it (my NOTICE TO CEASE AND DESIST) into ‘consideration.’

The only mistake we can make at this point is to continue to follow the thieves, believe the liars, and give allegiance to the traitors. These criminals can no longer hide behind their elaborate masks. Their deeds have exposed them to all of us. We have only to look upon them, to see what they are, and to resolve that never again will we be duped by such shallow and transparent tricksters. Humboldt, the hour is yours!

Bob Dylan 101

Gentlemen, she said
I don’t need your organization. I’ve shined your shoes
I’ve moved your mountains and marked your cards
But Eden is burning, either brace yourself for elimination
Or else your hearts must have the courage for the changing of the guards

Peace will come
With tranquility and splendor on the wheels of fire
But will bring us no reward when her false idols fall
And cruel death surrenders with its pale ghost retreating
Between the King and Queen of Swords
© 1978 by Special Rider music

Linda Cassara
                                                                                                     I am woman, an eyewitness with
first hand knowledge. Holder
of the office of “the people.”

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