by Bob Livingston

The so-called “War on Drugs” is conducted with much fanfare.

Hardly a day goes by when there’s not a segment on LameStream media in which Police aka “Order Followers” are shown displaying a host of “illegal” drugs, money and guns they’ve confiscated in their bid to keep Americans safe from shady narco-terrorists who want to hide in the shadows and distribute marijuana to the masses. And there is perhaps no issue that misleads, confuses and bedevils concerned people of all political stripes as the so-called “War on Drugs.”

The Republicrat oligarchy is well aware of this fact, and so it uses a trumped-up, false war on drugs to deceive and wear out the masses, to paramilitarize and enlarge the Police/“Order Followers,” and to promote the two-party/left-right/conservative-liberal false paradigm.

This “war” began in 1971 with Richard Nixon. There is no way of knowing just how much has been spent wasted on this pretend “war” since then. Media reports in 2010 put the figure then at “more than $1 trillion,” and recent media stories continue to use the “more than $1 trillion” figure while citing estimates of about $51 billion spent annually. And like all [perceived] Government, “Wars on Something (whether drugs, poverty, terror, etc.)” no amount of money and no amount of effort and no amount of liberty-stealing new Codes, Statutes, Rules, Regulations, Ordinances or “Executive Orders” in support of them, are ever enough to bring the wars to a successful conclusion.

The war on drugs is not a war by public officials against criminals at all, but a war for drugs. It is the way dictators profit from criminality, expand their kingdoms and overturn the rule of law and the Constitution. In my unending research into this conspiracy, I have learned that this kind of tyrannical control is possible only by mass deception. It is a total control of the GovernMental poly-tick processes to the detriment of the people in every category of the country’s and local interests. It is raw force exercised by today’s single-party-dressed-as-two.

False universal religion is the chief means of this mass deception, followed by the protection of particular elements to induce confusion, including drugs and the “war on drugs,” a controlled mass media to spread propaganda, and poly-ticks-as-usual non-solutions.

Poly-ticks-as-usual all protect and enlarge the alleged Government’s drug trade while pretending to do the precise opposite. “They” formulate our thoughts with reverse words and phrases. You see, the “War on Drugs” was not a war to stamp out drugs as the people have been led to believe, but it is a system to keep the prices high and protect the medical cartel’s “Legal” drug pushers: the physicians. Such “opposite behavior” is the proof of a conspiracy against Americans.

Alleged republicans, for example, profess pro-Christian, anti-big GubberNut ideals but join the Demoncrazy in faith-destroying, socialist legislation to expand the welfare state. The “War on Drugs” helps justify it.

Demo-cRats, for example, claim to protect the working man while joining alleged Republicans and multinational megacorporations to pass “free trade” legislation, thus destroying the middle class, farming families. They both create zero-tolerance “Legalese” Codes (the devil’s words) and militarize local “Order Followers”/Police to perform wrong actions that harm other sentient beings. The “War on Drugs” helps justify it.

The Bush, Clinton and Obama mafia families — control the war on drugs as their means to retaining executive branch hegemony. Their corporate and CIA drug-running (and related running of guns and weapons of mass destruction) has so infected the Department of (in)Justice, for example, that all realms of criminality reign in America.

The constant success of U.S. INC’s criminality in this regard is so staggering that one can only conclude that the DOJ and its controllers in the pretend Congress and White House are satanic. The Union states of the Constitution is dead; “Long live the United States!” cry the deceived masses –the supporters of “Order Followers.”

The war on drugs serves mainly as a cover and as a money- and king-maker for the psychopathic inbred global elites. Thanks to the drug war, 2.3 million of us are caged, making America a prison country.

The drug war also provides cover for the medical establishment’s war on health.

Few people know that prescription drugs are poison addictions. We want that silver bullet, that quick fix and the pharmaceutical monopoly makes sure we get it, or think we get it. Then the addiction to death-doctors and drugs begins.

The drug system does not treat anything, let alone the cause. It is at best a disguised system of symptomatic band-aids, and at worst drug-induced death.

One in three Americans uses a prescription drug daily. Most of the senior population has been cajoled into prescription drug addiction. Bet you know someone. People aged 50-64 have been prescribed drugs to such an extent that they ingest an average of 13 prescription drugs each day. People 65-79 are averaging 20. Doctors of death and the pharmaceuticals have people 80 and older take an average of 22 different prescription drugs. It’s impossible for anybody to keep track of all the different drugs each individual takes. And what about all the combinations of interactions? There is serious danger here.

There is also serious danger from the ongoing over-prescription of opioid pain relievers.

Physicians are little more than legalized drug pushers. The only difference between physicians and the black market pusher is the physician operates under the “color of law.”

There are about 2 million Americans who are addicted to opioid prescription pain relievers – the type of drug speculated to have led to the death of the recording artist Prince.

The vast majority of these people are not those who considered or engaged in the use of the drugs for recreational purposes. They are common, everyday people who trusted their physician and took his or her advice and followed the instructions in an effort to alleviate extreme pain brought on by accident, injury or surgery. Many of them have since seen their lives, their families and their livelihoods decimated as a result.

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, 259 million prescriptions were written for opioids in 2012. This is enough to give every American adult his own bottle of pills and then some.

Drug overdose is the leading cause of death in America. Prescription opioid addiction accounted for almost 19,000 of the 47,055 lethal drug overdoses in 2014. And the major contributor to this was the drug OxyContin.

The drug maker Purdue Parma launched OxyContin to much fanfare 20 years ago, marketing it as a pain killer that would provide 12-hour relief, even though its clinical trials showed that many patients weren’t getting 12-hour relief.

Mindless doctors prescribing OxyContin quickly heard from their patients that the relief wasn’t lasting as promised and began prescribing it for shorter intervals. Purdue execs sent sales reps out to instruct physicians to increase dosage rather than shorten intervals.

But the increased dosages increased the chances of addiction, and Purdue’s own research showed this would be so. Since its introduction, more than 7 million Americans have abused OxyContin. And more than 190,000 people have died from overdosing on OxyContin and other painkillers since 1999, according to The New York Times.

The dictionary term for this is iatrogenic death. This means death induced in a patient by a physician’s activity, manner, or therapy, according to the American Heritage Dictionary.

Our society has many contradictions and quirks, but they don’t seem to bother us.

The Satanic cult want gun confiscation while they purposely overlook 250,000 iatrogenic deaths a year at the hands of the doctors of death -medical establishment. All the wars in history and all the gun deaths are no match for prescription drug deaths.

If we were sane, we would say this is nothing but mass murder. It makes gun control the biggest hypocrisy on earth.

In fact, many serious crimes are committed by victims of prescription drugs. Prescription drugs can turn people into monsters. They make otherwise peaceful people become burglars, robbers and murderers.

If people would read the inserts of the everyday drugs that they are taking, they would run from the doctors [of death]. These pamphlets with the tiny type tell you about the high risk, but who can read the small type and medical jargon? It’s designed to be indecipherable.

Too many people are dead by prescriptions. People, seniors especially, beware! Fraud, deceit and murder is “Legalese Legal” in America. Modern medi$in is a killing machine.

The war on drugs is a sham and a scam, federal agents, federal agencies, all local so-called public servants are corrupted by it. Meanwhile, U.S. INC-built prisons and the cemeteries in America are overflowing with its victims.


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