Writ of Assistance General Command 101


A California national, sovereign queen, addresses certain issues


According to the 1824 Webster’s Dictionary, at the time the original Constitution was written, the word “federal” was a synonym for “contract.” All constitutions are affirmations of debt—in this case, the debt that the States assumed when they created the federal government and jointly agreed to pay for the services that it would provide. The office of Presidentis, and always has been, a uniquely commercial office, not a “Head of State.”

Because the federal government services company is privately operated and owned, only shareholders known as electors have any real say in its elections and administration; only trustees known as members of Congress have the right to determine how national trust assets are protected, though they are obligated as trustees to do a responsible job of it, and only the States have the right to complain if the designated services aren’t up to par.

The American people at large, known simply as inhabitants of the statesor State Citizenshave always been a separate and distinct population apart from US citizensor Federal Citizens” –and to these two groups a third kind of “citizen” was added in 1871, that of a US citizen.” 

Following the Civil War, the governmental services company providing the services agreed to by the States, reorganized as a corporation d.b.a. the “United States of America, Incorporated” and published its Articles of Incorporation as the Constitution of the United States of America.”

Unlike The Constitution for the united States of America,” the Constitution of the United States of America is a document peculiar to the new “Municipal” or “City State” government formed to administer the affairs of the District of Columbia and its federal territories and possessions.

This corporate “constitution” provided for the creation of a new kind of “Federal Citizen” — a “US Citizen” —and from that point onward, from the perspective of the new federal municipal government formed by the Act of 1871American State Citizens (the inhabitants of the fifty states) were regarded as “non-resident aliens.” This same corporation, d.b.a. the “United States of America, Incorporated” (chartered in Delaware), began operating two separate “governments” at once — the municipal government of the District of Columbia and the federal government owed to the States of the Union —both under the auspices of the “United States Congress.”

These semantic deceits have given rise to endless confusions, usurpations, and criminality. This Writ of Assistance addresses some of those issues that are most important at this time.

The Congress ceased operating as it was required by contract to operate, in 1860. After December 1865, it never again operated as an unincorporated Body Politic representing the States of the Union. The “federal government” has functioned ever since exclusively as an incorporated commercial entity, with an elected Board of Directors calling itself the “US Congress.” As such, the federal government is a for-profit commercial corporation like any other for-profit corporation. It has no special status, no immunity from prosecution, and hasn’t functioned as a governing body of a sovereign country for 150 years.

To overcome this obvious difficulty the “US Congress” formed a second union of American states from the “federal territories and possessions.” From the Seven Insular States, including the “State of New Columbia” (District of Columbia), Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, et alia, a new nation was formed, calling itself “the United States of America,” claiming separate national sovereignty.

Thus we have the United States of America comprised of the fifty organic States created by Statehood Compacts, and the district United States; both being administered under the direction of the corporate Board of Directors known as the “US Congress” —which has continued to act solely as the sovereign government of the corporate United States. 

These blatant semantic deceits by officers of the federal corporation and officials of the corporate United States amount to purposeful constructive fraud against their employers, the American organic states. To try to overcome this obstacle, members of the “US CONGRESS” contrived a “complex regulatory scheme” by which they established their own “State” governments and have tried to claim that they have been “at war” with the American people, while relying upon the organic states for their own sustenance, and have falsely claimed that they have established exclusive legislative jurisdiction” over the original states of the Union by these acts of self-interested fraud carried out against their employers and benefactors.

Fraud has no statute of limitations.

The governmental services corporations have always been under commercial contract to provide services to the American people and have acted against their employers, as employees.

It is essential that members of the BAR Associations; members of the “State” governments which have been surreptitiously “redefined” to their detriment; members of the police forces; and members of the various armed forces gain a clear understanding of the fact that for purposes of administration of government services on American State soil, the “federal government” is a corporation with no more civil authority on the land than JC PENNY, or HARLEY DAVIDSON, INC.  

The “federal government” is under contract to the organic States. Our Forefathers vested the ENTIRE civil government on the land in people inhabiting the land. Therefore each American is a sovereign “organic state” of the union. Each one of us has more civil power and authority on the land than the entire “federal government” has ever had, or ever can have.

For that reason — and as a result of the deliberations which have already taken place among other countries of the world — the “federal government” d.b.a. the UNITED STATES, INC.— a French commercial corporation — is hereby called to task for non-performance on its contractual obligations. The semantic deceits involved in claiming that American State Citizens are “US citizens” and all the other fraudulent claims advanced against the American people and states are to be fully recognized for what they are —fraudulent claims, having no merit and owed no allegiance or enforcement. 

Other corporate entities, notably the FEDERAL RESERVE and INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND, which are responsible for creating and promoting this fraud, are to be recognized and dealt with appropriately, as international dealers in usury and fraud. 

American Negroes have in the past been considered “US citizens” because that is the only citizenship” they were ever granted after the Civil War, a grave travesty of justice that resulted in them having only civil rights” which are the only privileges granted by the “US Congress” instead of the “Natural and Unalienable Rights” they are really heir to. They were also claimed as chattel backing the debts of the United States’ prohibitions abolishing slavery and peonage. 

A prompt correction is available from the organic states by proclamation. The people in the organic states are granted full and immediately recognizable status as American Nationals” owed all the “Natural and Unalienable Rights” of any other organic State Citizen, no matter which geographically defined state they may inhabit on the land. The only exceptions are those born within (inside) the borders of the Insular States — District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, etc. — who must self-declare their status under Article 15 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It has been the policy of the United States of America to consider all federal employees and members of the active duty military who are birthright inhabitants of the United States of America, to be temporary “dual citizens” subject to the corporate UNITED STATES.

However, the united States of America recognizes no dual citizenship, and the process required for any birthright inhabitant on the land, to adopt “US Citizenship” is both lengthy and purposeful, as stated in US Statute at Large 2, Revised Statute 2561. As the employers and creditors of the united States of America we exercise our proprietary interest and direct all American State Citizens to defend the interests and integrity of the American organic states, regardless of any contrary “orders” issued by any corporate officer of the UNITED STATES, or foreign official acting under the auspices of the United States of America. 

All birthright State citizens of the united States of America are specifically enjoined from engaging in any activity contrary to the health, welfare, safety, and benefit of their fellow State citizens, or will otherwise be recognized as criminals regardless of what uniforms they wear or what authorities they pretend to have. If corporate “President” Obama should order any member of the “US military” or any armed “agency personnel” —BATF. IRS, NSA, FEMA, ABC, etc. – to open fire upon American State Citizens, it would constitute a war crime against non-combatant civilians and it would be immediately recognized as such throughout the world.

For all military and civilian-based defense and officers of the land jurisdiction, the rule to be observed is: if you can’t do it as a private individual, you can’t do it as a public officer.

Any State citizen who is forced to open fire on federally or federal “State” or “STATE” funded personnel in defense of property or life will be recognized as a non-combatant civilian without exception, held harmless, and supported by all members of the American Armed Forces of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and all American State Militias. Any State Citizen so imposed upon by those in his or her employment or hired by those in his or her employment in any capacity whatsoever including “elected” officials, will be entitled to full reparations in the amount of $5,000,000.00 USD or the equivalent at the time of the damage incurred, for every death; $2,500,000.00 USD or the equivalent at the time of damage, for every permanent disability. They shall also be owed full reparations for all property damage incurred and up to eighty (80) times compensatory damages at the discretion of a jury of their peers.

The individual States of the Union formed by Statehood Compact retain the full and unencumbered claim upon their birthright inhabitants. These “states” are defined geographically. They are not incorporated entities, and they are not “represented” by any incorporated “State of __________” or “STATE OF __________” organization at this time. They are represented solely by the unincorporated Body Politic and their individual inhabitants, who retain all organic rights and civil prerogatives on the land.

Those organizations currently calling themselves the “State of California” or the “STATE OF CALIFORNIA,” etc., are representatives of two different governmental services corporations operated by the FEDERAL RESERVE (“State of California”) and the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (“STATE OF CALIFORNIA”), doing business as franchises of the United States of America, Inc. and the UNITED STATES, INC. respectively. They have no representational capacity whatsoever and are operating under commercial contract only.

Because these “State” and “Federal” entities have all functioned under conditions of non-disclosure and semantic deceit serving to promulgate fraud upon the organic states and the American people, they are all to be considered criminal syndicates to the extent that they have been aware of their status and have failed to correct their operations and representations. All contracts held by these organizations, or assumed to be held by these organizations, are null and void for fraud. These contracts include but are not limited to contracts for sale, for labor, for trade, “citizenship” contracts, powers of attorney, licenses, mortgages, registrations, and application agreements of all kinds. All autographs of American State citizens acting under the influence of commerce, semantic deceit and non-disclosure are rescinded.

All those individuals engaged in employment as “federal” and “state” and “municipal” employees and “elected officials” are hereby given Notice that they are employees of private, for-profit corporations that are merely under contract to provide designated public services, having no special status, having no immunity, and having no authority as sovereign nations or states. Any actions that they take infringing on the rights and prerogatives of American State citizens are criminal acts without exception and are to be treated as criminal acts. These individuals have exactly the same standing as employees of any other commercial company, and the rules, regulations, codes, ordinances, and other “statutes” they enforce are obligations unique to those organizations only.

Posse Comitatus is to be observed and enforced on the land of the organic states regardless of any Executive Order to the contrary issued by Barack H. Obama acting as “President” of the United States of America or as the President of any incorporated entity whatsoever. Any such imposition of “martial law” by Mr. Obama has exactly the same legal standing as “martial law” imposed by the President of BURGER KING INTERNATIONAL or the King of Sweden on the land of the organic states. He can order his paid employees to commit hari kari if he wishes to do so, and they may follow his instructions if they care to, but they may not under any circumstances murder anyone, assault anyone, seize any private property, or cause any trouble for American State citizens, or they shall be immediately recognized as criminals and be treated as such.

Likewise, the Government of the United States of America may do what it wills with those who are legitimately born under its hegemony, but it cannot say one word claiming authority over any birthright State citizen of the united States for America.

Please note that Barack H. Obama is “Commander in Chief” of the U.S. Armed Forceswhich legitimately includes the Puerto Rican Navy and whatever security forces are endemic to Guam, American Samoa and the other Insular States.

The Grand Army of the Republic and its successors are obligated to perform under this
General Command 101

The American Armed Forces also known as the Armed Forces of The United States of America are paid for by and obligated to serve the 50 organic states, which we represent and for which we require your service. In the absence of a properly formed operational government of the Republic, all rights revert to the organic states, including the civil authority to issue this General Command. “President” Barack H. Obama is operating as an official of the United States of America and as a corporate officer in the employ of the UNITED STATES, a French commercial corporation chartered by the international Monetary Fund, an agency of the UNITED NATIONS. He is not now nor has he ever been elected to any public office of The United States of America.

Likewise the members of the “US Congress” have never taken an Oath of any Public Office of The United States of America and are merely operating as private corporate officers of the same commercial corporation d.b.a. the corporate “United States.”

All offices deriving and paid and/or receiving credit entirely or in part as a result of the original equity contract known as The Constitution for the united States of America by definition and those who serve in these offices are employees of the inhabitants of the 50 States defined by Statehood Compacts. As such, you are now receiving direct command under the authority of these states.

All foregoing circumstance is indeed the “mischief” predicted by Chief Justice Harlan in his dissenting opinion given in Downes v. Bidwell — mischief resulting from allowing Congress to operate two governments at once, one a constitutional Republic, and the other an oligarchy under the plenary control of Congress. The members of the “US Congress” have been corrupted by power lust or through ignorance, subverted and used to serve the aims of criminals. That does not give anyone a license to sin. It simply requires the recognition of the sins of the members of the Congress and appropriate enlightened action depriving them of any power or excuse to continue these usurpations and deceits.

We are at a crossroads in history –and it is a certainty that every American man and woman will be faced, in the not-too-distant future, with the choice of whether to submit to the tyranny or do something about it.

I say “enough is enough” in the practice of so many preying upon the fears and desperation and weaknesses of those who find themselves in trouble, to be given such hollow promises, and fake remedies and false information. I say to anyone with a shred of decency and conscience within the truth movement and beyond, that everyone – absolutely everyone deserves the chance to know what the law is and what the law is not; and no one has the right to continue to deceive others, whether they be paid disinformation agents or simply bottom dwelling scammers, who think it is an easy way to make money.

The system is broken.  The system is using the deliberate and will-full ignorance of the persons who run it as its first line of defense and then sociopathic and cruel brutality as its second line of defense. It is not a system of law. These are not courts of law.  The time has come to make this clear, by people who do know what the law is and are competent and capable of withstanding the lies, the delusions, the irrationality and threats of a dying system that no longer can hide behind a superficial veil.
 Evil succeeds not only because good people are willing to do nothing, but because they were not properly trained to deal with a cancer within our society that exists by virtue of lies, of deception, of sociopathy and mental delusion.  We cannot overcome simply by hoping we can talk our way through a court case. We need to know.  We need to know to our very bones what is true and what is not, as knowledge is the only real source of remedy, then we need to act.

There are 515 people responsible. It is incumbent upon them to straighten things out, and for the rest of us to insist that they do. It is also the responsibility and duty of all members of the Sheriff and Police.

American states operating in sovereign original jurisdiction have issued these Civil Orders commanding compliance from the (E)STATE trustees, administrators, and employees, requiring their proper performance under contract. There is no higher authority.

Humboldt County, California republic,
June _____Two thousand and Sixteen A.D.

non-negotiable autograph, under seal and in
service, all rights reserved.

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