And now, Forest Queen vs. ‘the wrongdoers’

Sunday June 26, 2016

Linda Cassara (aka Forest Queen) stays pretty much to herself. She lives in a cabin under a canopy of 28 acres, without TV or newspapers. Her only company is her woodland friends. Linda allows herself a computer (dial-up) and spends a good deal of time challenging what she refers to as “the powers that were.” She has taught herself common law and is a self-described “truth seeker” and a “free woman on the land.”

Cassara says that Americans could use a refresher course on constitutional rights and liberties. She pointed out that our country was established so that people need not ever pay any tax, unless he/she wished to do so. According to her, property tax is an indirect tax, levied because you have voluntarily used corporate governmental services and also because your land has been classified as a commercial piece of property.

Linda also thinks America’s courts are divorced from reality and do not have our best interests in mind. For the past seven years she has refused to pay property or income tax (“taxes are voluntary”). She does not carry a “State-owned D/L license” or car insurance, and has had two cars confiscated – “stolen” in her words- for failure to register them with the DMV.

“I’m not into the system at all,” Cassara said. “I challenge it in every way possible. We have taxation without representation.”

She recently brought forth litigation in Humboldt County Superior Court regarding a declaratory judgment action of trespass. Her case centered around the “unlawful” 1⁄2% Tax (Measure Z), and the “unlawful” commercial medical marijuana land ordinance. Cassara’s goal is to prove that the people of California are “unknowingly being deceived and coerced away from a republic form of government—as promised in both Federal and State Constitutions — and that wrongdoers [public servants] are responsible in some manner for their conduct and liabilities named within.”

“The supervisors operate in a realm of dither and blather,” she said, prior to the case. “I’m suing them, the county commissioners, the planning department, the agriculture commissioner, the CAO and any other names I see mentioned, in a court of common law.” Also mentioned in the lawsuit were the former criminal district attorney, the county tax collector and Jane/John Does 1 through 99.

Why is Cassara intent on making those in charge “accept responsibility for their actions, thoughts and words?” She says that our Constitution is being damaged as corporations become more powerful and government becomes less significant. Locally, she noted that the county tax collector, the U.S. Forest Service and the County of Humboldt are actually privately held companies, but people see them as public entities.

“I’m not sure how far down the rabbit hole you want to go,” she said. “We’re talking about criminals and thieves, career criminal racketeers – traitors. I doubt that 97 percent of the American people can explain what a right is.”

Shirley Jarvis of Willits thinks her friend is not treated fairly by the legal system.

“They make it hard for Linda to file papers,” Jarvis said. “She does all the things they require and keeps coming back. It blows them away.”

Cassara pointed out that she is not a member of the sovereign citizen movement (“There’s no such thing as a ‘sovereign citizen’”). She goes around kicking rears and collecting ears entirely on her own. Linda has unbound energy and a hot desire to “take on all impersonators of public servants who practice identity theft and fraud against us, and have been working this bunko scheme against us for so long without us knowing anything about it.”

Windsor resident Brian Pamer calls her an “altruistic” person and believes she is waging a battle against those who wish to limit our rights and turn them into a legislative constriction. “A driver’s license is for commercial vehicles only,” he said. “The police have pulled Linda over, impounded her car, and failed to file a ticket or any paper on the incident. That’s grand theft auto.”

Cassara’s case went about as expected. “Not one of the persons masquerading as public servants managed to be present at their own trial,” she said. “The black-robed pirate thanked me, saying that he will take my notice to cease and desist into ‘consideration.’”

How many times has she heard that before? Break out the calculations. Boot up the laptop. Still, she remains unfazed. If the magistrate thinks ignoring Cassara will stop her from banging at the armor in future court sessions, he certainly has another thing coming.

For more information about Linda Cassara, email her at or visit her blog at
Tim Martin resides in Fortuna and writes this column for the Times-Standard. Email him at



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