Calling an arbitrary governMental-imposed penalty on marijuana a “market cost” is as disingenuous as not calling such a plan a “tax.” It’s social engineering meant to change culture.

As we can discuss the immediate solution here on the land, should we rather be looking to the sky and witnessing the chemtrails that have just begun again after a two-month interval? Huge X right over Carlotta –noonish Monday 22nd.

Who is responsible for the air space above Humboldt? Yep, it would be the same five who are taxing us to death and calling it “compliance.”

If Voting Made Any Difference, They Wouldn’t Let Us Do It

NOW PLAYING: Don’t be fooled into thinking that the only road to reform is through the ballot box. Whether you vote or don’t vote doesn’t really matter. What matters is what else you’re doing to push back against gubbernut incompetence, abuse, corruption, graft, fraud and cronyism. After all, there is more to citizen-ship than the act of voting for someone who, once elected, will march in lockstep with the dictates of the powers-that-were.


The status quo may be able to stop one of us; it will never be able to stop all of us. When we plan for the future we need not fear change. We must define the qualities of Humboldt we love so we can create a plan to protect them.
Comment ID: 3601550
August 24, 2016 at 2:29 pm

Do you know what it’s like to grow up in the projects?? No. How would you like it if that was all there was?! I’ve been watching video of many many projects going up. The city Planners are actually doing it. They are turning the place into one big shithole. The hunger games movie is the plan that’s being implemented. You wont have a car. But the criminal rich will have cars. You have to sit next to a filthy coughing pervert on a bus. Wait in the rain for as long as it takes. Then walk with groceries to your apartment or cell. You won’t be going to the next town. Without a car, with roads deliberately neglected eventually gone altogether. This is not a futuristic nightmare scenario. They are implementing their plans. Public transportation. No more single family housing. This is beyond the tyranny of anything in previous generations. This is one big prison. Apartments will become rooms. Rooms will give way to bunk beds. Eventually all you will be allowed is a claustrophobic tiny sleeping spot just big enough to wiggle your body into and out of, like they have for single men in Japan. All the comfort of a submarine. The changes will be slow so we frogs don’t panic and jump ship. It’s time to find out what the City Planners are up to. Perhaps we can still stop them if enough of us make a big enough outcry. If we go on like nothing is happening, we’ll wake up soon and find that they have succeeded in remaking America into a total locked down prison. Not an open-air prison. These people are involved in the local politics of your city. I know you’re tired after work. But instead of plopping in front of the J*w propaganda TV, go give the City Planners some opposition. Let them have a look at a population that is smart, informed, and more determined to keep our way of life than these bastards are determined to destroy it. Fight or flight. But flight to where? Venezuela??

Comment ID: 3601570
August 24, 2016 at 3:21 pm

I’m somewhat off topic here but…… in the city, known as the end of the North End, Water District, I live directly across from the Coast Guard. Today I hear stomping and commands from outside. Looked and saw a full Battalion in full fatigues marching down the center of the road. Since I’ve only lived here 2 yrs. it could be just a changing of the guards so to speak. Really has me speculating about WTF is going on? Constant helicopters above and boots on the ground. Seems we are becoming a Socialist Nation without permission from the people. God help Venezuela and WE The People – wake up!





Linda Cassara
c/o 801 Riverside Park Road
Carlotta, California
RR 95528
Without the U.S.




Linda Cassara                                                                                  Claim “in Law”

claimant,                                                                                 CASE NO. DR 160135

Mark Lovelace, et al.,                                                                    CASE NO. DR 160161

         wrongdoers.                                                                         CLARIFICATION



This is a court of record.

  1. I, the living claimant, going by the name Linda Cassara, invoke the laws of the republic.
  2. The fact the Court or County is always styled in Dunn and Bradstreet as an ALL CAPS entity just like it is in the Risk and Management documents which name is nowhere found in the statutes that created the Court, or any that refer to it spelled this way, leaves me enough grounds to raise legitimate questions in immediate challenges and demands for jurisdictional clarification.
  3. There is more than one Legal jurisdiction styled “United States” and “State of California” in federal ‘law’ and regulations, and as Dunn and Bradstreet confirms; there is a commercial corporate entity trading from the “COURT’S” address as the “SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA,” “COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT.”
  4. When we get to the issue of style of service, of state and court themselves, we find the SUPERIOR COURT listed on Dunn and Bradstreet as a commercial corporate entity financially connected to STATE OF CALIFORNIA and COUNTY of HUMBOLDT pseudo government entities.
  5. One needs to advise the COURT, it may not only show financial conflicts of interest to the COURT’S dispensing of impartial justice in these two cases, MJ TAX & Meas. Z TAX, but likely every similar case that has come before it, as well as, it will show the true commercial corporate nature of the SUPERIOR COURT and STATE OF CALIFORNIA, and its other financially inter-connected pseudo government entities, that are NOT an unbiased court or government directly created through the sovereign electors of California State, the state of the republic, which would give you and all prejudicially damaged parties in law suits before it, grounds not only for vacating past judgments, but for lawful action against the “COURT” for fraudulent representation, and possible criminal conspiracy charges against the officers of HUMBOLDT’S COURTS and of COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT,  and action against all the attorneys of the County who knew what they were taking cases into when they brought suit under the SUPERIOR COURT, COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT.
  6. Will the STATE argue under the “Clearfield Doctrine” that the private bankrupt for-profit corporation COURT has a higher standing than a Private “In Honor” estate/trust/office/administrator?  Not likely, I really don’t think that the State Attorney would be that foolish.   “You” are responsible in some capacity for meeting the contractual and fiduciary obligations owed to the People here in Humboldt. “YOU” need to be made explicitly, individually, personally, and undeniably aware of criminal acts of mis-administration and malfeasance being committed and directed by corporate officers functioning in blatant Breach of Trust and Conflict of Interest while occupying vacated and long-inactive Public Offices.
  7. Absent a specific, fully disclosed, voluntary appointment to act in behalf of specific individuals, there is no basis for any claim that any elected, appointed or employed by the UNITED STATES or its STATE franchises, agencies, or subsidiaries, represents anyone but themselves. Election to a corporate office does not imply Power of Attorney. Election to a private corporate office does not imply election to public office. The same is true of any elected, appointed, or employee of United States Inc., and its State franchises.
  8. “YOU” are being afforded the opportunity (JUST ONCE!) to self-correct and correct the operations of your Office/OFFICE of employment. Failure to timely do so and provide remedy to those who have been harmed may result in your being prosecuted for impersonating a Public Servant, double indemnity fines, up to ten (10) years in prison per offense, commercial compensatory damage claims, and dissolution – lease, franchise, agency, bank or other corporate charter of the Legal Fiction entity you work for. These Trust Management Organizations don’t have a contract to operate the people’s government, though they have been conniving and contriving to do so for several decades with disastrous results.
  9. These Trust Management Organizations don’t have a contract to operate the people’s government, though they have been conniving and contriving to do so for several decades with disastrous results.
  10. We the People have been defrauded, lied to, lied about, victimized by deliberate semantic deceit, suffered extortion, armed robbery, gross fiduciary malfeasance, inland piracy, conspiracy against our rights and material interests, have suffered from self-interested non-disclosure, breach of trust, despotism, and default of commercial contract—all at the hands of Trust Management Organizations that are obligated to function in good faith and with full fiduciary liability.
  11. COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT is merely a privately owned for-profit commercial corporation, which has sought to attach certain private property and to control the free market.
  12. The two Trust Management Organizations dba the United States Inc. and the UNITED STATES, INC., and their “STATE” franchises, were and are, obligated to defend the National Trust, including the material interests and rights of individual state American nationals who are beneficiaries of the National Trust Indenture.
  13. Any concerted attempt by Trustees—whether individuals or entire vast incorporated Trust Management Organizations—-to impose upon the beneficiaries of a trust or to usurp the assets and collateral held in trust for the Trustees -for the Trust Manager’s own benefit- is a High Crime of Felony Fraud and Criminal Malfeasance.
  14. The only business any American has with any corporate administrative tribunal functioning as a Court/COURT is (1) to inform the personnel operating the Court/COURT of facts, or (2) to present a claim against UNITED STATES, INC. or CALIFORNIA INC., or HUMBOLDT COUNTY INC.
  15. Any pretension that any individual is obligated to obey these instruments of corporate policy, such as an Ordinance, an “employee” must be backed up with proof of fully disclosed employment contracts and agreements, as state American nationals are owed full treaty and trusteeship obligations.
  16. “YOU PERSONS”… are ALL Undeclared Foreign Agents who are trying to overthrow my republic form of government!
  17. If anyone handles the lawful duties of a trust then they are either acting as a trustee or they are breaching the trust.
  18. Beneficiaries who act as trustees without grantor authority are in breach.
  19. If a trust is created then there must be an estate (asset(s) that is owned free and clear by the grantor…no exceptions to this.
  20. WHEN IT COMES TO THE NAME, BODY, BC, ETC….who is grantor…where is the indenture naming the trustee(s) and beneficiary(s)…what are their instructions??? Is the trust Revocable? Private? Foreign? Above all, what is the law of the trust???

I am not affiliated with any ‘Legal’ society. Rather, I am an unincorporated private member of the living.

Autographed and sealed on the land Humboldt County, California state,

August _____, Two thousand and Sixteen

I am woman, an eyewitness with firsthand knowledge.





Winston Shrout – Removing Commercial Karma II Topic Preview [VIDEO]

Posted by Madeline | Aug 22, 2016 | 2016, Daily Blog

Published on Aug 9, 2016

Hear Winston give a preview as to what he has in store for the upcoming Removing Commercial Karma II Seminar on September 2nd – 4th at ECETI Ranch!

Stay tuned to the end for a special offer ending August 31st, 2016!

Click on the following link for more information about this important event:


Why didn’t Kelly Vizgaudis, in HUMBOLDT’S Risk Management Department, inform the insurance company that litigation is pending about Measure Z TAX CASE NO. DR 160135 and the so-called “Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Ordinance” TAX CASE NO. DR 160161???

Why does the Emerald Triangle only have 1 Oath Keeper Sheriff?

I suggest that if an individual really wants to be free then they should begin to act free themselves; that is, choose to be free.

Working within the system means to become a part of the system. You can’t use fraud to get out of fraud. And, it’s all fraud. You cannot do right by doing wrong. When you vote for someone to be in a position of State power, from Dog Catcher to Prez., then you are supporting State power.

Speak about liberty with conviction and expose tyranny with calm resolve. Free association, strong family ties and good will in the community, all diminish and undermine the power and legitimacy of the State. The State is thus shown up to be unnecessary, unneeded and unwanted when people act free.

“It is essential to realize that what makes the economic crisis emerge is the democratic process of the market. The consumers disapprove of the employment of the factors of production as effected by entrepreneurs.”



Every day life is showing us where we’ve outgrown the thinking of the past. It’s also clear that the thinking of the past is no longer enough to meet our needs today. A new healthy and sustainable world is emerging and our ability to accept what it offers begins with our willingness to –honestly acknowledge the facts of what we’re up against.

LEGAL “the undoing of God’s Law.” 1893 Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, Encyclopedia Britannica; a dictionary of arts, sciences and general literature. The R. S. Peale 9th 1893. God’s Law is also known as “Natural Law,” wherein, “the Truth bounds all contracts.”

Commercial (13c) suitable, adequate, average. Low standards for quick market success.

Hale v. Henkel, 201 U.S. 43, 74, 26 S.Ct. 370, 50 L.Ed. 652 (1906) The individual may stand upon his constitutional rights as a citizen. He is entitled to carry on his own business in his own way. His power to contract is unlimited. He owes no duty to the state or to his neighbors to divulge his business, or to open his doors to an investigation, so far as it may tend to incriminate him. He owes no such duty to the state, since he receives nothing therefrom, beyond the protection of his life and property. His rights are such as existed by the law of the land long antecedent to the organization of the state, and can only be taken from him by due process of law, and in accordance with the Constitution. Among his rights are a refusal to incriminate himself, and the immunity of himself and his property from arrest or seizure except under a warrant of law. He owes nothing to the public so long as he does not trespass upon their rights. On the other hand, the corporation is a creature of the state. It is presumed to be incorporated for the benefit of the public. It receives certain special privileges and franchises, and holds them subject to the laws of the state and the limitations of its charter. Its powers are limited by law. It can make no contract not authorized by its charter. Its rights to act as a corporation are only preserved to it so long as it obeys the laws of its creation. There is a reserved right in the legislature to investigate its contracts and find out whether it has exceeded its power. aff’d. Wilson v. United States, 221 U.S. 361, 31 S.Ct. 538, 55 L.Ed. 771 (1911).

Private Enterprise. Cultivating the soil, manufacturing articles for sale, dealing in merchandise, and the pursuit of numerous and various activities, which enlist individual energy. Dodge v Mission Tp. (CA8 Kan) 107 F 827. In the language of the ultraconservative, something undefiled by governmental regulation or participation. As used in a provision of a State Constitution FORBIDDING the STATE to be interested in any “private corporate enterprise,” The term has been held not merely to forbid the state to become interested in private enterprise carried on by individuals and corporations but also to Prohibit the State from itself Engaging in Private Enterprises ordinarily undertaken by private promoters.
State ex fel. Wilkinson v Murphy, 237 Ala 332, 186 So 487, 121 ALR 383.

These issues aren’t part of an intellectual exercise. The downside of restricted trade is very real for real people.

“Private enterprise systems improve human cooperation and further peace and prosperity. Economic systems with which Governments intervene are called liberal, or middle-of-the-road economics. They declare they are not socialist. They say they wish to preserve market systems. But, is that possible? No. Nothing will be left of the free market. Capitalism and socialism cannot coexist. Step by step, interventionism erodes capitalism into some form of socialism.
The clear distinction between production and government must be re-established and left untouched.” -Ludwig von Mises inaugural lecture in the American School of Economics lecture series. Presented at New York University on April 25, 1962.

Therefore, “the public policy of a government, then, should aim to promote the true interests of the greatest possible number of the people, and never can be justified in aiming to promote those of a mere minority.

Government intervention into some particular business is harmful, unnatural, and ineffective. “Can the insight of a king or a parliament be a surer guide for a people in their business, each familiar with his own sphere of operations and having a direct personal interest in the success of his own labor?” “The government adds nothing to the wealth of the community; it only bestows on a few what it has first taken from the many.”

STAUB v. BAXLEY                                    (1958)                         355      US       313
. . . an ordinance which makes the peaceful enjoyment of freedoms which the Constitution guarantees contingent upon the uncontrolled will of an official – as by requiring a permit or license which may be granted or withheld in the discretion of such official – is an unconstitutional censorship or prior restraint upon the enjoyment of those freedoms.
SHUTTLESWORTH v. BIRMINGHAM     (1969)                        394     US       147
“. . . our decisions have made clear that a person faced with . . . an unconstitutional licensing law may ignore it and engage with impunity in the exercise of the right . . . for which the law purports to require a license.”
BRADY v. UNITED STATES                      (1970)                        397     US       742
Waivers of constitutional rights not only must be voluntary but must be knowing, intelligent acts done with sufficient awareness of the relevant circumstances and likely consequences.

Requiring a permit or license is an unconstitutional censorship or prior restraint upon those freedoms. [Staub v. Baxley, 355 US 313 (1958)]
When the state imposes a charge for the enjoyment of a right, it is patently unconstitutional. [Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 US 105 (1943); United States v. Jackson, 390 US 570 (1968)]

A person faced with an unconstitutional licensing law may ignore it with impunity and exercise the right. [Shuttlesworth v. Birmingham, 394 US 147 (1969)]

OPPRESSION: Bearing down on another or others in an oppressive manner. The exercise of unlawful power or other means, in depriving an individual of his liberty or property against his will. United States v Deaver (DC NC) 14 F 595, 597.

“Whoever commits treason against the commonwealth shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for life.” [Massachusetts General Laws, ch. 264 – CRIMES AGAINST GOVERNMENTS, §2 Penalty for treason.]

DERIVATIVE ACTION: An action brought by one or more stockholders of a corporation to enforce a Corporate Right or to Prevent or Remedy a Wrong to the corporation in cases where the corporation, because it is controlled by the WRONGDOERS or for other reasons, fails and refuses to take appropriate action for its own protection. Price v Gurney, 324 US 100, 89 L Ed 776, 65 S Ct 513.

How much did the following terrorist attack in Miranda cost we the people?

(1) Deputies (Not in the republic), LEGAL Enforcement team also included;

(2) Humboldt County Drug Task Force (this is STATE under the Dept. of Justice heading);

(3) Humboldt County Criminal District A’s Office personnel (State);

(4) State Dept. of Fish & Wildlife (this is Federal, Not State);

(5) Cal Fire (State);

(6) Humboldt County (unconstitutional) StateCODE Enforcement {county};

(7) California National Guard (this is Federal). The National Guard Army can ONLY be called in by a Mayor-to-the-Governor communication when a riot occurs that local police officers can’t handle);

(8) the State Water Resources Control Board (Re-sources ?). This one’s about 6-weeks new to the area. Can’t seem to settle on a title.    County 2     State 4     Federal 2

“The State is always society’s enemy. The State has no money of its own only what society gives it. The State has no power of its own only what society grants it.”

County Revenue Authority

Board of Supervisors can raise local revenue by imposing or increasing a tax, an assessment, or a fee. Each of these local revenue sources has its own constitutional and statutory authority and unique laws governing its use. A county can only impose those taxes, assessments, and fees which the Legislature or the Constitution allow a county to impose and which are approved by either a simple or two-thirds majority of local voters per Proposition 13 and 62.

After the California Supreme Court ruled in Guardino (12/95), a Board of Supervisors may NOT impose new taxes without a vote of the people.

Such taxes are unconstitutional –as a matter of principle.




“People are confusing their own empathic response with some overblown idea about group identity. They aren’t the same. People are becoming afraid of their own unique and distinct existence. This is a social fear. A new social contract is being foisted on the population. Either you belong, or you have no rights. This is a totalitarian concept. It’s coming through the back door.” –from Jon Rappoport

What we are dealing with is merely contract law. Fraud vitiates all contracts, as does non-disclosure.

The Revenue Authority of a ‘General Law’ County:

Tax, assessment, or fee can be imposed ONLY WHEN APPROVED BY EITHER A SIMPLE OR 2/3 MAJORITY OF VOTERS.” Measure Z was never 2/3 lawfully passed, and it funds the [daily] terrorist raids. Tax, assessment and fees being charged for “Permits,” regarding so-called marijuana, were not put to a vote – therefore, NON-DISCLOSURE =FRAUD.

“Liberty, sir, is the primary object . . .the battles of the Revolution were fought, not to make ‘a great and mighty empire,’ but for liberty.” –Patrick Henry

“You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments’ rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe” -John Adams

We are not expatriates in our own land.

We Are Land. We have landed. We have Standing. We stand over. We stand on. We stand on the seal of the covenant of our parents union. We are Live and we have the Superior Claim to our corporate fiction and the units of value that are associated with all the iterations associated with it.

Crime Against Humanity
Identity Theft

California state

Vis impressa


TO: BAR fly Ellenwood

There is nothing like ignorance to promote elitist views, contempt and separation.   Your continued involvement in these ”In law” proceedings, is antagonistic, and a detriment to me and my interests in liberty. Any billings you may produce in reference to these two proceedings (MEASURE Z TAX & MJ TAX) will be considered an act of fraud and an act of extortion. As a recorded into the public record lien debtor, you and the other named lien debtors either rebut my Affidavit of Obligation Commercial Lien (Agree, Disagree, or Don’t know for lack of knowledge), or stphu.

The law is no harm to the people or their property – make no fraud in your contracts, the end, “In law.” It is treason (breach of trust) for the Government to get one of “we the people” into contract by which rights are lost.

“Color of Law” is not applicable. As an actor, you have a script, it’s this statute, code, rule, or an Ordinance regarding private property –pfft! That’s not law. The failure to recognize the difference is gross negligence “failure to take proper care in doing your duty.”

The subjects are: unlawful/uncontrolled/run away Taxation that’s supporting the funding of the Terrorist’s (War on Drugs) Raids, all in the name of a phony Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Ordinance. And, elected officials who are cowards with an imagined external authority to represent them. A maxim of law is, “Authority once delegated cannot again be delegated.”

To help you persons maintain your private individual and public personal honor in every respect, morally, commercially and lawfully…I demand a certified true copy from Risk Management Office’ address, of each; indemnity/performance bond and Oath of office for; Fennell, Bass, Lovelace, Bohn, Sundberg, Downey, Blanck, Ellenwood, Bartholomew, and Wall. Public liability insurance for corporate agents, officers and municipal law requires that proof of such be displayed whenever required. Failure to provide this information constitutes corporate and limited liability insurance fraud and is prima facie evidence and grounds to impose a lien upon the person, personally, to secure their public oath and service of office.   Hence, the Affidavit Of Obligation Commercial Lien.

“Color of Law” is not applicable. Failure to produce the aforementioned papers will immediately constitute admittance to any/all of the following:

1)   Failure of office

2)   Failure of fiduciary duties

3)   Failure of substantive due process

4)   Involvement with prior knowledge and pre-meditated fraudulent gross negligence

You know the name I go by and the address – which is Not in a Federal Zip Code territory.





August 2, 2016 – The Humboldt Independent(?) No name ‘Staff Report’ of July 26 -interpreted:Picture 29

A team of LEGAL enforcement officers (Not in the republic) seized more than 3,000 plants in Miranda – the Sheriff’s office reported> (Offices do Not report). No kidnapping, caging, or charging instrument surfaced. No one was home, as is becoming the ‘norm.’ NINE (9) firearms were heisted (Bottom line: We are being systematically disarmed). Information obtained by officers from two arrested Texans, at a Ferndale terrorist raid earlier in the day, made it possible to obtain a (unlawful) ‘search’ warrant. (GIMMIE A BREAK. Eight different agencies just happened to show up in Miranda at the same time. You gotta be a little short on grey matter to buy this one). In addition to:

(1) Deputies (Not in the republic), LEGAL Enforcement team also included;

(2) Humboldt County Drug Task Force (this is STATE under the Dept. of Justice heading);

(3) Humboldt County Criminal District A’s Office personnel (State);

(4) State Dept. of Fish & Wildlife (this is Federal, Not State);

(5) Cal Fire (State);

(6) Humboldt County (unconstitutional) StateCODE Enforcement {county};

(7) California National Guard (this is Federal). The National Guard Army can ONLY be called in by a Mayor-to-the-Governor communication when a riot occurs that local police officers can’t handle);

(8) the State Water Resources Control Board (Re-sources ?). This one’s about 6-weeks new to the area. Can’t seem to settle on a title.

Matrix Score: 2 County, 4 State, 2 Federal.

“The State is always society’s enemy. The State has no money of its own, only what the people give it. The State has no power of its own, only what the people grant it.” -Misses.

How sick is the environment in Humboldt? The “State” licensing won’t happen until 2018, meaning Downey and his growing group of “Order Followers” won’t stop disarming us (his “Orders” from Control Central), and destroying the small growers until they’re eradicated.

New Hampshire’s legislature just joined 23 other States in nullifying Federal unconstitutional ‘drug laws.’ Their State Dept. of Health and Human Services issues registered certification to the dispensaries, and the dispensaries register qualified patients and caregivers.

Saturday, August 6

Got a ride to the Van Duzen River Grange by noon. The same one I was shunned from joining.

So, today 3 Granges – 1 North in Arcata, 1 in far South Petrolia on the Lost Coast, and this 1 in Carlotta –the central/heart of Humboldt. THIS IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT & WHY, all the Granges sprung up across the country and were all about . . . LAND RIGHTS!!! The lack of foresight of the ones keeping Humboldt’s Granges in existence, had the audacity to turn me away in February, and here we are in August with communist preachers masquerading as Government using the Granges to infiltrate. The for-profit corporations are like parasites spreading out over Humboldt -in the newspapers, on the radio, magazines, compliance workshops twice a week. New businesses flowing in to eat out the life-energy of anyone associated with ‘Marijuana’ -that as of last week, got the STATE green light on using the word ‘cannabis’ instead. Think of all the re-printing we the people in HumCo will end up paying for.

A coercion ‘workshop’ to comply with pretend external authority’s self-interest, with no extended knowledge of what the larger freeze-frame picture of “Order Follower’s” wrong actions repeating in history, and the inevitable result of the worst evil when good men do nothing, is.

About 17 people showed up to hear a female from the State Water Resources Control Board, with just-changed ‘Resources’ replacing the word ‘Quality.’ They make-up everything as they go. It was easy to see that they don’t have a clue about what they were spewing. Non-sensical, incriminating, said one thing and in the next breath, turned the previous sentence inside out. It was hard to be there. I just went to meet growers and pass along “We Are Here” information –NOT what these criminal$ and thieve$ impersonating public servants are telling you.

There was a guy from the Planning Dept. –lemmie guess, he’s getting paid for working on a Saturday to say things like: “I’m turning ‘growers’ into ‘farmers.’ Then there were two guys from Mendo, that the newly christened Public ‘State Water Resources Control Board’ leasing offices from the County of Humboldt, and pushing their ‘doesn’t fit’ with the reality of a grower’s private business here in Humboldt, crap -took it upon themselves to contract with a private business in Mendo. – Foresters for cryin out loud!!   A STATE okayed Third Party” Inspectors, to work here in Humboldt – as in, 3-4 “Inspections” per year –continuing employment.

It was like a bad dream.


By now we should be able to acknowledge that the election is rigged and that none of the current candidates represent the deepest interests of the American people or the human race. Nevertheless a sea of human energy and resources are being dumped into the phony contest, all the while, critically important issues go undiscussed with no plan whatsoever. The amount of vitriol, anger, and hate in the election debate this year is suffocating, leaving one to wonder what would happen if this much energy were directed toward solving our most pressing collective problems.

Nothing is more important to life on earth than the condition of our global eco-systems, and in the 2014 edition of World Wildlife Fund’s Living Planet Report, it was reported that 52% of the world’s marine life has disappeared since 1970. Staggering.

“WWF’s Living Blue Planet Report tracks 5,829 populations of 1,234 mammal, bird, reptile and fish species through a marine living planet index. The evidence, analyzed by researchers at the Zoological Society of London, paints a troubling picture. In addition to the plummeting number of marine vertebrate species, populations of locally and commercially fished fish species have fallen by half, with some of the most important species experiencing even greater declines.” [Source]

In the years since the report was issued, the world has seen an unprecedented number of cases of mass fish and wildlife die-offs, and the causes of such dramatic occurrences are going largely undetermined.

The Pacific Ocean appears to be in greatest distress, leaving many to wonder what negative effects the ongoing disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has had on the sea since it began leaking radioactive material in 2011. In 2013, what has been described as a viral plague began wiping out millions of starfish and sea urchins began all along the Western sea board of the U.S., and subsequently spread to the Atlantic.

The latest developing mystery on the west coast is a newly discovered type of cancer, which is supposedly contagious and now killing millions of mollusks and clams. When coupled with numerous reports of cancerous tumors being found on sharks, whales and fish in the Pacific, it leads to the hypothesis that radiation is in fact causing severe damage to the chain of life in the Pacific. With no mention of the animal die-offs or the ongoing catastrophe in Fukushima among our leadership, it is clear that no politician or government agency dares address such a frightening issue, leaving the fate of the world’s largest ocean in the hands of TEPCO, the inept Japanese power company.


Additionally, massive, continent sized gyres of plastic continue to swell around the world with little to no attention, choking out marine life and birds by the millions, contributing to acidification of oceanic waters and a broad increase in ocean temperatures. Around the world, reports of fish and marine life die-offs continue to roll in, and it is no longer shocking to see photos of hundreds of thousands of fish, squid, or mammals lying dead on some public beach.

Rather than discuss a plan for resolving some of these issues, the government instead continues to display utter contempt for wildlife as demonstrated by the military’s ongoing plans to murder millions of cetaceans as collateral damage in the effort to test newly developed electromagnetic weapons and next generation SONAR. Additionally, the Olympic Peninsula on the upper west coast of the U.S., the most biologically diverse region in the U.S., has been designated as the testing grounds for electromagnetic warfare programs, causing citizen activists to take up arms in protection of wildlife.


Geoengineering projects conducted by the U.S. government are also suspected of heavily impacting life in our oceans. Investigative journalist Dane Wigginton describes the effects of these projects as a ‘military assault on marine life,’ writing:

Geoengineering is undeniably a major factor relating to the die-off of the oceans. The US military is certainly the single largest participant in the ongoing global climate engineering insanity (though all major powers are involved). Geoengineering is destroying the ozone layer which has subjected the planet to deadly levels of UV radiationgreatly contributing to the die-off of plankton populations around the world.” [Source]


The damage to life in our oceans is not inevitable, as much of the harm being done would be relatively easy to curb if only the political will could be mustered to do so, however, it appears that government complicity is at least partly to blame.

Priorities in our society are driven by mainstream news agencies, all of which are owned and operated by a mere 6 transnational corporations. Their agenda is set by their corporate backers and influential political entities, meaning that the public’s attention will always be directed toward issues which serve the interests of the corporate and political elite, and away from issues that really matter. For some reason, a healthy marine eco-system is apparently a non-issue for the elite, and while we fall into the trap of divide and conquer, bickering over which candidate is the worst, nothing is done to address the ominous catastrophe developing in our unhealthy oceans.

For a comprehensive list of global animal die-offs, see the annual lists compiled by End Times Prophecy.


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