August 2, 2016 – The Humboldt Independent(?) No name ‘Staff Report’ of July 26 -interpreted:Picture 29

A team of LEGAL enforcement officers (Not in the republic) seized more than 3,000 plants in Miranda – the Sheriff’s office reported> (Offices do Not report). No kidnapping, caging, or charging instrument surfaced. No one was home, as is becoming the ‘norm.’ NINE (9) firearms were heisted (Bottom line: We are being systematically disarmed). Information obtained by officers from two arrested Texans, at a Ferndale terrorist raid earlier in the day, made it possible to obtain a (unlawful) ‘search’ warrant. (GIMMIE A BREAK. Eight different agencies just happened to show up in Miranda at the same time. You gotta be a little short on grey matter to buy this one). In addition to:

(1) Deputies (Not in the republic), LEGAL Enforcement team also included;

(2) Humboldt County Drug Task Force (this is STATE under the Dept. of Justice heading);

(3) Humboldt County Criminal District A’s Office personnel (State);

(4) State Dept. of Fish & Wildlife (this is Federal, Not State);

(5) Cal Fire (State);

(6) Humboldt County (unconstitutional) StateCODE Enforcement {county};

(7) California National Guard (this is Federal). The National Guard Army can ONLY be called in by a Mayor-to-the-Governor communication when a riot occurs that local police officers can’t handle);

(8) the State Water Resources Control Board (Re-sources ?). This one’s about 6-weeks new to the area. Can’t seem to settle on a title.

Matrix Score: 2 County, 4 State, 2 Federal.

“The State is always society’s enemy. The State has no money of its own, only what the people give it. The State has no power of its own, only what the people grant it.” -Misses.

How sick is the environment in Humboldt? The “State” licensing won’t happen until 2018, meaning Downey and his growing group of “Order Followers” won’t stop disarming us (his “Orders” from Control Central), and destroying the small growers until they’re eradicated.

New Hampshire’s legislature just joined 23 other States in nullifying Federal unconstitutional ‘drug laws.’ Their State Dept. of Health and Human Services issues registered certification to the dispensaries, and the dispensaries register qualified patients and caregivers.

Saturday, August 6

Got a ride to the Van Duzen River Grange by noon. The same one I was shunned from joining.

So, today 3 Granges – 1 North in Arcata, 1 in far South Petrolia on the Lost Coast, and this 1 in Carlotta –the central/heart of Humboldt. THIS IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT & WHY, all the Granges sprung up across the country and were all about . . . LAND RIGHTS!!! The lack of foresight of the ones keeping Humboldt’s Granges in existence, had the audacity to turn me away in February, and here we are in August with communist preachers masquerading as Government using the Granges to infiltrate. The for-profit corporations are like parasites spreading out over Humboldt -in the newspapers, on the radio, magazines, compliance workshops twice a week. New businesses flowing in to eat out the life-energy of anyone associated with ‘Marijuana’ -that as of last week, got the STATE green light on using the word ‘cannabis’ instead. Think of all the re-printing we the people in HumCo will end up paying for.

A coercion ‘workshop’ to comply with pretend external authority’s self-interest, with no extended knowledge of what the larger freeze-frame picture of “Order Follower’s” wrong actions repeating in history, and the inevitable result of the worst evil when good men do nothing, is.

About 17 people showed up to hear a female from the State Water Resources Control Board, with just-changed ‘Resources’ replacing the word ‘Quality.’ They make-up everything as they go. It was easy to see that they don’t have a clue about what they were spewing. Non-sensical, incriminating, said one thing and in the next breath, turned the previous sentence inside out. It was hard to be there. I just went to meet growers and pass along “We Are Here” information –NOT what these criminal$ and thieve$ impersonating public servants are telling you.

There was a guy from the Planning Dept. –lemmie guess, he’s getting paid for working on a Saturday to say things like: “I’m turning ‘growers’ into ‘farmers.’ Then there were two guys from Mendo, that the newly christened Public ‘State Water Resources Control Board’ leasing offices from the County of Humboldt, and pushing their ‘doesn’t fit’ with the reality of a grower’s private business here in Humboldt, crap -took it upon themselves to contract with a private business in Mendo. – Foresters for cryin out loud!!   A STATE okayed Third Party” Inspectors, to work here in Humboldt – as in, 3-4 “Inspections” per year –continuing employment.

It was like a bad dream.


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