TO: BAR fly Ellenwood

There is nothing like ignorance to promote elitist views, contempt and separation.   Your continued involvement in these ”In law” proceedings, is antagonistic, and a detriment to me and my interests in liberty. Any billings you may produce in reference to these two proceedings (MEASURE Z TAX & MJ TAX) will be considered an act of fraud and an act of extortion. As a recorded into the public record lien debtor, you and the other named lien debtors either rebut my Affidavit of Obligation Commercial Lien (Agree, Disagree, or Don’t know for lack of knowledge), or stphu.

The law is no harm to the people or their property – make no fraud in your contracts, the end, “In law.” It is treason (breach of trust) for the Government to get one of “we the people” into contract by which rights are lost.

“Color of Law” is not applicable. As an actor, you have a script, it’s this statute, code, rule, or an Ordinance regarding private property –pfft! That’s not law. The failure to recognize the difference is gross negligence “failure to take proper care in doing your duty.”

The subjects are: unlawful/uncontrolled/run away Taxation that’s supporting the funding of the Terrorist’s (War on Drugs) Raids, all in the name of a phony Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Ordinance. And, elected officials who are cowards with an imagined external authority to represent them. A maxim of law is, “Authority once delegated cannot again be delegated.”

To help you persons maintain your private individual and public personal honor in every respect, morally, commercially and lawfully…I demand a certified true copy from Risk Management Office’ address, of each; indemnity/performance bond and Oath of office for; Fennell, Bass, Lovelace, Bohn, Sundberg, Downey, Blanck, Ellenwood, Bartholomew, and Wall. Public liability insurance for corporate agents, officers and municipal law requires that proof of such be displayed whenever required. Failure to provide this information constitutes corporate and limited liability insurance fraud and is prima facie evidence and grounds to impose a lien upon the person, personally, to secure their public oath and service of office.   Hence, the Affidavit Of Obligation Commercial Lien.

“Color of Law” is not applicable. Failure to produce the aforementioned papers will immediately constitute admittance to any/all of the following:

1)   Failure of office

2)   Failure of fiduciary duties

3)   Failure of substantive due process

4)   Involvement with prior knowledge and pre-meditated fraudulent gross negligence

You know the name I go by and the address – which is Not in a Federal Zip Code territory.




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