Why didn’t Kelly Vizgaudis, in HUMBOLDT’S Risk Management Department, inform the insurance company that litigation is pending about Measure Z TAX CASE NO. DR 160135 and the so-called “Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Ordinance” TAX CASE NO. DR 160161???

Why does the Emerald Triangle only have 1 Oath Keeper Sheriff?

I suggest that if an individual really wants to be free then they should begin to act free themselves; that is, choose to be free.

Working within the system means to become a part of the system. You can’t use fraud to get out of fraud. And, it’s all fraud. You cannot do right by doing wrong. When you vote for someone to be in a position of State power, from Dog Catcher to Prez., then you are supporting State power.

Speak about liberty with conviction and expose tyranny with calm resolve. Free association, strong family ties and good will in the community, all diminish and undermine the power and legitimacy of the State. The State is thus shown up to be unnecessary, unneeded and unwanted when people act free.

“It is essential to realize that what makes the economic crisis emerge is the democratic process of the market. The consumers disapprove of the employment of the factors of production as effected by entrepreneurs.”


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