Linda Cassara
c/o 801 Riverside Park Road
Carlotta, California
RR 95528
Without the U.S.




Linda Cassara                                                                                  Claim “in Law”

claimant,                                                                                 CASE NO. DR 160135

Mark Lovelace, et al.,                                                                    CASE NO. DR 160161

         wrongdoers.                                                                         CLARIFICATION



This is a court of record.

  1. I, the living claimant, going by the name Linda Cassara, invoke the laws of the republic.
  2. The fact the Court or County is always styled in Dunn and Bradstreet as an ALL CAPS entity just like it is in the Risk and Management documents which name is nowhere found in the statutes that created the Court, or any that refer to it spelled this way, leaves me enough grounds to raise legitimate questions in immediate challenges and demands for jurisdictional clarification.
  3. There is more than one Legal jurisdiction styled “United States” and “State of California” in federal ‘law’ and regulations, and as Dunn and Bradstreet confirms; there is a commercial corporate entity trading from the “COURT’S” address as the “SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA,” “COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT.”
  4. When we get to the issue of style of service, of state and court themselves, we find the SUPERIOR COURT listed on Dunn and Bradstreet as a commercial corporate entity financially connected to STATE OF CALIFORNIA and COUNTY of HUMBOLDT pseudo government entities.
  5. One needs to advise the COURT, it may not only show financial conflicts of interest to the COURT’S dispensing of impartial justice in these two cases, MJ TAX & Meas. Z TAX, but likely every similar case that has come before it, as well as, it will show the true commercial corporate nature of the SUPERIOR COURT and STATE OF CALIFORNIA, and its other financially inter-connected pseudo government entities, that are NOT an unbiased court or government directly created through the sovereign electors of California State, the state of the republic, which would give you and all prejudicially damaged parties in law suits before it, grounds not only for vacating past judgments, but for lawful action against the “COURT” for fraudulent representation, and possible criminal conspiracy charges against the officers of HUMBOLDT’S COURTS and of COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT,  and action against all the attorneys of the County who knew what they were taking cases into when they brought suit under the SUPERIOR COURT, COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT.
  6. Will the STATE argue under the “Clearfield Doctrine” that the private bankrupt for-profit corporation COURT has a higher standing than a Private “In Honor” estate/trust/office/administrator?  Not likely, I really don’t think that the State Attorney would be that foolish.   “You” are responsible in some capacity for meeting the contractual and fiduciary obligations owed to the People here in Humboldt. “YOU” need to be made explicitly, individually, personally, and undeniably aware of criminal acts of mis-administration and malfeasance being committed and directed by corporate officers functioning in blatant Breach of Trust and Conflict of Interest while occupying vacated and long-inactive Public Offices.
  7. Absent a specific, fully disclosed, voluntary appointment to act in behalf of specific individuals, there is no basis for any claim that any elected, appointed or employed by the UNITED STATES or its STATE franchises, agencies, or subsidiaries, represents anyone but themselves. Election to a corporate office does not imply Power of Attorney. Election to a private corporate office does not imply election to public office. The same is true of any elected, appointed, or employee of United States Inc., and its State franchises.
  8. “YOU” are being afforded the opportunity (JUST ONCE!) to self-correct and correct the operations of your Office/OFFICE of employment. Failure to timely do so and provide remedy to those who have been harmed may result in your being prosecuted for impersonating a Public Servant, double indemnity fines, up to ten (10) years in prison per offense, commercial compensatory damage claims, and dissolution – lease, franchise, agency, bank or other corporate charter of the Legal Fiction entity you work for. These Trust Management Organizations don’t have a contract to operate the people’s government, though they have been conniving and contriving to do so for several decades with disastrous results.
  9. These Trust Management Organizations don’t have a contract to operate the people’s government, though they have been conniving and contriving to do so for several decades with disastrous results.
  10. We the People have been defrauded, lied to, lied about, victimized by deliberate semantic deceit, suffered extortion, armed robbery, gross fiduciary malfeasance, inland piracy, conspiracy against our rights and material interests, have suffered from self-interested non-disclosure, breach of trust, despotism, and default of commercial contract—all at the hands of Trust Management Organizations that are obligated to function in good faith and with full fiduciary liability.
  11. COUNTY OF HUMBOLDT is merely a privately owned for-profit commercial corporation, which has sought to attach certain private property and to control the free market.
  12. The two Trust Management Organizations dba the United States Inc. and the UNITED STATES, INC., and their “STATE” franchises, were and are, obligated to defend the National Trust, including the material interests and rights of individual state American nationals who are beneficiaries of the National Trust Indenture.
  13. Any concerted attempt by Trustees—whether individuals or entire vast incorporated Trust Management Organizations—-to impose upon the beneficiaries of a trust or to usurp the assets and collateral held in trust for the Trustees -for the Trust Manager’s own benefit- is a High Crime of Felony Fraud and Criminal Malfeasance.
  14. The only business any American has with any corporate administrative tribunal functioning as a Court/COURT is (1) to inform the personnel operating the Court/COURT of facts, or (2) to present a claim against UNITED STATES, INC. or CALIFORNIA INC., or HUMBOLDT COUNTY INC.
  15. Any pretension that any individual is obligated to obey these instruments of corporate policy, such as an Ordinance, an “employee” must be backed up with proof of fully disclosed employment contracts and agreements, as state American nationals are owed full treaty and trusteeship obligations.
  16. “YOU PERSONS”… are ALL Undeclared Foreign Agents who are trying to overthrow my republic form of government!
  17. If anyone handles the lawful duties of a trust then they are either acting as a trustee or they are breaching the trust.
  18. Beneficiaries who act as trustees without grantor authority are in breach.
  19. If a trust is created then there must be an estate (asset(s) that is owned free and clear by the grantor…no exceptions to this.
  20. WHEN IT COMES TO THE NAME, BODY, BC, ETC….who is grantor…where is the indenture naming the trustee(s) and beneficiary(s)…what are their instructions??? Is the trust Revocable? Private? Foreign? Above all, what is the law of the trust???

I am not affiliated with any ‘Legal’ society. Rather, I am an unincorporated private member of the living.

Autographed and sealed on the land Humboldt County, California state,

August _____, Two thousand and Sixteen

I am woman, an eyewitness with firsthand knowledge.






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