October 15, 2016

paulstramerReport on Anna’s automated mailing system growth:

One year ago today we started the automated email system.

This has always been about communications!

Exactly one year ago today I started up an automated mailing system at Aweber.com for this effort to get the history of the fraud used to enslave America and the world out to the public worldwide by spreading the articles written by Anna Von Reitz.

As of today we have had 2128 people come and take a look by subscribing to that list, and 1721 have remained subscribed and continue to get each article Anna writes.

Many of these people around the world have supported this effort of exposing the cabal and their fraud, by spreading the articles from Anna’s website at www.annavonreitz.com to their own subscriber lists, which are often bigger than ours. I have no idea how many people are getting our information on a regular basis, but it’s viral world wide on many blogs and websites that we have no direct connection with other than that the people involved with each site believe in the message.

We have a few people in that list that have donated a few bucks to help spread the word around the world.

We actually have been doing some paid advertising now for about 2 months that is helping find new people using the Expatriation Ad Campaign explained here: http://www.annavonreitz.com/bannerads.html

This is just the beginning.

I am playing with a world map that will show everyone that comes to the website where the traffic is coming from and a relative idea of accumulated traffic in the various countries around the world.

Remember this map starts accumulating information from today onward.

If that works out we will leave it on the website and see what it does. But for now take a look at the page load counter at the very bottom of the website here: www.annavonreitz.com. In one year that front page of Anna’s site has been opened on someone’s computer somewhere 43,0728 times, and counting. Yes that is four hundred and thirty thousand, seven hundred and twenty eight times.

This is beginning to gain speed now, and like any internet program it will start out slow and steadily gain speed and become self perpetuating over time. The question is simply, how much time do we have to make this happen?

With that in mind, I want to ask you all to continue to spread the word to new people every chance you get.

Send them the following website addresses.

http://www.annavonreitz.com   and   www.montanablog.us

I also am asking you to help us with the Expatriation Ad Campaign, which so far has added around 400 new subscribers in just a few weeks. I think placing these banner ads around the internet is one of our best methods to get new people interested. If you click on one of the ads it will show you how the system works.


Since time is getting short I also want to direct your attention to emergency communications systems that can be used in a grid down situation where we no longer might have internet access, or maybe even local phone service access. Take a look at this article I wrote on February 27th, 2015 and please watch the movies from AmRRon, which stands for The American Redoubt Radio Operators Network.

I am MTOathkeeper on the AmRRon network, and a General Class Amateur radio operator with a callsign of KC7MEZ. I am also a volunteer examiner for ham radio with a VE number of 1524. See my station here: http://www.kc7mez.com

I have a store on the Internet where we can provide all sorts of radios and related equipment.

We highly recommend you get at least your technician class ham license.

You can study here: www.qrz.com

That link is the national ham radio callsign database. Just use the drop down search menu and do a name search for your zip code to see all the Amateurs in your area. You might even know some of them. If you call any of them they will tell you where to test to get your license.

We also recommend you get a GMRS license. GMRS stand for General Mobile Radio Service. You can just BUY a license for about $65 without any test, that is good for 5 years, and can be used for business as well as personal uses. There are 8 channels available with wideband, full modulation on UHF at around 462.000 mHz. The license is good for the whole family, and each license can have their own repeater. We are putting up a GMRS repeater in Eureka soon, in addition to about 9 other repeaters we already have.

See all the ham repeaters in the country here: http://www.artscipub.com/repeaters/ These repeaters greatly increase the range of your handheld or mobile radios, sometimes out to 150 or more miles radius from the repeater site.

See all the police, sheriff, and other emergency frequencies here: http://www.radioreference.com/apps/db/

You might want to get a scanner from our radio store at http://www.fm2way.com/scan.htm so you can listen to what is happening in your area, especially in any emergency situation. Your life might depend on it some day.

My recommendations to get licensed STANDS notwithstanding all the comments I will get on this article, from our readers, about not wanting to get ANY licenses for ANYTHING because they would be trading in a right for a corporate government privilege. Just write your comments and I will answer them with some good reasoning on this.

In any case, let me assure you we will NOT be without communications. You will start to see how when you study. The CARDINAL RULE of radio is ask lots of questions.   800 889 2839.

Thanks for paying attention to freedom and helping us spread the word.


Paul Stramer   KC7MEZ
Eureka, Montana
406 889 3183 office
406 253 4257 cell


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