Queen with no subjects;
a/k/a Linda Cassara
C/O 801 Riverside Park Road
Carlotta, California
RR 95528
Without the U.S.



Linda Cassara                                                                               Claim “At Law”

claimant,                                                                                        CASE NO. DR 160161
                                                                                                          (filed March 25, 2016)

Mark Lovelace, et al.,                                                                 DE JURE JUDICIAL                                                                                                                                       DEFAULT JUDGMENT                                              wrongdoers.


This is a court of record.

THE COURT, on its own, takes judicial notice of the following:

Let All Men be Known by These Presents That: On the record, for the record, let the record show, The claimant, Linda Cassara, does herewith, WRIT;

A. Claimant, Sui Juris, can competently WRIT the matters set forth herewith;

B. Claimant, Sui Juris, has personal De Jure Judicial knowledge herein this WRIT:

C. For the Law herein this WRIT are true, correct, complete and certain, admissible as evidence, not misleading, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the best of claimant’s knowledge, in good faith with clean hands.


The so-called “Republic for the United States of America” is just another private club claiming to “represent” the people, and resisting the foundational premise requirement of the actual Republic that we each independently present ourselves.

Claimant, speaking for herself, now and forever, has had enough of being “represented” by all those who have been elected to public offices they haven’t entered or honored.

All these “representative bodies” seek to mislead people into thinking that these groups are lawful government, which implies that the rest of us are not the lawful government. In fact, we are each and every one of us the only government and always have been. Delegating authority via elections was only a method used to expedite administration of government services – nothing more or less.

This game of “representing” people has become a means of theft, corruption and deceit. Claimant recognizes that “representative government” is at fault for this present circumstance and those elected to “represent” us have misrepresented us and lined their pockets and spilled our blood. Claimant further realizes that human nature being what it is; this is the predictable outcome of indulging in fantasies.

To the extent that We the Benefactors, delegate our power to be expressed by any other agent or agency from now on, must be a conscious, official, individual act not subject to the vagueness of elections. We must each officially and individually choose individuals if we want them to carry our proxy, and we must saddle them with exact instructions and fiduciary accountability if we wish to continue the device of representative government at all.

Wrongdoer’s pretensions otherwise are unseemly and offensive, and so are the underlying assumptions that they proceed upon. Wrongdoers believe, apparently, that when they get together and decide what should happen to or for the rest of us, that we are under obligation to honor their will instead of our own. Wrongdoers conceive the whole being greater than the individuals making up the whole, which is a patent error of logic amounting to mental illness.

Equal, means equal. We each have the same individual standing that we all possess.

Collective representation is akin to collective guilt – an impossibility. There is no such thing as “collective guilt.” There is only the guilt of individuals collected together. In the same way there is no such thing as “representative government” and never has been. There have only been groups of individual people pretending to represent others who have not presented themselves.

This representation by omission is intrinsically fraudulent.

Any private club claiming to represent everyone is a little bit short on grey matter. It doesn’t work. It never has. And making that mistake is how our country got into the mess we are in, in the first place.

Truth is universal. Truth is constant. Truth cannot be destroyed.


  1. A workman is worthy of his hire.
  2. All are equal under the law.
  3. In commerce, truth is sovereign.
  4. Truth is expressed in the form of an affidavit – a declaration of free will thought.
  5. An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce.
  1. An unrebutted affidavit becomes judgment in commerce.
  1. A matter must be expressed to be resolved.
  1. He who leaves the battlefield first loses by default.
  1. Sacrifice is the measure of credibility.
  1. A lien or claim can be satisfied only through (a) rebuttal by counter affidavit point by point; (b) resolution by a jury; or (c) payment, or performance of the claim.

Claimant’s Declaration in Affidavit form of January 20th has NOT been rebutted.

On Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at l:45 P.M. in Department Eight, Dale Reinholtsen, sometimes acting as Judge, and one whom claimant has disqualified twice, stepped out of his delegated authority and into personal lie-ability when he told Joseph Ellenwood, the foreign jurisdiction BAR rep., who is Not a Real party of interest to any case/claim “At Law,” to “go ahead.” The Real parties of interest, the wrongdoers, were missing in Dept. 8.

Claimants’ servants using fraud and coercion in an attempt to compel men and women on the land, to comply, by entering them into an unlawful Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Ordinance, shocks the conscience, is VOID ab initio. Such taxes are unconstitutional –as a matter of principle.


This document/instrument of record in the California State Archives in Sacramento.

None of the wrongdoers will receive retirement money via Global CalPers Insurance Corporation, as none of the wrongdoers were ever lawfully appointed, employed or elected to public servant positions in the republic. Such taxes are unconstitutional -as a matter of principle.

“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.” Gandhi.

Justice and Judgment are the inhabitants of thy throne:
mercy and truth shall go before thy face. – Psalms 89:14.

October ___, 2016                                                                ________________________________
                                                                                              Autographed with penalties of perjury.


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