Read into the Public realm in the People’s Chamber

Read into the Public realm in the
People’s Chamber at about 9:00 a.m.
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
By Linda Cassara

It’s clear that an Agenda is operating here. However, it has nothing to do with the people or land jurisdiction. If you intend to carry on in your world of fiction smoke & mirrors show, at the very least stop coercing the people seated here to join you in pledging allegiance to a 4-colored flag that says Admiralty Law of the Sea Merchant –guilty until proven innocent –as if we’re out on the sea of commerce. Tell the people that no rules apply to you and you are not responsible for any of your actions. Tell them that the Rules of Order, the Rules of Grammar, the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and the Supreme Law of the Land have no meaning whatsoever to you – and why?

Why isn’t fact, truth and law any part of these public meetings?

Why should anyone with seven or more functioning brain cells not view this BOD’s actions as Acts of war offense to the sovereign? How can any of you just slide on in here and acknowledge a despicable section on Your Agenda called “Consent Calendar,” containing as many as 28 items, when each and every one begs for debate? No wonder mold and stagnation have taken over, there’s no ‘words-on-paper’ age or term limits.

You were never delegated authority to Invest the People’s Public Treasury. Yet, last week, without any conscious thought whatsoever, impersonating public servants – YOU delegated authority you did not have, to John Bartholomew the Tax Collector, to be fully responsible for investing money that he did not earn, that is not his or yours or any corporate governmental service employees’.   Investing the people’s treasury monies is not what a government of the people, for the people, and by the people, does.

Nothing is read into the public records, none of the people are involved, and yet somehow it’s okay to spend money you didn’t earn without the consent of the governed?   The whimsical notion of providing ‘health’ or ‘safety’ is stating a position without evidence for the claim. You pretend to protect the people, but in fact you are the major long-term threat to the people. Your fanatic fixation on what you believe to be mental illness was proved a long time ago to be someone that doesn’t accept their own tragedy. The local media is full-up on parroting whatever [imagined] External Authority says . . . the mental illness control tactic gets projected onto the people 24/7. Federal HHS is all over your Agendas – either more shrinks, shrink nurses and shrink staff are hired or getting a raise, or there’s a $300,000 paper pending with Dell & Microsoft that begins with HHS and oozes into Consolidation w/ the Presumed County Depts. to store email–“out there.” Another State slash Federal bribe is a surplus of 22 vehicles for the shrink dept., and EXTRA HOURS presented thru CAO, but upon closer look –that too is for HHS. When million$ are flushed on the federal HHS shrink dept., that translates into -the status quo ‘s BODs have all been bribed and surrendered state’s rights. The State of California (not California State), as a whole, has Consolidated/embedded with U.S. Inc., surrendering state’s rights to the tune of 45.8%. But! “the County” of Humboldt (not Humboldt County) has surrendered 64%.

This is about as far as I got, however I left both pages. Continuing on:

HHS has had a patent on cannabinoids since 2003. Yet HHS pumps man-made toxic solutions of opiates into the population under a guise of Another Humboldt “pilot program” training, and flushing $3.5 million on outside consultants for HHS “staff” –leaves no doubt as to why so many people can’t wake up. Abolish HHS and DEA – get U.S. Inc. out of Humboldt – Now!

With the exception of resolutions for acknowledgment, there isn’t one item on last week’s Agenda that doesn’t have a foundation of fraud and the stench of fascism. “Once a fraud. Always a fraud.” Just like Your Measure Z, Your MM Ordinance of semantic deceit aimed at a particular class of people, with intent to destroy a culture; smells to the high heaven. So divide and conquer. Pit those who bent over and grabbed their ankles against those who reserve their right to not contract with thugs.

Now that we know that farming 10,000 acres of hemp will provide as much paper, building materials, and pulp as 41,000 acres of forest, there’s no logic in logging. STOP LOGGING! PLANT HEMP!

When the word Ordinance is used by THE COUNTY’S 18 (EIGHTEEN) paid commies, that is supposed to somehow control private property -via 17 zones!- written in aggressive Old World master slave Fiction of statutory democracy, against the growers . . . against the farmers . . . You want to eliminate the only real part of the equation!! Its past time to rid ourselves of the criminal parasites trespassing on American soil; the so-titled British Accreditation Registry cult. Americans have endured their Satanic presence for 150 years -that has brought us to 2.4 million caged Americans. Over half a million are caged for possession [of plant parts -sick]. Every 25 seconds, someone in America is caged for possession – more than 1.25 million a year.


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