The Infrastructure Is Scary Bad

Not read into the Humboldt County
Public realm
Tuesday February 21, 2017
By Linda Cassara

Since Bass has been Chair of the BOD -a g a I n- there’s no telling when public forum is. AS IN, no fixed time on the Agenda. I wasn’t able to get to Eureka until just before 11:00. The County Inc’s BOD’s 9:00 a.m. meeting was over. Doors locked. Gone. Posted outside the entrance doors of 825 Fifth Street is a copy of the Agenda. Public Hearing was randomly listed as item D.

The Infrastructure is scary bad, and the forests are dying. Meanwhile . . . the local owned media jargon entertains with a spin about Vehicle Abatement. What would happen if KMUD’s Bonnie Blackberry interviewed fact instead of fiction?

February 28th – a gathering of manufactured chaos

What should be on all of our minds, and isn’t, is; why are pretend supervisors consolidating next week with a horde of others of like mind? What would Humboldt Inc’s status quo have, to bring to the table? What story can they share about adding value to society? Rubbing elbows with the likes of Kern County’s police brutality mind set, or Butte County’ dinge, can only lead to disaster for the peasants –you and me. Will they discuss Barry Manilow and list their ‘traveling at county expense’ totals for this Luciferian show of cartoons in a cartoon graveyard?

When we are confronted with the fact of willful failure to repair and maintain roads, #1 on their job description list, there isn’t any other place to go. The performance part of the contract isn’t being fulfilled. “F” on your report card is Not something you take to share with others who also create problems and pretend to solve them with more of the same thinking that created the problems in the first place. There’s no bragging or self-aggrandizement to hang onto. They can’t perform their main duty. We have no use for losers in office. There is no logical reason for public servant impostors to go celebrate their criminal parasitic behavior. And now we’re saddled with Access Humboldt and a Director to boot.   Broadcast in Access Humboldt is spelled: FDA, FBI, Sheriff, Police, and DHS wearing matching combat uniforms, bayonets in hand and helmets with face masks completes the scene.

Middle finger salute to Billy Honsal berthing Access Humboldt!   At the Feb. 7 BOD’s meeting, Honsal reiterated a southern Humboldt suicide scene from about a year ago. Keep in mind that the million-a-month ½% countywide Tax fraud had been in effect 10 months. Honsal’s re-telling of why HazMat showed up, and then Fish & Game, is not to my recollection.   It was, at the time after all, propaganda to prepare the common grower population for more foreign invasion. Right after the “All corporate agents show-up for a divvy of the pie” suicide episode, last spring and summer brought us stories of told and untold raids – inclusive of HazMat, Fish and Game and some sort of Water Resource Board gurus. The corporate agencies represented at mostly nobody-home-private-property-trespass thefts, grew to an unbelievable number and climaxed with a fake raid report in Miranda that included “national” Legal enforcement. The only times we saw Downey performing was for a photo op with camouflage–clad militants under his command, out in a field somewhere, and a Sheriff ‘talk-along’ visit in Garberville just after a man was beat to death on the town square – which was 16 months into the million-a-month ½% Tax fraud. How many ‘Lifers’ in the local jail is Downey bequeathing to us?

Do you suppose the disgraceful conformists of Humboldt Inc. will have on hand a certified copy of their medical certificates next Tuesday? –You know, some sort of evidence for their claim to use the word “medical” in a self-ordained health Ordinance. And some proof that the shipped 1,100 pounds – pounds were medicinal. That’s pounds. Not milligrams contained, or total in ounce containers, or maybe cartons, as “medical” shipment quantities are referred to in modern times, but pounds! Eleven hundred pounds of “medical” herb exited Humboldt County bearing a “Humboldt” stamp. The question remains – what part, or parts, of the herb was shipped for commercial sale -in the medicinal world? Shipped to? For further processing? Last time I looked medicinal products specifically, are not taxable.

We have to take from nature as nature provides.   This isn’t up for debate. Remember hothouse tomatoes? They bore sticker stamps too. I call it plastic flower idolatry.

The Modern Renaissance

“Laws restricting nonviolent activity are acts of aggression.”  

J.G. Vibes writes; If something is frowned upon or taboo, you can rest assured that there is someone out there who thinks that it should be illegal. All too often those people are very quick to suggest that the proper solution to this problem is to throw that person in a cage. That may sound kind of harsh, but that is exactly what you are advocating when you claim that something should be illegal.

Does this really seem like a proper one-size-fits-all solution for our social problems, especially those where there is no violence, theft or fraud involved?   There is no dispute that violence, theft or fraud should be unlawful because no one wants to get hurt, or robbed, or murdered.

However, when you start getting into nonviolent action, where there has been no theft, is bringing aggression upon one or more of the people in the form of kidnap and imprisonment really going to make anyone safer? Furthermore, is this an ethical, humane, or civilized way of treating nonviolent people?

Using imprisonment as a blanket solution for anything that may come along is a totally irresponsible and lazy way to do things. In all honesty, this approach ensures that the problem will never be solved, because it prevents any real solutions from being developed and only works to make a non-complicated social issue complicated.

There are also many side effects of these policies which actually pose a serious threat to the health and safety of our entire population. Many times these side effects are referred to as “unintended” consequences, but all of the outcomes of these actions are totally planned and expected.

When those with authority create Legalese that ban nonviolent actions and inanimate objects, they understand the implications of what they are doing, but they put those policies into effect anyway because they have a great deal to gain in this process. This is why they are so reluctant to change, even in the face of obvious failure and public outcry. The social problems that are created by prohibition give the establishment a lot of busy jobs and a constant excuse to violate the rights and privacy of those within its grasp. This situation is just one of many preventable disasters that the State foments and allows to continue as a means of justifying its own existence.


Road repair or Sheriff Coroner trucks?
Road repair or a Bear Cat?
Road repair or 100s of staff?
Road repair or Access Humboldt?
Road repair or invest $308 million of the people’s public treasury?

County of Humboldt participation in a countrywide ho-down February 28, or address the significant deficiencies and material weaknesses in the County’s internal control as per the Single Audit dated December 22, 2016?


One thought on “The Infrastructure Is Scary Bad

  1. All those so called “LAWS” only apply to “persons”. I am a man, NOT a person so none of those “LAWS” apply to me and I now KNOW how to prove that as well. There is such an easy way to turn the tables on these folks and I am the source of this knowledge. I am very familiar with what you are addressing here though Linda and support your energy, I am simply offering a more effective way of channeling that energy and winning the game for once. I win every single time now and it’s a pretty damn good feeling…especially when I look around and see more peeps than ever being manipulated and often jailed for protesting. I protest nothing because there is no thing to protest…except perhaps our own ignorance. That’s what I did and stopped partaking in the crap that was destroying me. Life has never been better!!! love and aloha to all ❤

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